IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-10-01

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aksyvl: good morning06:26
aksyvl: ping07:15
aksyvl: ping me when you are back, I've the repository ready for you07:46
yvlpong, aks08:10
aksyvl: ah you're back08:25
aksyvl: check if you are able to access
yvlI can08:26
aksyvl: ok, i'll make a folder called "schooltool-f13" there, download all the content of the folder and host it somewhere08:27
aksyvl: let me know after you've done downloading all the files08:29
aksyvl: and after hosting it, let me know the location (http or ftp), so that I can update my documentation over gitorious to instruct how to use that repository file08:30
aksyvl: as replaceafill was interested in testing them, it would be better that we get the test results from him, so that I can upstream by spec files after ensuring that they work (at least they work for me)08:33
yvlgood idea, I'll notify him too08:33
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replaceafillyvl, u around?08:37
yvlhi replaceafill08:37
replaceafillhey man, just wanted to tell you that i tried the score refactoring branch08:37
replaceafillit's great :)08:37
replaceafillso much easier08:37
yvlthanks :)08:38
replaceafilli'm just having trouble with the remaining providedBy checks :(08:38
yvlI see08:38
yvlwell, some more refactoring wouldn't hurt, would it ;)08:38
replaceafillmostly the source attribute of linkedcolumns08:38
replaceafillgo go go!!!08:38
yvlbut it's easy to mess things up08:39
replaceafilli tried to set the source to None, trying to bypass the checks but i couldnt make it08:39
yvlI hoped that this would somehow not give you troubles08:39
aksreplaceafill: hello08:39
replaceafillbut it's definitely a more cleaner approach to insert new columns in the gradebook08:40
replaceafillhello aks08:40
replaceafillaks, i just installed fedora13 :)08:40
replaceafillwaiting to test your new rpms ;)08:40
aksreplaceafill: as you were interesting in testing my RPMs, yvl will shortly be hosting them08:40
aksreplaceafill: and then you can test, and please let me know if you find any bugs08:41
aksreplaceafill; :)08:41
replaceafillthanks aks, will do08:41
replaceafillaks, btw, are languages included in the packages?08:41
replaceafilli mean, like spanish?08:41
aksyvl, replaceafill: also I wanted to know if there is a programmatic/database approach in automatically adding users to schooltool08:41
aksreplaceafill: I've done just of nepali08:41
replaceafillaks, ah ok08:42
aksyvl, replaceafill: as in the OLPC eco-system, we use a tool called "idmgr" which registers every XO laptop and persists its data08:42
aksyvl, replaceafill: I wanted to automatically query idmgr and add the users to schooltool from there08:43
replaceafillaks, sorry, baby crying :)08:50
replaceafillaks, afaik schooltool doesn't have such a service08:50
aksreplaceafill: oh ok, is baby he or she?08:51
replaceafillshe :)08:51
aksreplaceafill: a proud father of a cute baby girl :)08:52
yvlaks, replaceafill
replaceafillwow! they're already in the schooltool server!!08:55
aksyvl: thanks, I'll now put instruction on how to use them08:55
* replaceafill wonders if fedora has a 'add-apt-repository' equivalent :P08:56
yvlguess... ;)08:56
aksyvl: can you please copy to folder?08:57
aksyvl: that's my GPG key I used to sign my packages and would be used to verify the packages, I'll also include the repo file in a while which will use that gpg key08:58
yvldone :)08:59
yvlreplaceafill, if anything -
replaceafillhey i got to the same doc :P09:00
yvlaye, ye matched me google skills .)09:00
aksyvl: also put in the same folder of that of the GPG key file09:01
aksyvl: now anyone who want to use our RPM repo, can download the schooltool.repo file, put in /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory, and try installing the package "schooltool-intervention", that's all09:01
yvlah, nice09:02
aksyvl: you need to put the gpg file and the repo file outside of the Fedora_13 directory09:02
yvlsorry, didn't know that09:02
aksyvl: np09:02
* replaceafill fires up his fedora vbox09:03
aksyvl: let me know after we are done. I'll populate my social media on the availability of the repo, so that we can attract other testers09:03
aksyvl: also putting the notification to the devel-list of the schooltool would be good09:04
replaceafillor users list?09:04
yvllooks ok?09:04
aksyvl: there is a spelling mistake in the repo file. It reads fedora_13.schooltoo.repo, you're missing the "l" in the schooltool09:06
aksreplaceafill: that' would be good too09:07
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replaceafillyvl, menesis i know you guys are really busy, but could you please fix the search functionality of the logs whenever you have some time? :)09:28
replaceafillthe other day i was looking for a buildout issue i remember ignas told me how to fix09:28
replaceafillbut couldnt find it :(09:28
replaceafillthen i used google and got it ;)09:29
replaceafillyvl, aks: GPG key retrieval failed: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 : http://.../RPM-GPG-KEY-aks09:30
yvl... being ?09:31
replaceafillah it's the name of the file09:31
replaceafillit's looking for RPM-GPG09:31
replaceafillthe file is called Fedora_13.RPM..09:31
yvla moment...09:31
yvlupdated fedora_13.schooltool.repo09:32
replaceafilldownloading again...09:33
replaceafillAbhishek Singh :O09:34
yvl. /whois aks ;)09:35
replaceafillTransaction Check Error:09:35
replaceafillhow do i get it out of virtual box09:35
replaceafillah, screenshot :P09:35
replaceafillaks, yvl
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menesissome zope library depends on roman, but the module is included in docutils09:47
menesisso it does not have to be packaged separately09:48
menesisin Debian, python-docutils does create a python-roman binary package, but it does not contain an .egg-info file so is not useful.09:50
menesisI had to remove this dependency09:50
replaceafillpython-roman is for converting Roman numerals?!?!09:52
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aksreplaceafill: I see, fixing the bug now, though it didn't come in mine10:12
menesisRoman numerals are sometimes used for page or section numbers10:14
aksreplaceafill: seems like yum fetched python-docutils from the mainstream fedora repo10:19
aksreplaceafill: I've removed the from my docutils packaging though10:19
yvlaks, are you going to update hosted rpms?10:24
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aksyvl: ping10:31
aksyvl: you'll have to get replace the repodata folder and the schooltool-1.5.1-1.fc13.noarch.rpm from the source to the hosted folder10:31
yvlwill do10:32
aksyvl: thanks10:32
replaceafillok guys, bed time for me :)10:32
yvlgoodnight, replaceafill10:33
aksreplaceafill: after yvl updates the folder, can you please try installing it again "yum -y install schooltool-intervention"?10:33
replaceafillyvl, let me know if you decide to take the refactoring further to test it ;)10:33
replaceafillaks, will do10:33
yvlok :)10:33
aksreplaceafill: thanks for cutting down your sleeping time for it ;)10:33
replaceafillaks, anytime ;)10:33
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aksyvl: it would be better to use rsync so that it is updated everytime10:34
yvlyes, that's exactly what I was thinking ;)10:35
aksyvl: have you updated?10:47
yvlsorry, not yet10:48
yvlwill do in 20 mins, if it's ok?10:48
aksyvl: no prob, do it when you're free10:48
yvlaks, done12:10
yvlumm, wait, not done yet12:16
yvlalmost done :)12:16
aksyvl: ok12:21
aksyvl: now we require a few volunteers to test12:22
aksyvl: did you do rsync?12:22
yvlno, just wget to my machine, then rsync to schooltool.org12:22
aksyvl: I wonder if rsync works for http:// and ftp://12:23
yvlonly ssh, AFAIK12:24
yvlumm, only shell, to be more precise12:24
yvlrsh works as fine ;)12:24
aksyvl: shall I give you an account on my server so that you can ssh?13:09
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replaceafillth1a, do you have aks email?17:16
th1aIs it new?17:16
replaceafillsorry, his email address :)17:17
replaceafilli got an error and want to show it to him, but i dont have his email address17:17
th1aWho is that?17:20
replaceafillthe one who's packaging schooltool for fedora17:20
replaceafillin nepal17:20
th1aok... right.17:21
th1aYou got an error in the Fedora package?17:21
replaceafilllast night there was a conflict with the roman module, i guess he fixed that, but now the service won't start because a related error17:22
* replaceafill remembers he saw aks email somewhere in the installation...17:23
replaceafillmenesis, u around?22:33
replaceafillgradebook's trunk is giving me an error about schooltool version higher than 1.5.122:34
replaceafillGetting distribution for 'schooltool>1.5.1'.22:34
replaceafill  Installing package.22:34
replaceafill  Getting distribution for 'schooltool>1.5.1'.22:34
replaceafillError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'schooltool>1.5.1'.22:34
replaceafillmake: *** [bin/test] Error 122:34
menesisreplaceafill: change buildout.cfg to develop = . ../schooltool22:45
replaceafillso, currently only works with schooltool trunk, correct?22:45
menesisI was going to release 1.5.2 yesterday, when I do it will work22:45
menesisyes, because of last merge of alt_text in security description22:46
replaceafilli was about to remove the >1.5.1 part from but it didnt seem right22:46
replaceafilli'll branch schooltool trunk then22:46
replaceafillthanks menesis22:46
menesisalso, a gradebook test was failing, just pushed a fix22:48

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