IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-08-09

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krishnagirihi all09:12
krishnagiriI got some problem while starting schooltool..can anyone help09:14
krishnagirihere is the problem::
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yvlhi krishnagiri10:12
yvlpaste seems to be expired?10:12
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krishnagiriyvl, here is the new one::
yvlhmm, that's an interesting configuration10:30
yvlhow did you install SchoolTool?10:30
yvland.. on Fedora, right?10:30
krishnagirii created the rpms and tried to install..10:32
krishnagirimake-schooltool-instance was working..10:32
yvlinteresting :)10:33
yvlI've never tried that - and as you might know this is not a "officially supported" way10:33
yvlbut anyway10:33
yvlwhat pythons are on your system?10:34
yvlI assume 2.5 and 2.6?10:34
krishnagiriits 2.610:34
yvlschooltool should be in  /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages ?10:35
yvl(the script searches in /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages10:35 i should install schooltool on ...dist-packages?10:35
yvlplease just check first where it got installed10:36
krishnagiriits on site-packages10:37
yvl$ python2.610:38
yvland then this:10:38
yvlimport schooltool.stapp200710:38
krishnagiriyes its donw10:39
krishnagiriwhat should i do next10:43
yvlok, I think I know what's wrong10:44
yvledit /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/schooltool/stapp2007/configure.zcml10:44
yvland remove the line <includePlugins package="schooltool" file="plugin.zcml" />10:45
krishnagirithanks its working now10:48
yvlthank you - I'll remove the old style plugin inclusion from there :)10:48
yvlby the way10:49
yvlyou might want to use this branch:
krishnagiriok..and thanks again for your support10:50
yvlyou're welcome :)10:51
yvl(that branch is a bit more recent definition of ST server)10:52
yvl(but it has python2.5 hard-coded in the Makefile instead of system python, that is usually 2.6)10:52
yvlfeel free to experiment :)10:53
krishnagiriok i'll try that10:54
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