IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2010-08-11

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th1aaelkner: Ping19:37
aelknermenesis, ayt?19:40
menesisaelkner: yes19:40
aelknerthanks for you help with my apt problem19:41
aelkneri got the new code now19:41
aelknerbut i have a problem19:41
aelknerthe teachers timetable view doesn't look right19:41
aelknerthe css is all wrong19:41
aelknerdid you make any decisions about the css while merging19:42
menesisaelkner: I have not changed anything19:42
menesisI did not even merge, just pulled and pushed..19:43
th1aDo you need to reload your CSS perhaps?19:43
th1aWhat does that, shift-click?19:43
aelknerth1a, that did it!19:43
menesisyour commit changed css a lot, don't know if that was intended or not19:43
aelknerduh, i should have thought of that19:44
menesishowever, the view did not work for me19:44
aelknerwhat didn't work?19:44
menesisI have written at least three places to fix in the merge request19:45
menesisreview after merge..19:45
menesisI got exceptions19:45
aelknerhow do i find your explanations?19:46
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aelknerreplaceafill, where sis you find that link?19:47
replaceafillit's in your merge request19:47
th1aDon't you get an email for that, aelkner?19:48
menesisyou should have got an email19:48
menesisand everyone else in ~schooltool-owners I assume?19:48
menesisalso... the new feature has no tests, so I cannot be sure if it works as expected or not.19:50
menesisI ran tests, some of them fail, but as I understand those parts are not used.19:50
menesisbut the teachers timetable has no tests.19:51
aelkneri got the email, but i was looking for the link on launchpad19:51
menesisit is at the bottom of the email19:53
menesisprobably hidden under "show quoted text"19:54
aelkneri understand that the link is in the email, but waht about finding the same link in launchpad19:55
aelkneris that possible when you are browsing branches?19:55
replaceafillaelkner, go to your zambia branch19:55
replaceafillyou will see your merge request at the top of the branch19:55
replaceafillclick on the "Merged" word19:56
aelknerreplaceafill, thanks19:56
aelkneri was looking at the trunk branch, so that's why i coulndn't find the link19:56
aelknerth1a, what do you think about menesis' poijt about skipping sections that19:58
aelknerhave mutiple timetables rather than giving the error message19:58
aelkneri'm just wondering if it is better to show the user nothing than explain why19:58
menesismaybe it is a problem if there are multiple timetables19:59
menesisbut the case I noted was when there are no timetables20:00
menesis0 != 120:00
aelknermenesis, ah, good point20:00
aelknersections with zero timetables can be skipped20:00
aelknerso that i can fix20:00
aelknerregarding the point you made about Monday-Friday being defined in the view20:01
th1aYeah... I don't know how you have multiple timetables.20:01
aelknerI had to do that because of the flaw in our timetable schemas20:02
aelknerthere is no schema model factory20:02
aelknerthat provides a weekly timetable that has Monday-Friday defined20:02
aelkneronly 0-6 as weekday numbers20:02
aelknernot useful for the user to see as day of week headings20:02
aelknerideally we need a new model factory20:03
aelknerbut that change is a bit more core to schooltool timetable20:03
th1aWell, something is missing here.20:03
menesisWeeklyTimetableModel is used, and that one provides the names20:03
menesisI have changed it to simply use the day_id and I see localized weekday names20:04
aelknermenesis, changed what?20:06
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menesisa suggested fix is in the review20:06
aelknerif you look at, in the the WeeklyTimetableModel class20:06
aelkneryou'll see the following20:06
aelknerif day_ids is not None:20:07
aelkner    self.timetableDayIds = day_ids20:07
aelknerthat's where the days of the week get replaced with integers20:07
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aelknerso no, the odel does not have Monday-Friday20:07
th1aHow do we construct a calendar then?20:08
aelknerit shows the days of the week as integers20:10
aelkneroh, sorry, you meant calendar20:10
aelknerthe calendar building works20:10
aelknerbut the timetable view shows integers for the days of the week20:10
aelkneri think noone ever used this schema model before, so noone complained20:11
menesiswell maybe day_ids are different when imported from xls, if that's what they do20:11
aelkneryes, it is20:12
menesisthen that's a problem with the timetables :(20:12
aelkneri had to code the Weekly model to require integers because that's all that the model would accept20:12
menesisdid not work for me when I created a few teachers, sections, and timetables by hand20:13
aelknerhow did you create a timetable by hand, using the wizard?20:14
menesisok, so if you import xls first, the teachers timetable works20:14
menesisyes, using web interface20:15
aelknermenesis, this is why i haven't written tests yet, because I wanted the customer's use20:15
menesisguess I hit a few corner cases, but it will work for them20:15
aelknerand any problems that come up be resolved first20:15
aelknerbut yes, your review points are well taken20:16
menesisok, so it is not urgent. Justas is rewriting timetables anyway.20:16
aelknerwell put, i figured it would be best to wait for that to finish before20:16
aelkneropeing up the discussion of the flaw in timetabling20:16
aelknerin the meantime, i certainly can refine the css generation and handle some of the corner cases you found20:18
th1aSo after looking at Zambian report cards, I think the first thing we should do is change from "minimum passing score" to a list, as we discussed.20:18
th1aWell, maybe not...20:19
th1aBecause they still need an average.20:19
th1aWhich will still need to be compared to a minimum or maximum score.20:19
th1aSo maybe we need to switch to a numeric value AND a min/max bit.20:20
aelknerth1a, call me?20:24
aelknermenesis, i tried to download the zambia package from lauchpad using the ftp link you gave20:26
aelknerus in an email once, but it said permission denied this time20:27
aelkneralso, i was wondering how I could find the packages on launchpad listed20:27
aelknerthe reason i want to download one is to look at in the package installed20:27
aelknerit has a great view of the installed files that helps me find things on my system20:27
replaceafillyou can get to the packages here:
replaceafillor if you can find your way here:
menesisaelkner: fixed the permissions, but the debs are on launchpad now20:29
menesisas replaceafill said20:30
aelknerthanks guys20:30
menesisdon't know how to see the contents of package on launchpad20:31
aelknerah man, the 'view package details' button is small and to the right, so i didn't see it20:31
menesisif I understand correctly, to see the contents of an installed package, you can20:31
menesisdpkg -L schooltool-zambia20:31
th1aaelkner needs new glasses.20:32
replaceafillmenesis, downloading it?20:32
aelknerthere's a link for it under the package details20:32
aelknermenesis, thanks, that's the command form which will be easier than finding links on launchpad :)20:33
menesisto find what package a file comes from, dpkg -S /usr/share/schooltool-common/site.zcml.template20:34
menesisfor example20:34
replaceafillnice trick! :)20:37
menesisoh, "view package details"20:38
menesisI don't like this change to launchpad as well20:38
aelknerthanks for showing that it isn't just me :)20:38
menesismore often I just append /+packages into the location bar :p20:47
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bufkeCould someone help me build schooltool.gradebook from brz. When I make it I keep getting Error: There is a version conflict. We already have: schooltool but schooltool.lyceum.journal 0.7.1dev-r243 requires 'schooltool>=1.5.0'.21:42
replaceafillbufke, are you using a shared eggs directory?21:44
bufkeI set it up in /.buildout/eggs like the developing schooltool doc says21:46
replaceafillok, let me see something21:47
replaceafilli've seen that kind of error when you already have eggs in your shared directory and try to do something with it21:47
replaceafillpersonally, i don't like shared eggs directory because of it21:48
* replaceafill tests the gradebook21:48
replaceafillwell the gradebook works here...21:50
bufkehmm I'll try deleting everything and starting from scatch21:51
replaceafilli'd recomend to put an "eggs-directory" line in your buildout.cfg file21:51
replaceafillor delete it if you already have it21:51
replaceafillalso, if this only for testing stuff, you can get rid of the schooltool eggs in the shared directory21:52
replaceafilli do that sometimes21:52
replaceafilllike "rm -r ~/.buildout/eggs/schooltool*21:53
replaceafillagain, i prefer every sandbox to have its own eggs :)21:53
bufkeok I'll try that21:54
replaceafillyou download stuff repeatedly, but it helps to avoid this kind of trouble21:55
replaceafillfeel free to ask if you have further questions21:55
replaceafillbufke, got the same error!21:58
replaceafillwait... or not...21:58
replaceafill  Installing package.21:59
replaceafill  Getting distribution for 'schooltool.lyecum.journal'.21:59
replaceafillError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'schooltool.lyecum.journal'.21:59
bufkeyes I got that its spelled wrong on the documentation21:59
replaceafillbook has a typo21:59
bufkeah nuking .buildout and redownloading the bzr from scratch seems to have done the trick22:12
replaceafillthat's why i started to hate shared eggs directory :D22:12
bufkeaye. I can see why though that did download a ton of stuff22:13
replaceafillyes, all the eggs have to be downloaded (and some compiled) again22:14
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bufkeI'm fixing this bug
bufkeWhen the user types enter it should just go down to the next cell down right? It makes it so the only way to save is to either user the mouse or tab until highlighting the save button22:24
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