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replaceafillth1a, i made a small bullet list, will turn it into a paragraph00:03
replaceafillwhat was the name of the gradebook + journal integration? you said it once in a meeting00:04
replaceafill"multiple assessments per day"00:07
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aelknerhey yvl07:20
aelknerdid you see my last commit?07:21
yvlnot yet07:21
aelkneri added functional tests for the resource demographics fields container07:21
aelkneralso, i had to fix the basicperson version of that view to make the title a class attribute07:23
aelknerin order to be able to sub-class and have a different title for the resource fields07:23
yvlah, yes07:24
yvl(and you added absolute url adapters, I see)07:25
yvlby the way, why did you need <include package="schooltool.basicperson" />07:26
yvlin resource ftesting.zcml ?07:26
yvloh, sorry07:27
yvlfor the viewlets07:27
aelkneri guess, i know it crashed int the tests until i added that, but i don't remember if that is why07:29
aelknerobviousl i was subclassing something from that package, so...07:29
aelknerso now i'm working on adding the demo fields to the edit form for the three resource types07:31
aelknerit's really old zope methodologies, i.e., registrations and formlib version07:33
yvlthat is true07:35
yvlthe package is really, really old07:35
aelknerit's just funny to look at07:35
yvlI'd call it 'cute' ;)07:37
yvlanyway - you can remake ResourceView / ResourceEditView to z3c.form if it's more convenient...07:38
aelkneryou know what the problem is not so infrequently?07:40
aelknerhaving to clone a template, like the form macro07:40
aelknerin order to change it to have an added fieldset07:40
aelknerin the niepa package07:40
aelkneri created person forms that are actually general07:40
aelknerenough to be subclassed wherein the fieldsets are set07:41
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yvlhmm, I'll look at those, thanks07:42
aelknerso that the same template could be used for any set of fieldssets having any set of fields07:42
yvlI was tossing around the idea of adding schooltool.ui module07:42
aelknerooh, yeah07:42
yvland slowly moving most of the generic ui code there07:42
aelknerlet's think about creating that package at the sprint07:43
yvlwidgets, view bases, tables, etc.07:43
aelknerand add some good base classes and template choices07:43
yvlsure, that seems like a good topic :)07:43
aelknerit's just such a waste of labor to keep cloning template07:43
yvlI agree07:44
aelknerand what's more, costly from a code maintenance point of view07:44
aelknerah, yes, that reminds me, i can't get schooltool.niepa to test without crashing07:45
yvlprobably we should bring short wishlists of what we want to see in the UI package to the sprint07:45
yvlcrashing how?07:46
aelknerin the year add part of the functional test (at the beginning)07:46
aelknerthe text widget is looking for missing_input07:46
aelknerbut the context is not a widget but the actual container07:47
aelknerwhich doesn't have such an attibute07:47
aelkneri was wondering if it had to do with the schooltol trunk being newer than07:47
aelknerwhat schooltool.cambodia is using (an egg?)07:48
aelknerbecause the test starts the same as the cambodia one07:48
aelkneryou'll need to checkout my schooltool/demo_fields schooltool in the samdbox to recreate my environment07:49
aelknerand the buildout expects ../schooltool07:49
yvlI remember that you enter start/end dates in the wrong format07:49
aelkneri changed that and it didn't help07:49
yvl01-01-2010 instead of 2010-01-0107:49
aelknerit's looking for missing_input07:50
yvlhmm, gimme a moment...07:50
yvlFailed to execute < object at 0x9b044ac>: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'limit_group_ids'07:51
aelknerlet me fix that07:51
aelknerand repush07:51
yvlthanks :)07:53
aelkneryvl: repushed08:01
aelkneri'd like to have it working with the method call rather than the manual way i have commented out08:01
yvl'2010-31-12' :)08:02
yvliso format is YYYY-MM-DD08:02
yvlmonth 31 is invalid08:02
yvlshould be 2010-12-3108:02
aelkneroops, i can see that08:03
aelknerhowever, why would it crash in the text widget08:03
aelknerlooking for missing_value?08:04
yvlI'm trying to figure it out now08:04
yvlgetting near...08:12
yvlI only get it to brake in ftests08:15
aelknerit's a sticky wicket :)08:25
yvlwell, it's definitely nothing you should worry about08:38
yvlthere is some really interesting weirdness happening08:38
aelknerso is there a different version of formlib being run here?08:56
aelkneri looked in schooltool.cambodia, and the version was different as the egg08:56
aelknerbut i'm not sure what that means08:56
aelkneryvl: schooltool.cambodia eggs have zope.formlib-4.0.5-py2.6.egg08:58
aelknerdo you have both that and version 3.10 in the eggs?08:59
aelkneri had this feeling that versions of eggs might be where the problem lies09:00
yvlit shouldn't09:00
yvltrunk currently requires fromlib >= 4.009:01
aelknerwhat if a zope egg required the wrong version09:01
aelkneri'm just reaching here, so ignore me if you think it's a red herring09:01
yvlso, there is a whole sequence of stuff that leads to it09:03
yvltal condition to check if error has an assigned widget tries to __call__ it,09:06
yvlwhich results in rendering09:06
yvlrendering results in AttributeError in functional tests09:07
yvl(in schooltool.niepa.person layer)09:08
yvlbut it results in ForbiddenAttribut in real life09:08
yvland that doesn't break for some reason or another09:08
aelknerForbiddenAttribute is covered by zcml, right?09:10
aelknercould it be an ftesting.zcml issue?09:11
yvlmight be09:11
yvlbut this is actually an accumulation of quirks09:11
yvlsuch as:09:12
yvlit's a bad idea to use something/widget in tal condition, because it always tries to call it09:12
yvlpeople should put nocall:  (or however it's named) in front09:12
yvl(and by people I meant me also)09:13
yvlalso, our custom date field widget is a hack09:14
yvlit inherits both z3c.form TextWidget and zc.datetime...DateWidget09:14
yvlwhich means that it can render itself with __call__ as all formlib widgets do09:14
yvlor render itself as z3c.form widget09:15
yvland formlib widgets expect their context to be the field09:15
yvland content to be content09:15
yvlz3c.form widgets work a bit differently - context is context there :)09:16
aelkneri strange way to be different09:16
yvlwell, they both have their reasons09:17
aelknercould the template use something/widget/hasInput?09:19
yvlnah, it just wants to check if widget is None09:20
yvlbut I'll probably add raise NotImplemented in __call__ of that widget09:20
yvlit's better than ForbiddenAttribute09:21
yvlone can spend half a day looking for reason why you can't see a page09:21
yvlonly to find out that some tal:condition accidentaly __call__s the widget09:21
aelknergood idea09:22
aelkneryvl: will you be making your own branch of trunk that i should then merge into mine later?09:50
yvlyes, I'll commit it to trunk09:50
yvlneed to run all ftests, so it will take a while09:50
aelknerin the meantime, i'll continue with the resource views09:52
aelkneryvl: can i reach you same time tomorrow?10:01
aelkneractually, ore like 1:30 for me following a holiday party10:02
aelkneri'll ping you when i get in10:02
aelknergoing to bed, talk to you soon10:03
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