IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2010-03-10

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* th1a needs to go get his coffee together.15:34
yvlgood idea15:35
th1aI've probably confused everyone about the time anyhow.15:37
aelknergood morning everyone15:44
yvlmorning :)15:44
aelkneryvl: i have some comments/questions about the schoolyear add logic15:45
aelknertwo small things15:45
aelkner1) you don't need global DEFAULT_COURSES because you are only passing it to a method15:45
aelkner2) your'e course titles are not i18n ready15:46
th1aHi aelkner, yvl, replaceafill, Mr. Coffee.15:46
aelknerhi th1a15:46
replaceafillgood morning15:47
yvlwell spotted, aelkner15:47
yvlDEFAULT_COURSES was a hack to be replaced with course import as soon as feasible15:48
yvland as course titles are supposed to become data (instead of built-in values)15:48
aelknerin which case either point i made is irrellavent15:48
yvlI did not make them translatable15:48
yvlyes, but thank you for noticing that!15:49
aelkneranother point15:49
aelknerstudents are not to have usernames?15:49
yvlor rather - auto-generated usernames15:49
aelknerright now the addStudent helper uses the standard names chooser15:49
aelknerthat assigns names like BasicPerson and BasicPerson-215:50
replaceafillshould we add a custom one?15:50
yvleventually, yes15:50
aelknerok, well for now it only makes my gradebook tests a little strange with the ids, but it's not a problem15:51
yvlby the way, I merged your test fixes to my branch15:52
yvlwell, those that were in LP already15:52
yvlthank you :)15:52
aelknerwe could use a helper to add teachers and students to sections15:52
aelknerno prob15:52
aelknerdid you notice how i had to manually add the teacher and students?15:52
aelkneri could write the helper15:54
aelknerwhere should it go?15:54
yvladding teachers could go anywhere15:54
yvlwe don't have that part set up yet15:54
yvlI did auto-enrollment today15:54
yvlif you want to add a student to a section15:55
yvlyou have to add it to a "class"15:55
yvlfor example a group named "11B"15:55
yvlit adds him to all sections for 11B15:55
aelkneri don't need to have any different students that are already there15:55
aelknerif you say that you enrolled them and added instructors as well15:56
yvlI did not add any code related to instructors15:56
yvlbut students will be assigned to sections differently15:56
yvlyou have to add them to a group15:57
yvllike "11a"15:57
yvland they get into sections automatically15:57
aelknershould we change addStudent to allow passing a group?15:59
th1aI think yvl's solution is better.16:01
aelknerwhich solution would that be16:01
yvlI think we may want the thing that aelkner suggested16:01
yvlwhen people add students, they may want to also specify the class they are assigned to16:02
yvlalso - in student edit views16:02
yvlI'm inclined to ask replaceafill to develop that :)16:02
th1ayvl:  Right now when you add a person to a "class" they're added to the relevant sections?16:03
replaceafillyvl, what if you remove it?16:03
replaceafillor change him?16:03
yvlthey get removed from sections16:03
replaceafillah ok16:04
th1aGroup membership in sections causes problems.16:04
th1aBecause people come and go from sections too easily.16:04
th1aToo implicitly.16:04
yvlbut if we remove "edit section members".... :)16:05
yvlI did not add group membership to sections per se16:05
yvlit's another relationship that enrolls new members of the group to certain sections16:05
th1aThat's the way to do it.16:06
th1aSo can I run all this stuff yet?16:06
yvlwe are kind of in a middle of the transition at this moment16:07
yvl(I am removing action buttons everywhere as we speak)16:07
yvlso if you get the version with no action buttons, it will be not that easy to navigate :)16:07
yvlbut I can make navigatable version in 30-45 minutes16:08
th1aaelkner:  Do you have anything to do at this point?16:09
aelkneri figure i'm going to do whatever is needed16:09
aelknerbut what that is exactly at the moment...16:10
th1aYou may be done with Cambodia for a few days unless yvl has any ideas.16:11
yvloh, I do, I do... ;)16:11
aelkneras soon as i am not working on cambodia, i will shift my effort to schooltool.intervention16:11
th1aI mean, I fully expect to completely re-do the grading part once actual teachers get a look at it, so I don't want to keep twiddling it now.16:11
aelknergetting jelkner the much needed student table16:11
aelknerwhich i know lehmann wold want anyway16:12
th1ayvl:  Go ahead.16:12
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yvlgimme 10 minutes to think about it16:12
yvlI'm a bit unprepared for the meeting :|16:12
yvlapologies again...16:13
yvlonce I finish the work I'm doing now16:17
yvlit will - of course - break the test16:17
yvland make navigation difficult16:18
yvlI took liberty of re-registering replaceafill's action / manage links16:18
yvlso under Manage we have:16:18
yvlSchool Years, Teachers, Students, Administrators, Levels16:18
yvlLevels are more like Courses at this point16:18
yvlthere is always one term for the schoolyear16:19
yvlbut users can delete it16:19
yvland they should not16:19
yvlalso, the school year view (and the school year edit view) should be replaced directly with term edit16:20
yvland view16:20
yvlthe ones where people can set schooldays16:20
yvlaelkner will have to check what navigation buttons are missing for getting to the gradebook and add them again16:21
yvlimportant note for developers:16:21
yvlold-style action button support is completely disabled in cambodia skin16:21
yvlso if you need buttons that were registered like this:16:22
yvl  <page16:22
yvl     name="add.html"16:22
yvl     for="schooltool.schoolyear.interfaces.ISchoolYearContainer"16:22
yvl     class=".schoolyear.SchoolYearAddView"16:22
yvl     permission="schooltool.edit"16:22
th1aFor gradebook, you should only see the top tab for it it if you're in the teacher group, and that should be the only navigation necessary.16:22
yvl     menu="schooltool_actions" title="New School Year" />16:22
th1aThat is, just one page.16:22
th1aRight aelkner?16:22
yvlyou'll have to use registration like this:16:22
yvl    <navigationViewlet16:22
yvl      name="new-schoolyear"16:22
yvl      for="schooltool.schoolyear.interfaces.ISchoolYearContainer"16:22
yvl      manager=""16:22
yvl      template="templates/"16:22
yvl      permission="schooltool.edit"16:22
yvl      link="add.html"16:22
yvl      title="New School Year"16:22
yvl      order="10"16:22
yvl      />16:22
yvlth1a, that sounds right16:23
replaceafillwe don't depend on anymore16:23
replaceafilli mean in zcml16:23
yvlyes, we should avoid using it16:23
yvlcambodia layer16:24
yvlthe way to go16:24
yvland for action buttons / management links, there are *different* managers16:24
yvl(I didn't commit that yet by the way)16:24
yvloverall, I'd say th1a should look at current thing when it's possible16:25
yvland ask Alan to add navigation, replace pages, etc. where necessary16:26
yvland ask Douglas to change student adding forms, and related stuff, where needed16:26
yvlfor example, to add a class dropdown16:26
replaceafillok will do16:27
yvlor - change the way person's homepage is displayed16:27
yvlto include contact, if the student has any16:27
replaceafillyes, i asked that yesterday :)16:27
yvlumm, here homepage should be read as index.html on basic person16:27
aelkneri'm back16:27
aelkneri have to catch up16:27
yvlplease do16:27
yvlreplaceafill, a small comment on the data model...16:29
aelknerth1a: yes to your question about not needing action buttons16:29
yvlthere is a levelgroups relationship16:29
yvlin schooltool/cambodia/grade/grade.py16:30
yvlit relates levels (1..12 ATM) to actual groups16:30
yvlas in - schooltool groups16:30
yvlyou may need that ;)16:30
replaceafillah ok16:31
yvland levels is simply a container in a schoolyear16:31
replaceafillbranching your latest changes...16:31
replaceafillLevelGroups = RelationshipSchema(URILevelGroups,16:32
replaceafill                                 level=URILevel,16:32
replaceafill                                 group=URILevelGroup)16:32
yvlthat one16:32
replaceafilllevel == 'classes', right?16:33
replaceafillgroup == classical schooltool groups?16:33
yvlURILevelGroup == 'classes'16:33
yvlas in '11B', '11C', ...16:33
yvlLevel - is '11'16:33
yvland it has another relationship to collect courses16:33
yvltaught at the level16:34
yvlas in "all classes for level 11 are taught Math"16:34
yvlsee LevelCourses16:34
yvlLevelContainerView actually uses the relationships16:34
yvlbut the code is crappy and not that easy on the eyes16:35
replaceafillVivifyLevelContainerContainer :D16:35
* yvl sighs...16:35
yvl(and a bit over-designed ATM, it allows to display several groups for a section, though in reality we have 1<->1 relationship)16:36
yvl...when they're filtered by a course and a level16:36
aelknerlet's not over-design if we can avoid it16:36
yvlyes, aelkner16:37
yvlit's just one method in one view that handles some weird scenario16:37
yvlwas easier to write that way16:37
yvlthat's the reason for the warning - one overdesigned method - and replaceafill should not trust it too much ;)16:38
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yvlok... I'm near making it work with removed action buttons now16:42
yvllemme finish, and I can give a link to Tom16:42
yvlto look at it before I leave :)16:42
aelkneris there anything i need to do before yvl goes on vacation?16:44
yvlbranch my code once I commit16:45
yvland try running it on clean database16:45
aelknercan i just merge instead of rebranching?16:45
yvllook if any buttons are missing16:45
yvlyes, you can16:45
yvlyou will need to:16:45
yvlbzr merge16:45
yvlbzr ci16:45
aelkneryeah, that's easier than rebranching16:47
yvlwell it is :)16:48
yvlwow, it works :)16:52
yvl5 min break16:52
yvlreview and commit16:52
yvlthen th1a can check out and look at it16:52
replaceafillth1a, i'm making the student form to look more like paper16:53
replaceafilland now i'm going to include the levels dropdown16:53
yvlth1a: bzr co lp:~justas-pov/schooltool/schooltool.cambodia/17:02
yvland: make17:02
yvlthen... make run17:04
yvlyou will notice that section names are crappy17:04
yvlbut those can (and will) be replaced were needed later on17:04
yvlI also did not test if security is right17:05
yvlmost probably, administration will work ok, but teachers will have some glitches17:05
th1aOh, I forgot to mention, this has to be ready for deployment Monday morning.17:07
th1aSo it had better work right NOW.17:07
yvleasy to do17:07
yvlI'll just need additional supply of time-travelling phone booths17:08
yvlI ran out...17:08
th1aMark has a warehouse full of those.17:08
th1aAlso, black obelisks.17:08
yvlsometimes it seems true... ;)17:08
th1aYou don't think he went into space for fun do you?17:08
th1aIf I install lucid today, will I see the new theme?17:09
yvlwho would ever want to do something like that for fun???17:09
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th1aI think a Tardis and 2001 obelisk would be more fun.17:10
th1aThan a Russian rocket.17:10
th1aI apparently don't have shared eggs set up on my computer now.17:10
th1aOr something.17:10
th1aMaybe I do...17:11
th1aThis is taking a while.  Whose idea were all these separate packages?17:11
yvlwell, menesis updated versions.cfg on I guess17:11
yvlif you open another terminal or something17:13
yvland check if it created "eggs" directory inside the branch you just checked out17:13
yvlit would mean you have no shared eggs, definitely :)17:13
th1aThe network wasn't doing anything most of the time, so that should be a good indication too.17:16
yvlif the last thing is something about lxml...17:17
yvlit's gonna take a little while17:17
yvlit is building that library probably17:17
yvlas in - compiling C code17:17
replaceafillyvl, when you leave today, are going to see you until monday?17:18
yvlprobably yes17:18
yvlI'll check mail at least once a day17:18
replaceafilli'm thinking about the changes i'm making today17:18
replaceafillcan i send you an email when it's ready17:19
replaceafillso u can merge?17:19
yvland maybe appear on IRC for a short period of time17:19
yvlyes, replaceafill17:19
replaceafillah ok, thanks17:19
yvlby the way, if I don't leave work in ~20 minutes, I will be left without supper... so please kindly ask your PCs to build faster ;))17:21
th1aok, I should make run now?17:21
yvlit's done building already?17:21
yvlthen yes, please17:22
th1aI started turning the crank on the back of my computer faster.17:22
th1aAnd pumping the bellows faster with my foot.17:22
yvlI'm sure as a former cyclist you modded the crank into a more convenient form ;)17:23
yvlwell, when it starts17:23
yvlyou should add a schoolyear17:23
yvlwait a while17:23
yvl(it creates ~300 classes or so)17:24
yvland then go to Manage->Levels to see that they're there17:24
yvlor add a student17:24
yvland go to schoolyears->2009-2010->groups17:24
yvlselect group 11A for example17:24
yvland add the student17:24
yvlthen go to manage->levels17:25
yvlclick on any 11A links17:25
th1aCan you hide the calendar tab?17:25
yvland then click gradebook17:25
yvlyes, th1a17:25
yvlcan we do that on Mon?17:25
replaceafillyvl, it's just a matter of unregister the zcml to hide it?17:26
replaceafilli could do it17:27
th1aAnd the year tab?17:27
th1aSo my main route to a section is Manage > Levels?17:28
yvlok, yes I can17:28
th1aI need to be able to schedule a section, right?17:29
yvlschedule a section?17:29
th1anot really I guess.17:29
th1aThat's not their requirement.17:29
yvlthey are added when the courses are assigned to the level17:29
th1aWe're not doing timetables at this point.17:30
th1areplaceafill, Make sure the student form differentiates between student name, etc and contact name, etc.17:31
yvlth1a: done17:31
replaceafillth1a, yes, i added fieldsets17:31
yvlCTRL+C on the server17:31
yvlbzr up17:31
yvlmake run17:31
yvlumm... can I silently run away now? :)17:31
th1ayvl:  Yes.17:32
th1aEnjoy whatever crazy Lithuanian holiday you're celebrating!17:32
replaceafillhappy holiday yvl17:32
th1aOr reflecting somberly upon.17:32
yvlthanks th1a :)17:32
yvlgoodbye guys!17:32
th1areplaceafill, You'll need to add the contact to the student view, right?17:33
replaceafilland the level too17:33
replaceafillor class17:33
replaceafillor whatever is called!17:33
* replaceafill still confused with the terms...17:34
th1aCan we take "Home" out of the tabs too.17:34
th1aaelkner:  We need a link to the report card.17:41
th1aUnder "Manage."17:41
aelknerso i need to add it to my config as yvl suggested17:41
aelkneri can do that17:41
aelknerwhere do you want it exactly17:41
aelknerManage->Persons>select person17:42
aelknerthen see the link?17:42
replaceafillPersons doens't exist anymore i think17:42
replaceafillright th1a?17:42
aelkneri still see persons17:43
th1aI see dead persons.17:44
aelkneri still see lots of buttons17:44
aelkneryvl: do i need to merge again?17:44
aelkneri just did so half an hour ago17:44
replaceafillmaybe i'm wrong17:44
th1aLet's just do everyone's report card as a big pdf.17:44
th1aJust for starters.17:45
th1aReport Cards link in Manage.17:45
th1aDownload Report Cards17:46
aelknerso clicking Manage->Download Report Cards delivers the pdf?17:46
th1aFor all students in the current term.17:46
th1aYes -- and make sure it doesn't throw an exception if there are no students, terms, etc.17:46
th1aAnd gives a useful error message.17:46
th1aUh... with yvl gone you guys might have to make a branch for these changes I want for my screencast.17:49
replaceafillyvl said he could merge17:49
replaceafillif we send him emails17:50
aelknerah, that's handy17:50
th1aAre you guys working on those things I just asked you to do?17:57
replaceafillth1a, i am formatting the student form, then will handle the level, then change the index.html view17:58
replaceafilland maybe remove the tabs you just asked17:59
th1aI'm going to go get a haircut.18:07
aelkneri'm working on the manage tab and report card change that you just suggested18:09
th1aAnother small project:  an unauthenticated user shouldn't see the calendar.18:13
th1aWe let you turn that off in settings, so can we have that off by default?18:14
th1aI don't remember what it shows you... a login?18:14
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* th1a goes to get a haircut.18:24
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th1areplaceafill, aelkner:  OK, where are we?20:36
replaceafillhandling levels20:39
replaceafilli mean putting them in the add/edit form of students20:39
aelkneri made the changes you requested and pushed them to my branch20:44
aelknerif there is no current term or no students have grades, it gives a message to that effect20:45
aelknerotherwise, it yields a pdf with all students' report cards20:45
th1aaelkner:  So are we going to request that yvl merge these changes?20:47
aelknerof course20:47
aelknerbut we have the rest of the day to make more20:47
aelknerif any come to mind20:48
aelknerbut yes, i'll send him an email requested that he merge my branch20:48
aelknerreplaceafill: btw, you don't need to rebranch20:48
replaceafilli already did :P20:49
aelkneryou can always merge with yvl's branch any time you want the latest20:49
aelkneri'm just saying, it's easier to do it that way20:49
aelkneryes, i rebranched once already, too20:49
aelknerbut no more, unless completely necessary :)20:49
aelkneroh, and also, you can continue to push to your same branch20:50
th1aOne of you could just stick your branch in your personal LP space and the other could push to it, right?20:51
th1aAnd I could keep looking at the new code...20:51
replaceafilli dont think i can push to aelkner's branches20:52
replaceafilland viceversa20:52
replaceafilli have never tried though :)20:52
aelknerno, we each push to our own personal branches20:52
aelkneryvl merges from both of our personal branches20:53
th1aOr, you can both publish your changes and replaceafill could merge aelkner's changes into his branch.20:53
th1aThis really shouldn't be difficult...20:53
aelknerwho says it is20:53
replaceafillor we can create 7 branches and then...20:54
aelknerto keep it simple, we should have three branches20:54
aelknereach of our's personal20:54
aelkneryvl's being the authoritative20:54
aelknerif replaceafill and i need each other's changes before yvl merges20:55
aelknerwe can merge from each other20:55
th1aRight... which would allow me to pull your changes now.20:55
aelknerotherwise, it's simpler just to merge from yvl's each morning20:55
th1aThat's what I'm getting at.20:55
th1aIt doesn't matter when it gets into trunk -- the point is letting me make suggest changes and make a screencast tomorrow.20:56
aelknerby trunk, you mean yvl's branch for now20:56
aelknerthere is no trunk for this20:57
aelknerthat point is just for clarity btw20:57
* th1a refrains from yelling something like "THAT'S THE POINT OF A *DISTRIBUTED* REVISION CONTROL SYSTEM!!!!!!!"20:57
aelkneryeah, we all have agreed bzr rules for some time now20:58
* aelkner wonders why th1a is getting so excited about what seems obvious to all20:59
th1aI'm not excited.21:00
th1aI didn't say anything.21:00
th1aMy eyes are not bugging out of my head.21:00
aelkneri see a lot of caps, that's all i'm saying21:00
th1aI'm not pulling my hair out.21:00
aelknerwhat hair? :)21:00
aelknerdidn't you just get a cut?21:00
aelknerif th1a doesn't have anything to as me, i'd like to take an hour break21:01
aelknerif you have any ideas for changes, you could write them to the channel21:02
aelkneri just would like to bot have to respond for the next hour21:02
* replaceafill likes this relationship stuff21:03
* Lumiere gives th1a a mouse and keyboard and points at a Team Fortress 2 game to go blow something up21:04
th1aSorry, I was just spinning in my chair, looking at the ceiling.21:06
th1aSo is replaceafill going to merge aelkner's changes into his branch and give me the URL?21:07
replaceafillth1a, can i finish what i'm doing first? or you want to change NOW to see aelkner's changes?21:07
th1aYou can finish.21:18
*** dlobo has quit IRC21:38
*** dlobo has joined #schooltool21:43
*** ignas has joined #schooltool22:21
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replaceafillaelkner, lp:~aelkner/schooltool/schooltool.cambodia_fixes1 right?22:36
replaceafillaelkner, question22:46
replaceafilli'm having a conflict22:46
replaceafilldoes your test have?22:46
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/demographics">Demographics</a>22:46
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/@@site-preferences.html">Change Site Preferences</a>22:46
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/report_card.pdf">Download Report Card</a>22:46
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/contacts">Contacts</a>22:46
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/resources">Resources</a>22:46
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/access_control.html">Access Control</a>22:46
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/control">Application Control</a>22:47
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/categories.html">Activity Categories</a>22:47
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/email">Outgoing Email</a>22:47
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/gradebook/templates/index.html">Report Sheet Templates</a>22:47
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/++etc++site/default/RootErrorReportingUtility">Errors</a>22:47
replaceafill    <a class="navigation_header" href="http://localhost/scoresystems">Score Systems</a>22:47
aelknerdon't flood the channel like that22:47
replaceafillsorry for the flooding22:47
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Lumiere22:47
replaceafillmy bad22:47
Lumiere*boot to the head*22:47
aelkneryes, i added a line to that22:47
replaceafilli'm sorry Lumiere22:47
aelknerso what's the issue?22:47
replaceafillLumiere, last time22:47
replaceafilljust one line?22:47
replaceafillaelkner, weird, yvl's test has only four lines there22:49
replaceafillth1a, are you there?22:49
replaceafillare we going to include everything in the Manage page?22:50
replaceafilli mean Outgoing mail22:50
th1aThat's already done.22:50
replaceafillok, i just have adjust aelkner's old test then22:50
aelknerreplaceafill: did you merge with yvl's branch as well as mine?22:50
replaceafillaelkner, i branched yvl's first22:51
replaceafilland then merged yours22:51
replaceafilland got the conflict22:51
aelkneri merged yvl's branch, and there were 16 lines in that tests before i added the one22:51
aelknerso i don't know what you mean that there were only four tests22:51
aelknerwhen did you branch yvl's branch?22:52
replaceafillright now22:52
replaceafillabout 5:43 minutes ago22:52
replaceafillcheck it out:
replaceafillhe probably moved them after you branched his22:53
replaceafillit's ok22:53
replaceafillit's just the "Download Report Cards" right?22:53
replaceafillok, i'm going to handle the conflict22:53
aelknerbut when you said there were only four lines there, i don't get that22:54
replaceafillcheck out yvl's latest22:54
replaceafillyou will see only four lines in Manage22:54
replaceafillaelkner, your test is creating schoolyears!22:57
aelknerno, no22:58
aelkneroh, yes22:58
aelknersorry, i create the one schoolyear22:58
aelknerwhy do you ask?22:58
replaceafillbecause the test is getting errors there22:58
replaceafillyou should sync yvl's latest if you're going to keep working on it22:59
aelkneri'm going to try merging with your branch to see what the problems is...22:59
replaceafilljust use yvl's22:59
aelknerok, i'll merge with yvl's first22:59
replaceafilli'm doing that :(22:59
replaceafillthe tab!23:00
replaceafillthat's the error!23:00
replaceafillthe school tab is gone too23:00
th1aThe home tab?23:01
aelkneri'll fix the problems in my branch23:01
replaceafillno the schoolyear23:02
aelknerso, how am i supposed to enroll teachers and students in sections now?23:03
replaceafillsame old23:05
replaceafillthe helper is not ready yet23:05
aelknerok, so that explains why my tests fail23:06
aelknerhe got rid of the buttons, but he didn't make sure the tests passed ?!23:06
aelknerwe need more branch discipline23:07
replaceafillnah, yvl warned us about it23:07
aelknerignas always had it right23:07
replaceafill"once I finish the work I'm doing now"23:07
replaceafillit will - of course - break the test23:07
aelknerhe should fix tests instead of just telling us that he broke them23:07
replaceafillor we could help fixing them ;)23:08
aelkneranyway, what helpers did you have in mind?23:08
replaceafillpassing group to addStudent as you suggested23:08
aelkneri didn't suggest that23:08
aelkneryou must be thinking f someone else23:09
* replaceafill sighs...23:09
aelkneri need to be able to enroll teachers and students in sections23:09
replaceafillteachers too?23:09
aelkneri.e., navigate to the section and use the 'edt instructors' and 'edit individuals' links23:09
aelknersomeone has to teach a class!23:10
aelkneri can't test the gradebook without enrollment23:10
aelknerso i think it was a bad idea on yvl's part to remove the action links23:11
aelknerwithout anything to replace the functionality23:11
replaceafilloh come on aelkner, we can help!23:11
replaceafilli fixed the persons tests23:11
aelkneri'm just saying, it's hostile to break someone else's code and then say, 'go fix it'23:12
replaceafilli understand23:12
aelkneranyway, i'm fixing it...23:13
replaceafillok, i'll stop fixing then23:13
replaceafillwait for you to sync23:13
replaceafilland make your tests pass23:13
replaceafillthen i'm going to sync with yours23:13
replaceafilland make my tests pass23:13
aelkneri can't fix my tests without removing them!23:13
aelknerthere is no way to enroll students and teachers anymore23:13
aelknerbad, bad, bad23:14
aelkneri think i fond something23:14
aelknerthey seem to have links to sections23:14
replaceafillth1a, i'm going to run some errands, will be back in an hour23:19
replaceafillth1a, will merge aelkner's changes to mine23:20
replaceafilland send you the link, ok?23:20
aelkneri'll let you know when i've pushed my non-failing (!) branch23:20
replaceafillthanks man23:20
replaceafillyou got the errors when you synched, right?23:20
th1aProbably we need some guide to how we expect tests to work or not work on each of these customized skins.23:22
th1aI mean, if we remove 75% of the user interface, tests will break, right?23:22
th1aFunctional tests at least.23:22
th1aThat's not surprising.23:23
replaceafilli guess we just have to adjust23:23
replaceafillthe tests i mean23:23
replaceafillok, bbiab23:24
th1aI would think we'd just need new functional tests for the new UI.23:24
replaceafillthat's what we have, right?23:24
replaceafillnew ftests23:24
*** replaceafill has quit IRC23:26
aelknerth1a: what was your question?23:37
aelknerare you saying we just need a FEW functional tests?23:38
aelknercause we've changed much and there are many tests23:38
*** dlobo has quit IRC23:44
aelknerreplaceafill: i resolved the conflicts23:51
aelknerfixed the gradebook and grade package tests23:51
aelknerand pushed to my branch23:52
aelknermerge from my branch, and then you can fix the person tests23:52

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