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aksyvl: ping06:17
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yvlpong, aks10:29
aksyvl: can you please detail me the meaning of "intervention" as a word and the function of the intervention module? that will help me with the translations10:29
yvlhmm, I'll try...10:31
yvlas far as I get it10:32
yvlit's when a child has a serious problem that affects, say, his performance in school10:33
yvlseveral persons want to communicate and take actions to solve that problem10:33
yvllike student's parents, teachers, school counselor, etc.10:34
yvlbut you really should ask Tom to explain that better :)10:36
aelkneryvl: hey10:50
yvlnice catch on the CanDo groups widget bug10:51
aelknerthanks, we have the user to thank for finding it10:52
aelknerthe base class uses the same adapter lookup10:52
aelknerwhich returns the group container for the active school year10:53
aelknerbut that's another hidden bug in itself10:53
aelknerwhat if you want to add/remove members from an inactive school year10:53
aelknerthe groups in the widget will come from the active school year10:54
aelknerit's a very edgy case10:54
aelknerbecause why would you want to add/remove students from inactive school years10:54
aelknerbut there it is10:54
aelknerit's a real mess how the adapter is called from within a widget class10:55
aelknerwhich itself is found via adapter in side a table formatter class that's indexed10:56
aelknerblah blah blah, it's way too complicated for my taste10:56
aelkneryvl, know what i mean?10:58
aelknerbut i vent only because it's not like there's anything we can do about it, short of a significant refactoring10:59
yvland it's a good question if simplifying things is a best way to go11:00
yvlI'd say it'll be more obvious when we have more different tables to show11:00
yvlwith different filters, etc.11:00
aelknerwell i understand the power of code reuse and the component architecture's role in that11:01
yvlstill, finding groups for the app itself (i.e. the active school year) instead of looking up the context's active schoolyear is a very questionable thing11:01
aelknerbut is just wish there was a smoking gun sometimes for where the code went11:02
aelknerso that i don't spend hours just to find the one line of code11:02
aelknerlike if zope left a trail of adapter calls11:03
aelknerand we had it logged (in devmode only, of course)11:03
aelknerthen it would be trivial to see, ah, cando's adapter is being picked up11:03
aelknerdoes that make sense?11:04
yvlI see your point11:04
yvlfiguring out where that dropdown should have been nasty11:04
yvl* dropdown came from11:05
yvlactually, I have no idea of a good solution for that ATM11:06
aelknerexactly, and this happens every time we have a widget problem11:06
aelkneryeah, i was just saying what if about the smoking gun idea11:07
yvlto put it short - ST tables are tricky, you need to know how they work to mangle with them11:07
aelkneryou think?11:07
yvlwell, I'll keep that in mind11:07
yvlmaybe something will come up eventually11:08
yvlit's not like we're the only people on earth with this inconvenience ;)11:09
aelkneryvl, anyway, about the group from active school year versus context11:10
aelknerthe problem is, inside the person filter widget, the person object is the context11:11
aelknerthe section is gone at that point11:11
aelknerbecause the section has been adapted out of the equation :)11:11
aelknerreally, the context would have to be carried forward through the adapters11:12
yvlah, yes, I remember11:12
yvlwell *that* can get fixed with refactoring :)11:12
aelknerok, so tell me when it's done :)11:13
aelknerbut seriously, how soon do you could have the package ready11:13
aelkneri'm going to bed soon, and tom will be inquiring after that in the morning, while I sleep :)11:14
aelkneryvl, also, how long does it usually take ubuntu (is it them or launchpad?) to create the package?11:16
yvlyou mean .deb?11:16
yvlor egg?11:17
aelknerthe cando package, yes11:17
aelknerwell, the deb11:17
aelknerand when you are done, we have to wait for this third party, right?11:17
aelknerisn't the egg one of the steps toward having a deb?11:18
aelknerthe egg is useful eventually when we use it in schooltool.niepa, but not as immediately as the deb11:19
aelkneryvl, i sense you are preparing it now...11:20
yvlumm, sorry, no11:20
yvlI'll leave it up to menesis11:20
yvl(he did the last merge to SVN)11:21
aelknerah yes, that issue still hangs over us11:21
aelknerit would be nice to have that moved over to bzr and not have to deal with svn anymore11:22
aelkneri had suggested to tom that we don't need the history11:22
aelknerwe can start with a fresh history11:22
aelknerif we need to look back in time, we can still use the svn branch11:22
aelknerthere's no need for continuity, in other words11:23
menesisaelkner: I will switch cando to bzr soon11:25
menesisok maybe today11:25
menesisaelkner: I have a question for you11:25
menesisdoes sla use debs?11:25
menesisI was selecting what to backport or not to lucid11:26
aelknerthe don't even use schooltool anymore, so don't worry about that11:26
menesisand two features you added in August were gradebook and intervention csv export11:26
aelkneri added them for sla11:26
aelknerbut as a one time thing to get their data out11:26
menesisare they needed for someone?11:26
aelknerhowever, tom wanted it in core11:27
aelkneras it could be useful for others11:27
aelknerwhat do you think?11:27
menesisso I can skip them and not add to lucid11:28
menesisyes that may be useful11:28
aelkneryou can skip them, if that means the other thing you said, then yes11:28
menesisto create some charts in excel or whatever, what schooltool does not do11:29
menesisso sla no longer use schooltool?11:29
aelknerno, they have a whole group of php developers working on an sis, one of which is their it guy11:30
aelknerso it's better for them (also the principal is a php developer)11:30
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aksyvl: my schooltool does not display anything in the timezone drop box and hence I'm unable to save site settings. Any insight on this?13:39
aksmenesis: ^^^ any idea about that?13:46
menesisaks: timezones come from pytz library13:50
aksmenesis: I've pytz installed13:50
menesisbut if it was not installed you would see a traceback, not empty list13:51
aksmenesis: ok, so what could be the reason that no timezones are displayed?13:51
menesismaybe pytz cannot locate timezone data files13:55
menesishave you packaged pytz (or python-tz) yourself?13:56
menesisI see Fedora has pytz14:00
aksmenesis: I've packaged pytz myself14:01
menesisit is in fedora repo14:04
menesispytz does not have timezone data in it, "tzdata" package is required14:04
aksmenesis: ok, trying to use fedora's pytz package now14:05
aksmenesis: thanks, got it working with fedora's pytz14:06
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th1amenesis: ayt?16:27
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menesisth1a: yes?16:31
th1aaelkner submitted a CanDo branch for merging.16:31
th1aIt is blocking one of our pilots, so I'd like to get it to him asap.16:31
menesisyes, I am working on this now16:33
th1aOK.  Cool.16:33
menesisto be sure - they need cando deb for lucid?16:34
th1a.deb definitely.  Lucid I think.16:35
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th1amenesis:  Yes, lucid.18:07
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replaceafillyay! cando finally in launchpad! good work menesis :)20:22
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jelknerth1a: are you here, mr. hoffman?20:33
Lumierehi jelkner20:44
jelknerLumiere, why how are you?20:59
jelknerlong time, mr. straw20:59
jelknerhow come you never visit us?20:59
Lumierebusy busy20:59
jelknerme too20:59
Lumierehow does a week from friday look?21:00
LumiereI am taking my first real vacation next week21:00
jelknerwe should do lunch21:00
Lumiereyes we should21:00
jelknerjust like in the old days ;-)21:00
jelkneryou pick21:00
jelkner1. lost dog21:00
LumiereI should see if Pat and Welsh can go too21:00
jelkner2. thai21:00
Lumierefor sure21:00
jelkner3. japanese21:01
Lumierewhen is your lunch period?21:01
jelkner12:40 to 1:4021:01
LumiereI'll see you at 12:30 then21:02
Lumierewill bring video of my condo :)21:02
jelknerwe are talking nov 5, yes?21:02
jelkneri'll tell dwelsh21:02
Lumierethat just leaves me Pat21:03
jelkneri don't see her very often21:03
jelknerdwelsh sees her more than i do21:03
LumiereI've got her cell number ;)21:07
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