IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2010-10-27

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aks_th1a: Hello04:20
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th1ahi aks.04:40
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aksth1a: can you please explain me the literal meaning of "intervention" as well as the function of the intervention module, so that it would be easy for us in the translation04:58
th1aYes... I do need to write that documentation.  :-(04:59
th1aOK, so the basic idea is that this is like the second half of a discipline system.05:00
th1aSo you'd have the first half where you track incidents.05:01
th1aaks didn't show up for class today.05:01
th1aaks punched krishnagiri, etc.05:02
aksth1a: oh ok05:02
th1aSo then, you need an intervention.05:02
th1aSo you have a meeting with aks's teachers, advisor, counselor, parents, etc., or some combination of those.05:02
th1aAnd you come up with some kind of plan.05:02
aksth1a: and also how does the "term" relate to intervention?05:02
th1aYou mean term as in a period of time in SchoolTool?05:03
aksth1a: is there a way to translate We would be making a usage manual for schooltool in Nepali05:03
aksth1a: yes05:03
th1aI don't think interventions are very tied to terms, just years.05:04
Lumiereaks: the book is in bzr, you should be able to branch it05:04
th1aYes, that's the idea, branch it and translate it.05:04
aksth1a: ok, so that would require us to have commit privileges on it, right?05:04
th1aNo, you'd just save your own branch.05:05
aksth1a: ok05:05
th1aTo be honest, I'm not sure exactly what the best workflow will be to manage changes.05:05
aksth1a: this week I'll be doing and verifying translations and building Fedora 9 RPMs05:06
th1aSo then interventions helps you make that plan and then also send messages about it to the relevant people.05:06
th1aVia email or within SchoolTool.05:06
aksth1a: so it is sort of a accident/event management (with notification), isn't it?05:07
th1aWell... not really.  It manages your response to an event.05:07
th1aOr events.05:07
th1aDo you see the distinction.05:08
aksth1a: hmm05:09
aksth1a: well, I'm planning to complete the translations today, and if possible I'll build the Fedora 9 RPMS today/tomorrow, get yvl to update the repository and then let you know05:10
th1aOK.  Sounds good.05:10
th1aThe distinction I'm trying to make is that interventions is not designed to aggregate random events.05:11
th1aIt is designed to track the progress of a specific plan with specific stakeholders.05:11
aksth1a: i see. Can you please make a brief note about intervention, because I don't see any such info at book.schooltool.org05:12
th1aaks:  OK, going to vacuum...05:22
aksth1a, ok, me going to office05:27
aksth1a: bye05:27
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th1ayvl: ayt?16:07
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