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replaceafillyvl, i don't know if it's the appropriate way of testing it, but the is broken:
replaceafill- message = translate(message, context=self.context)16:21
replaceafill+ message = translate(message, context=self.request)16:21
yvlhmm, sorry about that bug16:22
yvlbut that's not a very good way to test :|16:22
yvlbecause tests would require compiled translations16:22
replaceafilllooking forward to see how the bug has to be shown (smile)16:22
replaceafillcompiled translations?16:23
yvlyes, or you will have no translations for that string16:25
yvlwe should do something like
yvland then make tests not execute registerTranslations from schooltool/common/configure.zcml and others16:26
yvlbecause currently you got two different test behaviours16:26
yvlone on clean checkout + make16:26
yvlanother on checkout + "make compile-translations"16:27
replaceafillhow do you see the different behaviours?16:27
yvlonce Zope finds at least one compiled translations file, it registers that for respective domain16:27
yvlget a clean chekout of trunk16:27
yvlrun make16:27
yvlbin/test --at-level 2 -vs schooltool.export -t non_ascii16:28
yvltests pass16:28
yvlmake compile-translations16:28
yvlbin/test --at-level 2 -vs schooltool.export -t non_ascii16:28
yvltests fail :)16:28
yvlnice? ;)16:28
replaceafillwow! im going to test it right now!16:28
replaceafillwanna see it (wink)16:28
yvlfixed in trunk, 270816:30
yvlas for the gradebook bug, maybe patch will do for now - I guess Alan will write the fix with a test soonish16:32
yvlI know I'm preaching to the quire, but please be careful with updating trunks for the demo16:33
replaceafilli wanted to ask th1a if he considered necessary to update it, just in case16:36
replaceafillalthough on monday he said it would be good to have that fckeditor fixed16:36
yvlwell, it's up to you (and th1a, of course :) )16:38
replaceafilllooking at the diff, i see it's safe16:38
yvlif anything bad happens for whatever reason, you can revert to an earlier revision16:39
yvlthough it really shouldn't :)16:39
replaceafillim going to update it16:39
replaceafillAll changes applied successfully.16:42
replaceafillNow on revision 2708.16:42
replaceafilli wish i could understand this TestMessageFallbackDomain class16:46
replaceafilloops, def16:46
yvlwell, when a string needs translation, Zope searches for message domain that can translate it16:47
yvlfor example "schooltool", "zope", "schooltool.gradebook"16:48
* replaceafill listens... or reads...16:48
yvlfallback domain is used if nothing found16:48
yvlin schooltool/common/configure.zcml registerTranslations initialize "schooltool" translation domain on first encountered compiled translation16:49
yvl(I think)16:49
yvlthe domain then negotiates the language to translate to16:50
yvland looks at the translation catalogs it has16:50
yvland then translates from those catalogs :)16:52
yvlone of those catalogs, to be precise.16:52
yvlonce we move to the newer KGS, translatable messages nested via mapping will be handled correctly16:52
replaceafillso zope.i18n.testmessagecatalog.TestMessageFallbackDomain should be used in ALL ftests?16:52
yvlyes :)16:52
yvland *no* other domains should be registered, in my opinion16:53
replaceafill# XXX: Hack, zope.i18n 3.6.2 cannot translate Message's in mapping.16:54
replaceafillmeant 3.7.2?16:54
replaceafillthat's the egg i always get16:55
yvlyeah, I mixed it with
yvlhonest mistake ;)16:55
yvlanyway, that won't matter in two days, so... :)16:55
replaceafillok, running "bin/test --at-level 2 -vs schooltool.export -t non_ascii" in fresh checkout16:55
replaceafill0 errors16:56
* yvl hopes your trunk rev is <= 270716:58
replaceafilli branched 270616:59
replaceafillcompiling translations...17:00
replaceafillTypeError: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0x7eefa28>, <InterfaceClass zope.i18n.interfaces.IUserPreferredLanguages>)17:01
yvlthere ya go! :)17:01
replaceafillrunning make clean17:02
replaceafillrunning the test again17:02
replaceafill0 errors!!!17:03
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replaceafillmy heart is broken: Review: Disapprove17:06
replaceafillall the packages that include schooltool.common in their ftesting.zcml are screwed17:09
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yvlthey didn't include Review: Thanks option... :)17:11
replaceafillReview: Thanks but no Thanks17:11
yvlor thanks for the tip17:12
yvlor something nice :)17:12
yvlok... if there are no burning issues, I'll go grab a dinner17:13
yvlsee you tomorrow - and happy coding ;)17:13
replaceafillthanks yvl17:14
yvlthank you!17:15
yvlpeople caring about i18n make me very, very happy17:15
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replaceafillwow! "Total: 1665 tests, 7 failures, 0 errors in 11 minutes 41.500 seconds." with compiled translations in trunk17:31
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th1ayvl, replaceafill: fyi I sent Mark the link to the demo server last night.18:02
replaceafillth1a, you had set the school name as Shuttleworth hs rigth?18:05
replaceafillit has a new title now18:05
th1aI changed it.18:21
th1aDo you know the reference?18:21
replaceafilloh, isn't a real name?18:32
replaceafillwikipedia: "According to the myth, there were fake settlements..."18:33
replaceafill"According to this story, Potyomkin, who led the Crimean military campaign, had hollow facades of villages constructed along the desolate banks of the Dnieper River in order to impress the monarch and her travel party with the value of her new conquests, thus enhancing his standing in the empress' eyes."!!!18:34
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