IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-06-10

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th1areplaceafill:  How was your trip?17:44
replaceafillgood, i collected some forms, i'm going to scan them and show them to you17:44
th1aWhich school is this?17:45
replaceafillESAES, Escuela Santaneca de EnseƱanza Especializada17:45
replaceafillthey are the ones who teach kids with learning trouble17:45
th1aAre they the potential CanDo users?17:46
replaceafilli'm going to show you their daily gradebook17:46
replaceafillit's qualitative stuff17:46
th1aThey do it on paper now?17:48
replaceafillthey were *very very* impressed with schooltool17:48
replaceafillthey asked me if contact could be able to login in the system17:49
replaceafillso parents could check their kids performance in a daily basis17:49
th1aYeah, we need to get to that eventually.17:50
th1aWhat's the status of the CanDo changes?17:55
replaceafillthe SCR is finished, today i'm going to work on the spreadsheet that is going to replace the giant report17:57
th1aAnything else after that?17:57
th1aDo you understand what has to go into the spreadsheet?17:57
replaceafilland apparently lee caps and glenda lewis found a couple of bugs yesterday when they were preparing a demo17:57
th1aWere they on 1.4?17:58
replaceafillit's the same information that goes in the student gradebook17:58
replaceafilli'm going to ask about that, because the error looks "funny"17:58
replaceafill TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'cStringIO.StringI' objects17:58
th1aWe really should have pushed those changes in to the development ppa.17:58
th1aI didn't think about that.17:58
th1aAre you on track to wrap all that up this week?18:02
replaceafilldefinitely! i want to start on cambodia ASAP :)18:03
th1aThat's what I want to hear.  ;-)18:03
replaceafillth1a, just sent you the forms18:29
th1aI see them.18:29
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th1aIf the evaluations are daily it would make most sense to adapt the journal.18:30
replaceafillyes, i thought so18:30
th1aWe probably wouldn't have that ready for the fall though.18:31
th1aor... maybe I'm confused.18:32
th1aEach column is a day in that form?18:32
th1aWith 19 things that can be evaluated each day?18:33
replaceafillthe sheet you see it's a sheet per student18:33
replaceafilli think it adds a new "dimension" to the journal...18:33
th1aI suspect it would make more sense to build it off the journal machinery than from scratch, but it obviously needs a new ui.18:34
th1aFind out if they have .docs or .pdf versions of the report card.18:35
th1aOr do they get official printed versions from the state.18:35
replaceafillah ok, i'll ask18:35
replaceafillyou're thinking about merging?18:36
th1aI guess that watermark is their logo.18:36
th1aI was wondering if they had to use the "official" paper.18:36
replaceafillah, no i dont think so18:37
replaceafilli saw the report cards18:37
replaceafilli think they designed them and printed them18:37
replaceafillbut i'll ask18:37
Lumierespecialty schools tend to get their own setup18:37
th1aTotal digression: I have one of my grandmother's report cards from when she was in school -- it was printed in my wife's home town in Maine, 600 miles away.18:38
th1a(both of these are very small towns)18:40
th1aBut generally, doing something per-day makes it journaly.18:42
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