IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-10-25

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th1ahi aelkner, replaceafill, menesis.15:34
th1aand yvl.15:34
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon15:34
yvlgood morning :)15:34
th1aSorry for the time change.  I've completely thrown off my entire morning...15:34
th1aSo there's really more to sum up about my visit to Critical Links than can be fit in the meeting.15:35
th1aI should be able to write it all up as an email later today.15:36
th1ayvl:  Remember when you said something about talking to some guys from Portugal who had hundreds of schools using SchoolTool?15:36
yvlFWIW, I found this interesting
th1aSo basically, here's what seems to be going on.15:38
th1a(I'm still processing it).15:38
th1aThis has evolved from a "Small Business Server in a Box" product.15:38
yvlso where does it put us, in a nutshell?15:39
th1aAnd they made SchoolTool sort of the hub for handling enrollment, etc., not unlike we did with SLA and have talked about in other contexts.15:39
th1aThey re-skinned it,15:39
th1aand primarily added hooks so that when you add a person to SchoolTool, they're added to the OS users, added to Moodle, etc.15:40
th1aI'm really not sure exactly how far that extends, but essentially, we have thousands of schools in many countries which are "using SchoolTool"15:40
th1abut for a very limited range of tasks.15:41
replaceafillth1a, is their code available somewhere? i mean, do they share it?15:41
th1aSo there is a big opportunity to get them using more features.15:41
th1aThat's one issue we discussed at some length.15:41
th1aIt is in their CVS.15:41
th1aAnd they are open to sharing it.  There were varying degrees of open source comprehension in the various people I spoke to.15:42
th1aSo basically, yes, we need to follow through with that.15:42
th1aWe talked on the phone to Helder Sousa, one of the devs in Portugal.15:43
th1aThat's where the developers are.15:43
th1aSo probably we're going to send at least yvl there for a visit soon.15:43
th1aI just have to look at the budget and cost of flights and perhaps menesis and I will go too.15:44
th1aThey have, not surprisingly, lots of questions and ideas at this point.15:44
th1aThe product is used in lots of countries in the developing world already, particularly with Intel's classmate servers.15:45
th1aI mean, classmate laptops.15:45
yvlthey mentioned 20 countries15:45
yvlthat would benefit from project's first phase15:46
yvlis there a rough outline of them somewhere?15:46
th1aMalta, Sechelleys Islands, Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa...15:46
th1aI will get some more complete data soon.15:46
th1aFrench, Portuguese, Spanish, English.15:46
th1ai18n was key in picking us.15:47
th1aThey have a proprietary system for syncing the data between apps.15:47
yvl(that's me being happy)15:47
th1aIt is something no other SIS has any need for.15:47
replaceafillnice! :)15:47
aelknerway to go zope!15:48
th1aSo basically one chunk of their changes is just to hook into their message passing system, and thus not useful to anyone else.15:48
th1aBut there are some things we might merge.15:48
th1aThey're still on 1.3 and looking at 1.5, btw.15:48
th1aAlso, getting concerned with database size when they get up to around 3,000 students.15:49
th1aThey roll their own Linux from Scratch.15:49
th1aYeah, that kinda comes from the roots in their earlier project.15:50
th1aAlthough the IT parts of the server run on a different XEN vm than the schooly parts.15:51
th1aBut anyhow, I'm a little unclear on the implications of that.  I need to take a look at how LFS works.15:51
th1aYou could tell they were a little traumatized by the Zope dependencies.15:52
yvlI imagine that...15:52
th1aI think POV may be able to land a tier 2 support contract.15:53
yvldid they mention if they use ST in their appliances, or the central?15:53
th1aI just have to declare you "SchoolTool Authorized Service."  ;-)15:53
th1aThe central?15:53
yvlfrom the press release it sounded like they have one central server per-country15:53
yvlwell, th1a, I think that wouldn't make us sad ;)))))))))15:54
th1aNo, it is pretty much a school-site appliance.15:54
th1aMaybe they do it a little different in a few places.15:54
yvlto quote, "Twenty countries will benefit from the first phase, with the initiative supporting the launch of one connected school project per country. "15:55
yvlso I somewhat expected a central data-gathering point15:55
th1aBecause the server isn't just a school data thing.15:55
th1aIt is your firewall, blah blah.15:55
th1aStart with a "small business in a box" and then add some school stuff.15:56
th1aThat's the basic shape of it.15:56
yvlwell, I'm somewhat shaken - in a good way :)15:56
th1aI was completely flummoxed.15:57
th1aBut you did chat with someone in Portugal about this at some point, right yvl?15:57
yvlthat rings a bell15:58
yvlbut I'd better check IRC logs15:58
th1aI mean, it didn't make any sense at all until I got home and realized they probably weren't using many SIS features.15:58
replaceafill maybe?15:59
replaceafillor ?15:59
th1aNo, not those.16:00
th1aSo, I'll try to sum my current understanding of things in an email.16:00
th1aAnd I kind of need to write a document for them which explains SchoolTool from a business person's perspective.  ;-)16:01
yvlby the way, can you add a link to CVS in the email?16:02
yvl* to their CVS16:02
th1aThere were a lot of moments like:  "So, tell us about what your plans are for SchoolTool..." "Well, that may depend on YOUR plans for SchoolTool!"16:02
th1aI don't think it is public at this point.16:02
th1aIt needs to be sorted.16:02
th1aOverall, this is astonishingly good news, of course.16:03
yvlawesome news, indeed16:03
th1aProbably it will be best if they can link their CVS to Launchpad.16:04
th1aOK, we should move on.16:05
yvlI'm actually quite curious, how exactly ST fits into the whole framework16:05
yvlbut yes, let's move on :)16:05
th1aIt is amazing how much you can do with a few CSS skins to make the user feel like he's using one big application.16:05
th1aaelkner and I talked on the phone last night about what he's doing.16:06
th1aaelkner:  You may need to fire up the public demo server you made and try to demonstrate how the group filtering is supposed to work.16:07
th1aSince apparently that's not working for David.16:07
th1aAnd I don't think we can see his instance.16:07
th1aI suspect he's just not actually creating the groups.16:07
th1aOr something like that.16:07
aelkneri was thinking the same16:07
th1aSo we just need to demonstrate that.16:08
aelkneri was thinking of emailing him to ask him to send screenshots16:08
th1aYou could do that, too.16:08
aelknerok, will o16:08
th1aDo that, since I'm going to be offline the rest of the morning.16:08
th1aMoving on...16:08
th1areplaceafill:  It looks like we got some positive feedback?16:09
replaceafillyes, small though :(16:09
replaceafilli mean, i didn't get answers for all my questions16:09
th1aNow I think is time for a summary email.16:10
replaceafillbut it looks like they're are asking the teachers, so that's good16:10
th1aIf you could write *today*,16:10
replaceafillsummary email?16:10
aelknerth1a, email sent16:10
replaceafilllike "this is what we have done"?16:10
th1a1. What we've done so far: (bullet list)16:10
th1a2. What's left to do that we know of16:11
th1a3. What outstanding questions we have.16:11
replaceafillgot it16:11
replaceafillwill write it *today*16:11
th1aAnything else?16:12
replaceafillcan i show it to you first?16:12
replaceafilli mean, when you get back16:12
replaceafilli worked in the eaes pilot16:12
replaceafillmet with them16:12
replaceafillthe parents were really impressed16:12
replaceafillthey have no much experience with SIS16:13
replaceafillalso, i made a little change to cando requested by jelkner16:13
replaceafillhe needed external activities to calculate the percentage in a different way16:13
replaceafillhe just confirmed it works like they want (he sent you cc on that)16:14
replaceafilland i'm testing cando trying to respond glenda lewis question16:14
replaceafillabout the enrollment importer16:14
replaceafillthat's basically what i have16:15
th1aYes, do that.16:15
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.16:16
th1ayvl:  We's aiming to finish timetabling this week.16:16
yvlI'm 3 days off schedule after last week16:17
yvl3 dev days16:17
yvlran into problems with UI...16:17
yvlso that's the status16:18
th1aOK.  Keep pushing.16:18
yvlwill do16:18
menesislast week I worked on buildbot mostly16:19
menesismade the umbrella project that is used by buildbot into a releaseable package16:20
menesissimilar to zopetoolkit16:20
menesisdon't know how to name it, maybe schooltool.release16:20
menesisthat allows to checkout a small package, run bin/buildout on it and get all of schooltool as eggs16:20
menesisalso, made buildbot take cando from launchpad using bzr16:21
menesishaven't changed anything in cando, just the buildbot16:22
th1aIs Launchpad mirroring the SVN?16:22
th1aWell, that should still be helpful then.16:22
menesisthat's one step in switching cando to bzr16:23
menesisok so buildbot should be fixed now.16:24
menesisI have added schooltool versions to the versions.cfg16:24
menesis(of older branches)16:24
menesisso if someone needs to build 1.4 series they will no longer have problems with higher versions in buildout's shared eggs16:25
th1aAh.  Good.16:25
th1aSo are backporting fixes to 1.4 your next task?16:26
menesisso developers now can checkout an older gradebook, or current cando, and they will build successfully16:26
menesisyes, it was a task for last week already16:26
menesisI have backported versionator and buildout changes so far, to have up-to-date tools for backporting16:27
menesisnow I will be updating the projects16:27
menesisI have updated journal last week already.16:28
menesismade a release of trunk and 1.4 branch, translation updates only16:28
menesisnoticed that latest journal was not uploaded to maverick :(16:29
menesisbut that's why I was improving my tools16:29
menesisthat's all of last week I think.16:31
menesisI took one day off btw.16:31
th1aOK.  Sounds good.16:31
menesisthis week I am backporting to 1.416:31
menesisalso, the UDS has just started16:31
th1aAh yes...16:31
menesiswill be following that a little16:31
th1aDo the natty repositories exist yet?16:31
menesisand hopefully start on natty development16:32
menesisnatty is open for development since Oct 1516:32
th1aOK, yes, on to that ASAP.16:33
menesislooks like it will have python 2.7, a potential problem16:33
th1aKeep me posted on that.16:33
th1aOK, I have to go to the dentist now.16:34
th1aHave a great week gentlemen!16:34
th1aWe have a known userbase about 1000x bigger than we did last week!16:34
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:34
replaceafillthanks everybody!16:34
aelknergreat week everyone16:35
yvlth1a, it may be worth mentioning, that next Mon is bank holiday in Lithuania16:36
th1aAh, should we meet Tuesday then?16:36
th1aNext tuesday, regular time.16:36
replaceafillin el salvador too!16:36
yvlso happy All Saints day to all :)16:37
th1aOh, also, the project manager for the Critical Links server is Lithuanian!16:37
yvlwait, what?16:37
th1aHis family emigrated from Lithuania to Israel when he was a kid, but his parents moved back.16:37
th1aSo he visits every few years.16:38
yvlit's a small world...16:38
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replaceafillth1a, you around?23:37

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