IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-07-20

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dadengAlan: good morning, the internet link at the guest house was bad yesterday14:51
dadengthis is David from Nigeria14:52
dadengaelkner, this is David, my nick is dadeng14:58
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th1ayvl: ayt?16:56
menesisth1a: yvl left the office just before you asked17:04
th1anp, writing an email.17:04
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th1aaelkner: ping.23:12
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weiers_Hi, I have some questions about school tool. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask them, but I'll ask a few in case there are answers or perhaps you could point me in the right direction.23:43
weiers_I have a family member who has just been appointed as a school principal in a very rural area in South Africa's Eastern Cape. The school has about 400 learners and there is practically no computer information system in place - class lists are done by hands, reports are done by hand etc.23:45
weiers_The school is not very strong financially and they have come across school tool and would like to know if it is a viable option for them to use23:45
weiers_I live in Northern Ireland, so I cannot provide hands on help and I am also not the greatest expert23:46
weiers_I want to send them the following in order to test school tool:23:46
weiers_An Ubuntu disk23:47
weiers_A virtualisation package for them to install Ubuntu on their one Windows computer23:47
weiers_A copy of a stable version of School tool, as well as any dependencies that might have to be installed.23:48
weiers_If I understand correctly they only have a dial-up internet connection23:48
weiers_So here are the questions: - and perhaps they are not the best questions23:49
weiers_1. Is there anybody in South Africa that uses school tool that would be prepared to share their experience with this school?23:49
weiers_2. I don't suppose there is any organisation that would be prepared to give professional advice to the school as they try to address some of these basic needs.23:50
weiers_3. Which virtualisation package would be best to test school tool with? I have played with VirtualBox on my Ubuntu system. I guess that would be the best.23:51
weiers_4. Let's assume they get Ubuntu installed on a virtual machine and they need to install school tool without access to the internet - what packages should I try to put on the disk for them? (Assuming that they have a basic version of Ubuntu 10.04 running)23:53
weiers_Hahaha, and I suspect I'm talking into a void :-) Any wisdom would be appreciated. I think I know enough to be dangerous.23:53
replaceafillweiers_, no you're not :)23:54
replaceafilli'm not the right person to answer though23:54
weiers_ah :-)23:54
replaceafilli guess Tom Hoffman is, or th1a23:54
replaceafillbut i guess he's not around23:54
weiers_I'm happy to be patient. Perhaps I should e-mail him.23:55
replaceafilli'd suggest you to use the mailing list23:55
weiers_Ok, I can do that23:55
replaceafilli'm also curious about #423:55
weiers_yes, I'm nervous about that because I can just imagine trying to explain over the phone how to select a cd or a flash drive as a repository23:56

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