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bufkeanyone know a good resource for installing zope in ubuntu? I'm trying to learn it from scratch02:25
bufkezope3 of course02:25
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th1abufke: You don't really need ubuntu specific instructions.03:20
bufkehmm I was using but keep getting build errrors03:26
th1aThat looks old.03:27
bufkedo you know of a newer how to?03:28
th1aProbably you should start here:
th1aIs this specifically for SchoolTool or just in general?03:29
th1aAlso, there is Grok.03:29
bufkeI was able to get the src of schooltool and run it03:29
bufkeI'm just trying to make my own project to mess around with03:30
th1aProbably you should start with Grok.03:30
th1aZope 3 is more of a toolkit for other things now -- Grok, Bluebream, SchoolTool.03:30
bufkeok I'll look into that, thanks03:33
th1a , btw.03:34
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makelini have problem to install school tool15:10
makelinneed help15:10
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th1aJust missed him.15:59
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th1areplaceafill:  Do we have sample names in Khmer?16:41
replaceafillhey th1a16:55
replaceafillyou mean for courses?16:55
th1aAnd people.16:55
th1aIN general.16:56
replaceafillhhmm no, just course titles16:56
replaceafilli took them from a spreadsheet Piseth sent16:56
th1aThe course names?16:56
th1aI wonder if I could find some khmer names ON THE INTERNET.16:57
th1aIf only I had some kind of system for accessing textual data from around the world...16:57
replaceafillthey're all "Latin Names"16:59
replaceafillno good16:59
th1aI'll look for some later.17:01
replaceafillth1a, usability question20:02
replaceafilleverything that changes from year to year should go in the "School Year index view, correct?20:02
replaceafilllike classes in cambodia20:02
th1aSo I have the phone talking to the TonidoPlug now.20:02
replaceafilland levels20:02
replaceafillright now we have the links in the Manage menu20:03
th1aWell... to be honest that may just be another case of us organizing the UI like the database.20:03
replaceafillbecause we could display links for the active year20:04
th1aThat is, it isn't the result of careful thinking about the UI.20:04
replaceafillbut we should change the label20:04
replaceafillto "Classes for 2010"20:04
replaceafillor something like that20:04
th1aThat makes sense.20:04
replaceafilli'll do that (change the label)20:04
replaceafillto display the active year20:04
th1aI encourage you to question the UI.  ;-)20:04
replaceafillwill do20:05
replaceafillhow's the other demo going?20:05
replaceafillyou can send sms now?20:05
th1aI haven't actually tried that yet.20:06
th1aBut the hard part is finding the phone at all.20:06
th1a(I mean, I've done it on my laptop)20:06
th1aI haven't tried it on the plug yet.20:06
th1aI've gotten over the point that was the hurdle on the laptop would be the most accurate statement.20:07
replaceafillone more thing, i was thinking of sending the schooltool.cambodia.po template file to them so they can translate it and send it back, so i can see the form in khmer and check UI stuff like spaces, widths, etc20:07
replaceafillsince cambodia is not a project yet20:08
replaceafilland we dont have it in rosetta yet20:08
th1aI don't even think they use Rosetta anyhow.20:08
replaceafillwill do that now too20:08
th1aI mean, they usually use other tools.20:08
th1aThey do a LOT of translating.20:08
replaceafilli remember seeing a mail from you telling somebody he was in charge of khmer for the project20:08
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