IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-07-19

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th1aHi yvl, menesis , aelkner , replaceafill.16:30
aelknerhey th1a16:31
Lumiere'morning all16:31
th1aNice job last week menesis.16:31
th1aHi Lumiere.16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
yvlgood morning :)16:33
th1aWould you like to start, yvl?16:33
yvlit's not much to report though16:34
yvlIt was a slow week (2 days off SchoolTool)16:34
yvland I'm still on timetables16:34
yvlthings finally seem to pick up the pace16:35
yvlI'll update as I go...16:35
yvland I looked at the old database migration thing a bit16:35
yvlsent you an email, but I'm not sure should I forward it somewhere or not...16:36
th1aAh, right.  Yes, I'll take a look at it.16:36
th1aAlso, there was another comment on the original Launchpad question about that.16:36
yvlwell, at this moment I'm not sure how to respond, so...16:37
yvlsimply installing 2008.04 on an older Ubuntu version will fail16:38
* th1a starts a new to do list...16:38
yvlI doubt that there's a lot of ST instances *that* old16:39
th1aDidn't he get a "resource busy" error or something?16:39
th1aIs there a lock file to be deleted or something?16:39
yvlhmm, ok, I can ask for more logs16:40
th1aIt sounds like he's close.16:40
yvlprobably he needs to chmod on Data.fs again16:41
th1aAh, probably.16:41
yvlor maybe rm Data.fs.lock16:41
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yvlit's a bit odd that it happend on: sudo schooltool stop16:41
th1aOK, thanks yvl.16:41
menesislast week I have made a few releases16:43
menesisschooltool 1.5.0 and journal 0.7 to the dev ppa16:43
menesisupdated zambia, released and made a package for it16:44
menesisthen released a new cando with some bugfixes, for lucid16:44
menesisbackported cando changes to hardy branch16:45
th1aWe gotta get them using Lucid before school starts.16:45
menesisreleased schooltool 1.4.2 with the same bugfixes as in 1.5.0 (including xls import fixes)16:45
menesisand released intervention with only translation updates16:46
th1aA busy week for menesis.16:46
menesiscando has a problem in one server that reports are not generated because of zonki in the footer16:47
menesisDouglas has removed the logo16:47
th1aaelkner and I have a meeting with SLA this week.  I suspect we'll want to do another one of these custom .debs for them, so we can move them to using .debs in a more stable release.16:48
menesisbut since that server runs hardy, I have to make a new stable (1.0.6) release16:48
menesislast time I touched schooltool/1.0 was in february16:48
th1amenesis: Yes, I'm afraid we'll have to do that one more time.16:48
menesisso I have a lot to review, select changes and fixes that I want to include in it16:49
th1aWell, let me ask if we can just get them to upgrade first.16:49
menesisgot stuck on a test failing in the middle of this late friday, so still not done16:49
th1aAside from just random entropy, there is no particular reason upgrading from hardy shouldn't work, right?16:50
menesisall zope and schootool packages are removed if you simply upgrade ubuntu16:50
th1aDo you have to go one version at a time?16:51
menesisto avoid that you have to do something16:51
menesisupgrade some packages to jaunty versions16:51
th1aHow far into the back-port are you?16:52
menesisthis caveat should be in a book, "Upgrading from Hardy"16:52
menesisbut I haven't added this to the book :(16:53
th1aI can do that.16:53
menesisthe schooltool backport is not that far, should be done today16:53
menesisI got stuck on this bug
menesisit was fixed by adding a tree of sections and groups to person info page, using jsTree16:55
th1aSo... at this point I should just let you finish it, I guess?16:55
menesisbut it has known problems, and changes UI, so I don't want to include it16:55
menesisknown problem is, and I haven't merged Douglas fix for it because I don't like two versions of jQuery in SchoolTool16:56
th1a... I can really just pressure them to upgrade first.16:56
replaceafill+1 on the upgrade :)16:57
menesiswell, Hardy is "supported"16:57
th1aCanDo is still kind of a special case.16:57
menesisand I occassionally do backport bugfixes16:57
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menesiswill do again, especially since there are users we know (CanDo)16:58
th1aOK... but if you get stuck we can just make them upgrade.16:59
th1aDon't sink too much time into it.16:59
menesisthat's all I have done worth mentioning16:59
menesisthis week..17:00
th1aThat's a lot!  Thanks.17:00
menesiswill upgrade trunk to use zope versions from bluebream17:00
menesisbut will write an email or two what I will do17:00
replaceafillok, on the cambodia front, i made the small changes javier and piseth asked last time17:01
replaceafilland i also made groups to use only "A", "B"... as title17:01
replaceafilland changed places where groups are displayed to use level title+ group title17:02
replaceafillto get "11A", "12B" and so on17:02
replaceafilland because a comment made by yvl about the filtering widgets, i tried mgedmin's profilehook17:03
replaceafillbecause i wanted to know if i wasnt traversing the whole person container17:03
replaceafillso i profiled cambodia's filter widget and the table formatters17:03
replaceafilli populated the database with 20,000 students17:04
replaceafill2,000 teachers17:04
replaceafilland 1,000 admins17:04
replaceafilland tested the listing views17:04
replaceafillyvl, the table formatter are called twice :(17:04
replaceafillthe guilty part:
yvlI know...17:05
* yvl agrees - that is just sad.17:05
replaceafillwell, i just noticed that17:06
replaceafillth1a, on the salvadorean front, i talked to one of the principals17:06
replaceafilli'm going to visit them on thursday to show them the gradebook customizations i made for  them17:07
th1aSounds good.17:08
replaceafillif everything is ok, the first school should be using the gradebook to do this month's grades17:08
th1aWhat's next in the queue for Cambodia?17:08
replaceafilli want to continue with their gradebook17:08
replaceafillnow that the small things are done17:09
replaceafillwell, at least the ones they've asked for recently17:09
th1aI guess the thing to remember about Cambodia is that they expect data to be entered by hand, not imported.17:09
th1aWhich is why they're so worried about the forms.17:10
replaceafilloh, did you read javier's comment about the provinces?17:10
th1aHm.... not sure.17:10
replaceafillwhere he wants some kind of closed input17:11
th1aOh, yes.17:11
replaceafillhe wants the last province to be displayed17:11
th1aYeah, that's fine.17:11
replaceafilland you can select entered values17:11
th1aI'd think the vast majority of cases it would be the province the school is in anyhow.17:11
replaceafillso, i'll look into that this week too17:12
replaceafillwill update the testing instance and will ping them17:12
th1aSounds good.17:13
th1aThanks replaceafill!17:13
replaceafillthat's it from me17:13
th1aFinally... aelkner.17:13
aelknerwell, i decided that i would take off most of last week while you vacationed17:14
th1aaelkner:  There is a new vague bug report on Launchpad from David Ally.17:14
aelkneri saw it17:14
th1aCould you address that, please?17:14
th1a(with him)17:14
aelknerit's probably nothing like the other bugs that he reported and then retracted17:14
aelknerif i could chat with him17:15
aelkneri could take him through the views, step by step17:15
aelknerbut responding to the bug will be too slow in my opinion17:15
th1aTry to schedule a chat with him then.17:16
aelknerwill do17:16
aelkneryou saw my note to Jen17:16
aelknerunfortunately, i sent the other note before checking to see if the PPA got built17:16
th1aYeah, we got too excited.17:16
aelkneri'm glad you wrote me yesterday17:16
aelknerthat caused me to do a manual check on the PPA and find it ready17:17
th1aYou can also check the PPA on Launchpad.17:17
aelknermenesis, i didn't receive any notification that schooltool-zambia was built17:17
aelkneris there a list i need to subscribe to?17:17
th1aI think in only tells us if it fails.17:17
aelknerhaving to check manually and repeatedly see that it is not ready is an annoying process17:18
replaceafillaelkner, i looked for such a feature in launchpad and couldn't find it17:18
aelkneri meant. :(17:18
menesisaelkner: no, there is no such feature17:18
aelknerboo hoo, oh well17:19
aelkneranyway, i'll say on top of any email from Jen17:19
menesisI left a page open and refreshed it sometimes17:19
aelkneri'll email David now to schedule a chat17:19
th1aIt's still easier than to doing it ourselves.17:19
menesisor the concrete build17:19
aelknerth1a, can we talk on the phone after the meeting about the upcoming week?17:20
th1aPresumably we'll need to make the same kind of .deb for SLA we have for Zambia and CanDo?17:21
th1a(before school starts)17:22
th1aWe can discuss the rest on the phone.17:23
th1aI should probably send an email to shadoschools to make sure they're still alive.17:23
aelknergood idea17:24
aelknermessage to David sent17:24
th1aI think we're done here.17:25
th1aHave a great week gentlemen!17:26
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:26
replaceafillthanks everybody17:26
aelknergreat week everyone17:26
yvlhappy coding! ;)17:28
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dadengAlan: I replied to ur email, but my link here is very slow now22:54
dadengmy nick is dadeng, this is  david22:54
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