IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2010-07-21

replaceafillweiers_, i wonder if APTonCD would be the solution for #4 :)00:01
weiers_that does look promising00:03
replaceafilli wonder if it would work with an external PPA like the one SchoolTool uses00:04
weiers_yes, it would be interesting to play with this. I'm trying to see if I can select the packages that I would want to make available. Not just a copy of my current install.00:07
weiers_ok, I installed AptonCd00:10
weiers_and it lists all the packages on my system00:10
weiers_and asks me to select the ones I want00:10
weiers_schooltool-2009 (1.03) and schooltool-common is part of the list00:11
replaceafillweiers_, you would need all the depencies also00:11
weiers_yes, those are the ones I'm not sure of - things like python-zope00:11
replaceafillagain, i suggest the mailing list, someone smarter will give you better advice ;)00:13
weiers_Yes, thanks. I've subscribed. I will copy the above sentences and post it, along with the thoughts on using apt-on-cd00:14
replaceafillgood luck, i hope you get it and let me know how you did it :D00:14
weiers_thanks very much00:15
replaceafillweiers_, still around?00:44
replaceafilli just tested the aptoncd thing and it works 50% for you :)00:46
replaceafillindeed it copies the right files to your cache00:46
replaceafilland you dont have to download them again00:46
replaceafillthe sad part is that you have to add the schooltool-owners ppa to your packages list00:47
replaceafilland for that i did: sudo add-apt-repository ppp:schooltool-owners00:48
replaceafilland that requires internet connection :(00:48
replaceafillto get the key00:48
replaceafilland then i did: sudo apt-get update, which also requires internet connection :(00:48
replaceafillsudo apt-get install schooltool-2009 reported 0 KB to download00:48
weiers_Ok, I'm making notes of this00:50
weiers_the apt-get update will probably not use major bandwidth00:50
replaceafillah no, both commands are really fast00:51
replaceafillsince they donwload almost nothing00:51
replaceafilllike 100k at much i'd say00:51
replaceafillnot sure though :P00:51
weiers_LOL - this is going to be fun00:52
replaceafillhhmm another thing, i just did this test on an updated lucid :(00:52
replaceafilli guess you won't have that in the school00:52
weiers_thats just what I'm thinking of00:52
weiers_unless I can get the updates on the apt-on-cd00:53
replaceafilli think you should install a new lucid, get all the udpates, get the schooltool packages and the use aptoncd00:53
replaceafillif that's the right solution of course :)00:53
replaceafillwhich again i'm not sure it is ;)00:53
weiers_LOL - I've been threatening to upgrade my wife's karmic install. This is the perfect time to do so :-)00:54
replaceafillbut this is definitely a interesting use case00:54
replaceafillyou can use a virtual machine too00:54
weiers_ok, that's also an option00:54
replaceafilli use virtualbox and have a fresh installed karmic copied00:55
replaceafillwhich i restore when i want to try this things00:55
replaceafills/restore/make a copy00:55
weiers_brilliant - haha - I'm actually quite a noob myself with all these things. I do run xp in a virtual machine for the very infrequent times that Ubuntu cannot help me with stupid things like a website whose flash-uploader does not deal with Ubuntu's version of flash.00:57
replaceafilli'm a noob too :P00:57
weiers_So for me it is like the blind helping the blind00:58
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