IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2010-09-29

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th1a_yvl:  Are you going to fix the sample data bug?15:22
yvlI'm running tests15:22
yvlit just needed dependency on school year generation15:23
yvlit is quite outdated though15:23
yvlI was thinking of filing a bug about it15:23
yvlwe *do* have courses now...15:23
th1ayvl:  ayt?16:04
yvlyes :)16:04
th1aAre we talking about the sample data spreadsheet or the internal sample data system.16:04
th1a(that works directly on the database)16:05
yvl(just merged the last fixes and emailed menesis that code for RC is ready)16:05
th1aOK, thanks.16:05
yvlinternal sample data generator16:05
th1aAh, ok.  Yeah, I knew that was crufty.16:05
th1aEssentially, if and when we revisit that (and perhaps we should completely disable it meanwhile)16:06
th1aActually, I guess I thought we'd done that already...16:06
th1aOr at least hid it.16:06
yvlfor some reason, me too16:06
th1aAnyhow, the only reason for it to exist is to generate data we *can't* put in the spreadsheet.16:06
yvlbut we didn't, and I failed to find a bug that said "disable that"16:07
th1aPerhaps I should do file that.  ;-)16:07
th1aSo at this point the order of links on the Manage page is just random?16:08
menesissample data generation is only enabled in devmode16:08
yvlright! :)16:09
menesissetup data as well16:09
menesisthere is a bug to remove setupdata16:09
menesisdon't know if it's good time to do that16:09
th1aLet's not worry about it now, esp. if you have to be in devmode.16:10
menesisth1a: the order of links in Manage page is defined in zcml using "order" attribute on viewlets16:10
th1aOK, so I can file a bug about order?16:10
menesisbut when I looked at the Manage page it surprised me that Download Gradebook CSV and Intervention zipfile are there16:10
menesisat all16:11
th1aWell... aelkner and I discussed that.16:11
menesisand that they are not last16:11
th1aYes, that's what I'm referring to.16:11
yvlwell, we can easily change the order16:12
th1aWhen we originally talked about it I didn't really want them there, but it became a long complicated conversation...16:12
yvl(it is defined near each item in zcml)16:12
th1aSo yes, just making them last would be less jarring.16:12
th1aAlso, the links on that page seem to be on the divs, or something, because they cover the width of the page,16:13
th1awhich is an unpleasant surprise sometimes.16:13
yvlyes, that annoyed me for a while now16:16
th1ayvl (OT):
th1aActually, I don't understand this: "Vampire: The Masquerade was indeed the old World of Darkness RPG, so this MMO should send fans into paroxysms of joy."16:17
th1ayvl (back OT): Is that just a matter of nesting the anchor in the right place?16:18
yvlprobably just some css tweak will do16:20
yvl(looking into it)16:22
th1aAh... I thought WoD and V:tM were competitors;  I see they're the same thing.16:26
th1aWell, one is an implementation of the other.16:26
yvlyes :)16:35
th1aThat's good.  If CCP can ever finish it they'll make a zillion dollars.16:35
yvloh they will...16:38
yvlthanks for the link, th1a16:39
yvlbtw, I shortened the Manage menu links in trunk16:39
th1aThat's your manager, always ready with a distraction.16:39
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