IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-11-25

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aksreplaceafill: hello06:28
aksreplaceafill: did it work?06:28
replaceafillhey aks06:28
aksreplaceafill: are you still getting the same problem?06:29
replaceafilli cleaned the cache and all06:29
replaceafilltried to install it06:29
replaceafillgot the checksum error06:29
replaceafillit's a brand new fedora 9 VM06:29
aksreplaceafill: it seems to be working for me06:30
aksreplaceafill: can you try changing the "baseurl=" in your schooltool.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/?06:31
replaceafillhold on, let me start my vm06:31
aksreplaceafill: ok06:31
replaceafillaks, and the gpgkey line?06:35
aksreplaceafill: leave it as it is because it's the same public key of mine06:36
replaceafillyum clean all06:36
replaceafillyum install schooltool-gradebook06:37
aksreplaceafill: did it give you an error now as well?06:39
replaceafillaks, yes, same06:41
replaceafillcant paste screenshot :(06:41
replaceafill seems down06:41
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aksreplaceafill: seems like the same problem that you're having before06:44
aksreplaceafill: I'll ping you in a while when I've updated my f9 repo06:44
aksreplaceafill: the repo at works well with my F9 machine06:56
aksreplaceafill: though I'm going to test on the other machine as well06:56
replaceafillhave you been using your f9 machine for a while?06:57
aksreplaceafill: yes06:57
replaceafilli mean, done customizations, etc06:57
aksreplaceafill: yes a few customization at the build time as well06:57
aksreplaceafill: trying to test on a plain f9 now06:58
aksreplaceafill: the same repo file works on a plain F9 as well07:06
replaceafillaks, maybe i need to update it?07:07
aksreplaceafill: yes, that's what I was thinking of07:08
replaceafillhow do i do that?07:08
aksreplaceafill: if you want to update the whole system use "yum -y update", and if selective packages, use "yum -y update <package_name> <package_name>"; remember "-y" is for "confirming"07:09
replaceafillwill update the whole system07:10
aksreplaceafill: ok, it will take time07:10
replaceafillwill report back after updating and trying again07:10
replaceafilloops, wrong window :)07:11
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