IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-10-28

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aksreplaceafill: hello06:09
replaceafillhey aks06:09
replaceafilli got fedora 9 in case i can test your new packages ;)06:10
aksreplaceafill: saw you after a long time on IRC, were you on holidays?06:10
aksreplaceafill: I'll be completing Nepalese translations, and then build RPMS for Fedora 906:10
replaceafillno, it's just that i've been out most nights last week06:11
aksreplaceafill: oh ok06:14
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ryanpghi th1a17:00
ryanpgso... other priorities have prevented me from working on schooltool, but today I resumed my work :)17:02
ryanpgunfortunately, the strangeness with just the basic schedule continues17:02
ryanpgI've setup my default timetable, (now using only military time) and it appears to be correct. However, when I view the calendar from 1) manager account - the calendar does not reflect the timetable or 2) user account - the calendar is just completely screwy17:03
ryanpgI have screenshots to illustrate the point17:04
ryanpgok, completely screwy may be an overstatement ;) but to be specific, it doesn't render correctly initially (some lines are off) then when the user clicks on "Daily" it reverts to a generic hourly calendar17:08
ryanpghmm... logging the user out, then back in again seemed to "reset" the timetable part of the calendar?17:10
ryanpgmanager account still has generic hourly schedule though17:10
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replaceafillaelkner, are you around?19:09
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