IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-11-23

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replaceafillhello aks05:37
aksreplaceafill: hello05:37
replaceafillyum clean cache threw an error05:37
replaceafillso i went with yum clean all05:38
replaceafilli hope that's ok05:38
* replaceafill has no idea about yum :)05:38
replaceafillthe i ran yum install schooltool.gradebook05:38
aksreplaceafill: did it work?05:39
replaceafillit's downloading some sqlite.bz2 files05:39
aksyeah, it's trying to populate the metadata05:39
replaceafillwill paste output05:42
aksreplaceafill: ok let me check it on my machine05:44
replaceafillthe 45 kB line makes me think yum can get the file05:44
replaceafillbut you're the expert there :D05:44
aksreplaceafill: the same repo files are working with me05:47
aksreplaceafill: let's wait for yvl to update the repo, and additionally we might need him to do a chmod -R 755 repo_dir/05:49
replaceafilli can download those files in the same fedora9 vm using firefox05:50
replaceafillthis procedure does a gpg check on your signature correct?05:50
replaceafilli remember fedora13 did05:51
replaceafilli remember i saw your name/email in the process05:51
replaceafilli haven't seen that in fedora 905:51
replaceafillmaybe i'm missing your key05:51
replaceafillany way i can check that?05:51
replaceafillgpg verify or something05:51
* replaceafill is just guessing...05:51
aksgpg -q --checksig -q <file>.rpm on a downloaded rpm file05:58
aksreplaceafill: ^^^05:59
aksreplaceafill: sorry it should be "rpm -q"05:59
replaceafillit has to be on a installed package?06:01
replaceafillpackage python-cjson-...rpm is not installed06:01
replaceafilli downloaded the rpm with firefox06:01
aksreplaceafill: you can do it on on non-installed rpm package, the "-p" parameter is for non-installed package file (*.rpm)06:01
replaceafillwarning: python-cjson...rpm: Header V4 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 5267ed4006:03
aksreplaceafill: hmm, let me check06:05
aksreplaceafill: try "rpm --import"06:06
aksreplaceafill: and then run the "rpm -q --checksig" command06:06
aksreplaceafill: my packages testing show that they are well signed and the sha and gpg checksum are good06:07
aksreplaceafill: it's the same GPG key06:07
aksreplaceafill: both for F9 and F1306:07
replaceafillsecond cheksig throw no warning06:09
replaceafillafter importing the key06:09
aksreplaceafill: ok06:09
replaceafillyum install schooltool.gradebook?06:10
aksreplaceafill: now try running "yum clean all && yum -y install schooltool-gradebook"06:10
replaceafillah ok06:10
replaceafillschooltool-gradebook with a dash?06:10
aksreplaceafill: yes06:11
aksreplaceafill: we replace period ".", with a dash "-" while naming packages06:11
replaceafillmaybe that's the whole thing!06:11
replaceafilli was trying dot :(06:11
replaceafillah nope06:12
replaceafillsame error06:12
aksreplaceafill: lets wait for yvl to update the repository and then do a chmod thing06:13
replaceafillaks, ok06:13
replaceafillwill report back06:13
aksreplaceafill: ok06:13
aksreplaceafill: on favour that I needed - Do you have the data.fs file for a properly populated schooltool instance? We need it for training purpose and building manuals06:14
replaceafillyou should import the sample_data.xls sheet06:14
replaceafilllog in as manager06:14
replaceafillyou should see an Import XLS button06:14
replaceafillin the form you have a sample_data.xls sheet06:14
replaceafillwith several students, teachers, courses, timetables, etc06:15
aksreplaceafill: but where can I download the xls file?06:15
replaceafillit's attached in the form06:15
aksreplaceafill: oh ok06:15
replaceafilli mean, you can see the link in the form06:15
aksreplaceafill: oh ok, thanks06:15
replaceafillaks, sorry the button is titled "XLS Import" :)06:16
aksreplaceafill: I got it06:16
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?20:25
replaceafillth1a, sorry, i was away20:27
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dogihi all22:06
dogican somebody tell me which is the email of replaceafill22:07
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replaceafillhello dogi!22:20
replaceafillth1a, u around?22:20
dogihi replaceafill22:20
dogiwanted only tell you we upgraded due apache security patch ...22:22
dogimaybe you wanna check if everything is still ok22:23
replaceafilldogi, oh22:23
replaceafilldogi, Permission denied (publickey).22:23
replaceafilldogi, can you reset my password?22:24
replaceafillor reset ssh :(22:24
dogiu have to use your sshkey22:24
dogino passwdlogin anymore22:25
dogiyour ends with elbixio@system7622:25
replaceafillah! different user/host :(22:25
replaceafillweird i have my alias in this laptop...22:26
dogireplaceafill, tell if I should add a new key there ...22:27
replaceafilldogi, can i send you the sshkey for this laptop?22:47
th1areplaceafill:  Hey.23:09
replaceafillhey th1a, i saw you pinged me23:09
th1aDid I ask you for a brief summary of where we are with the schools in El Salvador?23:10
th1aI just need two sentences or so for Mark.23:10
replaceafillhhmm no23:10
replaceafillah ok23:10
replaceafilland for cambodia?23:10
th1aVery brief.23:10
th1aI think I can handle that.23:10
replaceafilloh ok23:11
replaceafillwork done right?23:11
th1aAnd just generally where we are.23:11
th1aDon't sweat the exact wording.23:12

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