IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-08-24

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th1areplaceafill, zyt?05:20
th1aI just got a 'Could not adapt' for IUserPreferredLanguages when I tried to upload the spreadsheet.05:21
th1aIt is in the error log.05:21
* replaceafill checks05:21
th1aFor Mark's demo.05:21
replaceafillhhmm the importer seems broken05:23
th1aaelkner touched it last I believe...05:23
replaceafillno, yvl05:23
replaceafilli guess he put some sort of hack for translating error messages05:24
replaceafill"zope.i18n cannot recursively translate translatable messages in mapping. Yet.05:24
replaceafillAdd a workaround."05:24
th1aOh... I see... INVALID SCHOOL YEAR.05:24
replaceafillsee the translate() call05:24
th1aYeah, I'm moving up all the dates so this will actually show up for the current calendar.05:25
replaceafill"# XXX: Hack, zope.i18n 3.6.2 cannot translate Message's in mapping.05:26
replaceafill#      Newer versions of zope.i18n can."05:26
replaceafillhowever it seems like we're using 3.7.205:26
replaceafilli wonder if yvl's XXX message is wrong or is it that we don't need the hack anymore?05:27
* replaceafill wonders why the context is being used as context in the translate() call05:29
replaceafillit should be the request the one being adapted to userpreferedlanguages05:30
replaceafillth1a, can i make a change to the code?05:31
replaceafilli mean stop the server for a while05:31
replaceafillchanging one line05:31
th1aI was just going to ask how to stop the server...05:32
replaceafillok, let me do the change and i'll explain05:32
replaceafillok, change made05:33
replaceafilltry to start the server05:33
replaceafillgo to the /home/replaceafill/sandboxes/schooltool_demo_mark05:33
th1aI'm there05:33
replaceafillsince you have sudo privileges05:33
replaceafillyou can become any user05:33
replaceafillincluding 'replaceafill'05:33
replaceafillsudo su replaceafill05:33
replaceafillwill ask you for your password05:34
th1aYes, yes.05:34
replaceafillthen you will be replaceafill05:34
th1aI know THAT.05:34
replaceafillbin/start-schooltool-instance instance --daemon05:34
th1aThat's the kind of service I want for our even-less-technical users, though.  ;-)05:34
th1aYes, how do I stop it then?05:35
replaceafillbin/start-schooltool-instance instance --stop-daemon05:35
replaceafillbin/start-schooltool-instance instance/ --help will show you the available comands05:35
replaceafillyou can query the service using --status for example05:35
replaceafillcould you try the same step that gave you the error?05:36
th1aI think I fixed my error :S05:38
th1a(mixed-up face)05:39
replaceafillwell, i can test raising the error here05:40
th1aAh, got a proper error message now.05:40
replaceafillah cool!05:40
replaceafill(satisfaction face)05:40
th1aMuch more helpful error message now.05:43
replaceafilland they're supposed to be translatable (wink)05:44
th1aTeacher don't seem to have permission to see the info page of their students.05:53
replaceafillah damn!05:54
replaceafillyou have to put teachers in the teachers group in cando05:54
replaceafillso the skin will work05:54
th1aOh, fucking CanDo.05:54
th1aOK, just remove cando from this.05:54
th1aI'll start over tomorrow.05:55
replaceafillah ok05:55
th1aI can't deal with CanDo weirdness.05:55
replaceafillnew instance then05:55
th1aIt is not my problem.05:55
replaceafillsure, i'll do that later, all trunks except for cando05:55
replaceafill(sad face because of cando weirdness)05:55
th1aWe'll have to address the permissions situation in CanDo.05:55
replaceafillcando has a few situations...05:56
replaceafillpermissions is one of them05:56
replaceafillok, ill set everything up05:56
th1aI also don't really want to use it because it takes over a bit more than I'd want.05:56
replaceafillwhat do you mean? too many steps?05:56
th1aNo, just that it redirects you to cando stuff when you login.06:02
replaceafillah yes, the skin takes over06:02
* replaceafill wonders if 'sh' is better name than 'sheet'...08:33
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aelknerreplaceafill, ping20:26
aelknerth1a and need your help20:27
aelknerwe need you to patch his instance for mark20:27
aelknerin the gradebook egg20:28
aelknerthe file is schooltool/gradebook/gradebook.py20:28
aelknerlet me know when you have the file open and ready for editing20:28
replaceafillyou mean you dont have a patch i can apply!??!?!20:28
replaceafillim going to stop the instance, ok?20:29
aelknerth1a, ok?20:29
aelknerreplaceafill, let's give him one minute20:29
aelknerthen his silence will be permission :)20:29
aelkneri agree with tom, you shouldn't be allowed to use a not-emoticon emoticon20:30
replaceafill(rolling eyes)20:30
aelknerwell, that one would be difficult to do with an emoticon20:31
replaceafillit seems like th1a isn't around20:31
aelknergo ahead and bring it down20:31
replaceafillserver down... opening file20:31
aelknertell me when you have the file open for edit20:31
aelknersearch for IActivities20:31
aelkneryou will find three occurances20:32
aelknertwo of which have no 'interfaces.' before them20:32
aelknertheay are wrong20:32
aelknerif you fix them and restart, the bug will be gone20:32
replaceafilli should add the 'interfaces.' then20:32
replaceafilldont use "except:" clauses20:33
aelknerthat is a new bug that wasn't caught because it was in a try except20:33
replaceafillthey hide errors pretty well20:33
replaceafillok, file changed20:33
aelknerbut if i had added a functional test for remembering sections earlier, i would have caught it20:33
replaceafillserver restarted...20:34
aelknerunfortunately, i only added the test for the section removed20:34
aelknerwhich is the except part of the code20:34
replaceafillwe need to use coverage tools (smile)20:34
aelknernot having the original test caused me to not catch the bug20:34
aelknerjust preoves why functional tests are so important20:34
replaceafillok, server running20:34
replaceafillis th1a going to check?20:35
replaceafillor should i?20:35
aelkneri can20:35
replaceafillah cool20:35
replaceafilllet me know if you fix trunk20:35
replaceafillso we can get rid of the patch and just update the branch20:35
aelknerit works now20:36
aelkneri'll have to subit a fix later20:36
aelknerthanks for your help20:36
* replaceafill is checking cambodia's i18n using salvadorean spanish (wink)20:37
aelknerreplaceafill, seriously what's with the new emoticons20:37
th1aIt is strangely disconcerting.20:38
aelkneris explicit for wink20:38
replaceafilli can make a face like (ah come on man, are you f*****n kidding me?)20:38
replaceafillyou cant with an emoticon20:38
aelknerthat's not a face, it's a sentence!20:38
aelknerth1a, you get the runner-up reward for being the second person to care about last section visited :)20:40
th1aConfirming that it works.20:54
replaceafill(sad) demographic labels are not translatable...20:59
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replaceafillth1a, aelkner, would you mind to explain me what the 'homeroom' period is?22:06
* replaceafill has been googling but he doesn't get it right yet22:06
replaceafillHere in the US a “Home Room” is the first class period of the day for high school students... Attendance is taken and announcements are made22:07
th1aOops, I thought that was in the glossary.22:08
replaceafilloops, i didnt check22:09
th1aWell, it isn't.  (frowny face)22:09
replaceafillbut the definition above is the one, right?22:10
th1aWell, it is applicable at all levels.22:10
replaceafillhaven't seen that here i guess22:10
th1aIn some cases, it is a completely separate section in SchoolTool terms.22:10
replaceafillusually the same teacher is in charge of the class the whole day in schools22:10
th1aIn other cases, just the first period of the day is considered homeroom.22:10
th1aWe made it through quite a few months of working on SchoolTool before I realized that's how Lithuanian schools work and the Lithuanians realized how US schools work.22:11
th1aIt makes a rather big difference!22:12
* replaceafill looks for the spanish word for homeroom22:12
replaceafilland i always get the translation for 'class room' ...22:12
th1aYou might just want to translate it directly.22:13
replaceafillperiod of control (oh)22:15
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th1aaelkner, Do you know what an indicator is in interventions?23:14
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