IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-08-10

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th1a...made it online.16:24
th1aSomething seems to be shorted out or something in my laptop mouse buttons.16:24
yvlgood to have you with us :)16:25
th1aI'm hoping a can of air will fix it.16:27
* th1a goes to our some coffee.16:27
yvlgood idea16:28
th1aGood morning yvl, menesis, aelkner, replaceafill, menesis .16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
th1aI also haven't looked at email for a couple days.16:33
yvlmorning! :)16:34
th1aOK, yvl, I thought you were on vacation?16:34
yvlnot yet16:34
yvlI'll start Wed or Thu16:34
yvland then off for a ~week16:35
yvlwill be back 23rd latest16:35
th1ahi menesis.16:36
th1aOK... yvl, start us off please!16:36
yvlmenesis sent me an experimental KGS, there are branches with schooltool, journal, gradebook and interventions ported to it16:37
yvlit was easier than expected, still, time-consuming :(16:37
yvlthere also was a guy building SchoolTool RPMs for one of one laptop per child projects, in Nepal16:38
yvlas for timetables, I can't believe how deep they got me in16:39
yvlso, again, nothing to show16:39
yvlit's kind of interesting, how much little things they actually touch16:40
th1aThe problem isn't getting into timetables... it's getting out.16:40
yvlthe ironic part, is that I've done with timetables themselves a wihle ago16:40
yvlit's putting them back into the ST that is hard16:41
yvlbut I'll handle that, or die trying ;)16:41
th1aThat's all I can ask.16:42
yvlsorry :|16:42
yvlanyway - it would be nice to give some focus to other things for a while16:42
th1aDo you think you can wrap it up before you go?16:42
yvldefinitely not16:42
th1aWas the OLPC guy on IRC?16:42
yvlyes, I sent you an email16:42
yvlthere were power problems at POV16:43
yvlso some of the chat is not logged16:43
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th1aThanks yvl!16:44
th1amenesis:  Do we have packages uploaded yet?16:45
menesisth1a: not yet :(16:45
menesisI made some progress but there are many to do still16:45
th1aAre you waiting to get the new KGS versions working?16:46
menesisI was doing both, fixing packages for the new kgs, and uploading existing packages16:48
menesisgot rid of zope.deferredimport in the few remaining packages, for example, but still have to release them upstream (zope)16:49
menesisbut first I have to get some version of packages uploaded16:49
menesisand fix later16:49
th1aAnything in particular blocking you?16:49
th1a(I know these things are time-consuming)16:49
menesisI'd like van.pydeb to stop adding namespace packages to dependencies to avoid adding python-z3c or similar empty packages.16:50
th1aAh.  Well, I presume you can take that up with Brian Sutherland.16:51
menesisalso there was a request from Mathias Klose to start migrating to dh_python2 from python-central, looked into that.16:51
menesisbut since it's not in Lucid is harder to test, I think I will defer this for later.16:52
menesisno other problems I remember16:52
th1aHow far do you think you'll get this week?16:53
menesisnot far enough, depends on sponsors.16:53
th1aOK, so sponsors are the bottleneck now?16:54
th1aIf you need me to poke someone, let me know.16:54
menesisno, I am too slow.16:55
menesisbut will have to ask sponsors when I have more ready16:56
th1aOK.  Keep plugging away, and if yvl or replaceafill can help, let me know.16:57
th1aThanks, menesis.16:57
menesiswill continue.16:57
replaceafillok, i made some progress last week with cambodia16:58
replaceafillthe student form mostly16:58
replaceafilli got quick feedback from them16:58
replaceafilli asked many questions too16:59
replaceafillth1a, i don't know if you saw javier's last email, but it seems like he hasn't realized yet that students will be entered by "admins"17:00
replaceafillhe made an observation about having an admin around would be difficult17:00
th1aI haven't seen it yet.  Who does he think is going to do it?17:00
replaceafillprobably, it's one of my questions for this week17:00
replaceafilli want to clarify that17:00
th1aWe can set the permissions however he wants.17:01
replaceafillnow, i'm working on small ui improvements, like putting navigation action buttons17:01
replaceafillto go back from one view to the indexes view17:01
replaceafilli guess i'll send an update on thursday17:02
replaceafillalso, i've been helping glenda lewis to understand cando's latest changes17:03
replaceafilland how things work now17:03
th1aYes, I need to sort out exactly what permission changes she wants.17:03
replaceafilland i guess that's it :/17:03
replaceafillah yes17:03
replaceafillshe wants some kind of "view only but view all" permission17:04
th1aJust keep the response loop with Cambodia as rapid as possible.17:04
replaceafillwill do17:04
th1aThat permissions change should be easy as long as we can do it for the whole crowd.17:04
th1aThat's what I was thinking when I said it wouldn't take long.  ;-)17:05
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill! aelkner?17:06
aelkneri cleaned up some loose ends and submitted merge requests17:07
aelknermenesis, my top priority is the zambia merge and package creation17:07
aelknerthe csv views for gradebook and intervention are not as critical17:07
aelkneri figure i can send Jen an email as soon as the zambia package is ready17:08
aelknerto let her try out the teachers timetable17:08
menesisthe zambia changes do not need the csv views?17:09
aelknerno, that was only needed for sla at the moment17:09
aelknersome one in the future may be interested, but no one at the moment is waiting for them17:09
menesisI looked at the code, it seems complicated, but if it works then ok, will merge and release.17:09
aelkneri sent a note to david explaining what he needed to do to use the intervention system17:10
aelknerhe sent a confusing note about trouble installing cando17:11
aelkneri thought he was supposed to be using the schooltool.zambia install that replaceafill did17:11
aelknerand eventually, i was going to create sandbox for schooltool.niepa17:11
th1aWhat I need you to do is immediately respond to something like that with a question to him.17:12
th1aNot wonder about it.17:12
aelknerwell, i wanted to talk about it here first in case you knew what he was trying to do17:12
th1aI know.  Don't do that though.17:13
th1aJust ask him.17:13
aelknerreplaceafill, did you see his note about the cando pid problem?17:13
replaceafillyes, but i didnt understand either17:14
replaceafillhe says ST complains about no PID17:14
yvlthat should mean that server has not started17:14
aelknerhe says it says that while trying to start the server17:15
replaceafillmaybe he should send the paste.log?17:15
yvlof course!17:15
yvlthat tells what was broken some 80% of the time17:16
th1aBut also, we have no idea even what version he's trying to use.  He's got eggs versions, deb versions, etc.17:16
th1aAnyhow, aelkner, you should ask him for those things.17:17
th1aAnd if he wants to run a local instance, he should use .debs.17:17
aelkneryou mean apt-get install, right?17:18
aelkneri assume that's what he tried, but i'll ask17:18
th1aDON'T ASSUME!17:19
th1aEspecially when you're trying to get a non-technical user on the other side of the planet to get a server running.17:19
th1aIt is best to be reply immediately even if only to ask a simple question.17:20
th1aIt makes everyone feel better.17:20
th1aAre you running low on pending tasks, aelkner?17:21
aelknerstill no word from ms. taiwo17:21
th1aNot much we can do about that.17:22
th1aSend a screenshot of the report to Jen.17:22
th1aOr perhaps an archive of the whole page.17:22
th1aI guess it is probably just HTML, so it may just be one file anyhow.17:23
aelknerusually saving a page as an html file cause there to be an annoying corresponding directory17:23
aelknerthat isn't so easily attached in an email17:23
aelknerbut i can send her the same two screenshots i sent you17:24
th1aThat's a start.17:24
th1aAnyhow, do that.17:24
aelkneri thought that perhaps i could look into what it would take to do interventions on resources17:24
aelknereven though you said we don't need that until November17:25
th1aThere's that and the other big report for Mpelembe.17:26
th1aTheir report card or transcript.17:26
aelknerok, i could look at that instead17:26
th1aWhy don't we both look at that and talk on the phone after lunch.17:28
aelkneri sent a quick note to david just now17:29
th1aAll right.17:30
th1aThanks aelkner!17:30
th1aI got an old Nokia 6021 handset finally -- it actually came from Israel.17:30
th1aIt is just the right size to be velcroed onto the side of the SheevaPlug.17:31
th1aAnd the USB drivers are supposed to work with Linux.17:31
th1aAnd I got the USB cable, so I've just about got the SchoolToolBox SMS prototype ready...17:32
th1abut it came with a European power adapter, whose cord I cut in three places trying to extract from a wad of bubble wrap and packing tape.17:32
th1aSo... I'm waiting on a new US adapter.17:32
th1aIt's going to make a pretty amusing picture, though.17:33
th1aVery favela chic.17:33
th1aOK guys, have a great week!  I'll be around but semi-afk.17:34
th1aLess so if I can get my laptop working...17:34
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:34
replaceafillthanks everybody17:34
aelknergreat week everyone17:34
yvlgood week to you all!17:34
yvlth1a, please share photos some time17:35
yvlof the whole Sheeva-Nokia-... thingy :)17:35
th1ayvl:  That will be more fun than actually getting it to work!17:35
replaceafillth1a, you use google chrome, correct?17:36
yvlby the way, if you decide to try out gammu (console) wammu (GTK), I'm really interested in results :)17:39
yvlok... goodbye and good luck everyone ;)17:40
th1areplaceafill:  Yes.17:40
replaceafillth1a, you're in better position to response dwelsh then :)17:41
th1ayvl:  Presumably those should work since I specifically picked an old compatible phone model.17:41
th1aIt works on Ubuntu just fine.17:41
* replaceafill should check it...17:42
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menesisaelkner: schooltool.zambia 0.0.2 deb is already available22:45
aelknermenesis, thanks23:36

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