IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-09-30

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aksreplaceafill: ping08:59
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aksyvl: ping09:12
yvlpong, aks10:00
aksyvl: packaged for Fedora 13 and tested, works well with gradebook, lyceum.journal, and intervention10:14
aksyvl: we're bundling even the instance directory with our package, so as to ease user. Users just need to use the service command to start, stop and restart the schooltool service10:17
aksyvl: also with chkconfig they can the set the service to start automatically at startup10:17
yvlnice :)10:18
yvlif you share the packages, we'll be glad to host them10:18
aksyvl: moreover the package contains the configuration file for apache that is set to servername "schooltool", which if resolvable by DNS can host schooltool at http://schooltool10:18
aksyvl: there are a few customizations that we've made for our own system NEXS, do you want our RPM package with our customizations, or a generic package?10:19
aksyvl: though it is quite easy to override our customizations, and the instructions are in the developer documentation10:20
yvlwhat did you customize?10:20
aksyvl, the customizations include setting the default langugage to nepali, and setting the ServerName directive in the VirtualHost section of the apache configuration file to "schooltool"10:21
yvlit would be better to release a generic one then :)10:21
aksyvl: I can do a generic one, but you need to let me know of what value do I set the ServerName directive to (if we want to bundle the apache configuration file with the package, else I can just drop the apache feature)10:22
yvlthat one is totally up to you ;)10:24
yvlin Ubuntu we just run the server10:24
yvlusers install and configure apache separately at the moment10:25
yvlyou can probably even drop the feature...10:25
aksyvl: ok, i'll rebuild the rpms in a while with lang set to auto, and apache feature dropped10:27
aksyvl: moreover, I need to write the changelog in the spec file in which I've packaged a higher version, and I'll also need to sign my packages through gpg10:31
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aksyvl: the generic build with gpg signing is under progress13:49
aksyvl: which linux distribution does your hosting server has?13:57
aksyvl: you need the "createrepo" package to be installed if you want to create a fedora yum repository13:58
yvlit's Ubuntu13:58
aksyvl: ok, then, i'll give you a folder with the complete fedora yum repository structure13:59
aksyvl: and you can just copy paste it to your hosting server13:59
aksyvl: I ran into a small problem, I've successfully built signed packaged for noarch and x86_64 architecture14:11
aksyvl: I'll have to install 32 bit version of F13 and rebuild a few arch-dependent packages over there as well, so as to produce RPMs for i386 as well14:11
aksyvl: only after that I'll be able to give the RPMs to you14:12
yvlthere is no hurry14:12
aksyvl: :)14:12
yvlI know (now) that packaging is quite time-consuming14:13
yvlso thanks for your efforts ;)14:14
aksyvl: you're welcome, it's my small contribution to the community :)14:17
yvlit's not that small, you know ;)14:23
aksyvl: bye14:29
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th1aFinally heard from Shadoschools in Nigeria today.19:04
th1aThey're like, "Oh, we got it running by ourselves."19:05
th1a"We'll try to get around to telling you what we want changed"19:05
th1a^ not actual quotes.19:05
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