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mandii seem to have forgotten my password to login - is there a way to change it?09:15
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mandiis anyone here today?21:11
th1amandi:  I am.21:11
mandihi! i tried asking a question late last night, but i guess everyone else was asleep - LOL21:11
mandii was wondering how detailed we can get in the assignment entry in schooltool21:11
mandii was thinking of using it for our homeschool21:12
th1aAssignment entry?21:12
mandiwell, the journal and gradebook21:12
mandii know the journal is for attendance and participation, but can you enter details in the appoinment on the calednar?21:13
th1aI have to admit the integration between the gradebook, journal and calendar is not as smooth as it ought to be, though.21:13
mandiso i could enter what i want the student to do on the calendar and it could act as their task list for the assignment?21:13
th1aWell, calendar events aren't directly tied to gradebook activities, if that's what you mean.21:15
th1aAlthough that's certainly a feature I'd like to get to.21:15
mandimaybe i should explain a little further - local law requires that as part of our records, we include a lesson plan book, daily diary, or log of activities21:15
mandiit can't just have a grade, it has to include what was done to earn the grade21:16
mandii recently switched from windows to ubuntu and my favorite program is not supported in ubuntu, so i'm looking for a linux replacement to what i had21:17
th1aSorry... my wife came home and distracted me...21:30
th1amandi:  Did you look at this?
mandii did go through the whole book late last night, but i'm looking it over again - one sec21:32
mandiis there a way to create a report of the activities for a course/section?21:32
th1aWith the description?  I'm not sure if the printed reports include that, but if not we could create on easily enough.  It is certainly something we should have.21:33
mandiyes! a report that would include the description of the assignment would be wonderful!21:34
th1aI actually should look myself at the existing reports as those have changed relatively recently.21:36
th1aaelkner: ayt?21:36
mandii've only been able to see two reports - report card and detailed student report21:38
mandii did just find the absences by section report as well21:38
mandiand i believe i'm only seeing those in the admin login, correct? but, i can change the limitations to make my teacher login have access to those as well, rigth?21:39
th1aWell... not necessarily.21:40
th1aI have to check.21:40
mandiok, i just got a server error when trying to access the gradebook from the teacher login21:41
th1aCan you paste the error message in a bug report:
mandiyeah, i will21:42
mandik, bug reported21:48
th1aRegarding the permissions on reports, they might be a little tighter than necessary.21:48
th1aWe tend to error or that side.21:48
mandiit's not a big deal, but it would be nice if there was a place that listed ALL the reports available21:49
th1aBasically, we decided we should actually write more reports first and then organize them.21:49
mandimakes sense21:49
th1aBecause when you organize things first, you tend to guess wrong about what you're going to need.21:49
mandii guess school tool is not yet what i'm looking for21:49
th1aWe've done that plenty of times.21:49
mandii understand21:50
mandii've done that a lot too with other things21:50
th1aWell... we're close, I think.21:50
mandii don't know - i'm homeschooling 4 kids, all at different grade levels, and i need something where i can print one report that tells me what to do today21:50
mandieven entering the assignment details in the gradebook, I still would not be able to see it all in one shot21:51
th1aThat is a special case.21:51
mandi:D i know21:51
mandii'm thinking of developing something myself for the homeschool community, but i wouldn't even know where to start21:51
th1aHm... and you're running Linux...21:51
mandias i mentioned before, there is a program available for Windows only (.NET framework - won't work in WINE) and it has almost everything I'm looking for21:52
th1aWhat is it called?21:52
mandithere's a free website available, but it has some flaws as well - not as sophisticated as the Windows program21:52
mandiHome School Tracker Plus (Basic version is also available for free but doesn't work in Linux)21:52
mandithe free website is Homeschool SkedTrack21:53
mandiand I like school tool because it's local instead of internet based, but it's not really built for homeschoolers :D21:53
mandii made some notes this morning of what i'm looking for, but i'm not quite sure how to build it21:54
th1aYeah, it is a different situation.21:54
mandialso - regarding school tool - i couldn't quite figure out the resources section, and there wasn't anything in the tutorial about it21:54
th1aTo be perfectly honest, if I were you I'd try Filemaker, but that doesn't work on Linux either.21:54
th1aYes... I should be writing more documentation.21:55
th1aResources just lets a school schedule shared resources, rooms, computers, that kind of thing.21:55
mandii don't mind the web browser interface, and it might be easier than making a completely freestanding program, but I don't know anything about a LAMP setup and such21:56
th1aThere are surprisingly few good end-user database apps like Filemaker, particularly that are free software.21:57
th1aWhere "few" = "none that I'm aware of."21:57
mandii see21:58
mandiwell, thank you for your time - i'm not giving up, i just don't have time to "mess with it" right now21:59
th1aSure.  Good luck!21:59
mandii do have a dual-boot setup on my computer, so I will continue to use the windows program i mentioned, but i will certainly keep up with any updates you make to school tool because i think it's a great system and can have great meaning for me21:59
th1aBy the way, you can easily google a guy named Steve Hargadon, who is both a homeschooler and a big open source advocate.21:59
mandithank you21:59
mandii will - thanks!22:00
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