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replaceafillaelkner, great, i'm going to merge right now, thanks02:46
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aelknerreplaceafill: ayt?04:35
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replaceafillaelkner, ping07:21
aelknerhey there07:21
aelknerhow did it go?07:21
replaceafillsorry, we went out07:22
aelknerno prob07:22
replaceafillrunning the tests...07:22
aelknerit should fail looking for an Edit button07:22
replaceafillwhy are the new viewletmanagers needed?07:23
replaceafilli see three new in the diff07:24
aelkneri didn't notice07:24
aelkneri guess they would replace the buttons07:24
aelknerhe did say something about07:25
replaceafillyes, person is failing07:25
replaceafillin the Edit buttton07:25
replaceafillfixing it...07:25
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aelknerus adding buttons after he got rid of them07:25
aelknerbut i don't know if you want to create an Edit button07:26
aelkneractually, i suppose you do07:27
aelkneras long as it's only for managers07:27
replaceafilli should protect it with schooltool.edit, right?07:27
replaceafillis that what you mean?07:27
replaceafillthe person view looks funny :D07:28
replaceafillall empty07:28
replaceafilleeehhh tests pass :)07:43
replaceafillmerging new features now07:44
replaceafillaelkner, the download report card link should appear under Manage, right?07:53
replaceafilli'm running a new instance and i don't see it07:54
replaceafillah! the viewlet manager is wrong!07:55 ->
replaceafillyes! now there it is07:57
aelkneri was away08:01
aelkneryes, he changed it08:02
aelknercreated a new interface/manager08:02
aelknermakes sense, replace the functionality08:02
replaceafillbut the download link it's supposed to appear, right?08:02
replaceafilli put it back08:03
replaceafillis that ok?08:03
aelknerwhich download link08:03
aelknerthe one in the Manage tab?08:03
replaceafillDownload Report Card08:03
aelknerwhy should that go away?08:03
replaceafillit went away08:03
replaceafilli put it back08:04
aelkneram i not understanding something correctly08:04
replaceafillit was registered for a wrong viewlet manager08:04
aelknerbut it worked for me08:04
replaceafillit didn't work for me08:04
aelkneroh wait08:05
replaceafilli'm running a new instance08:05
replaceafilland it's not there08:05
aelknerlet me check08:05
replaceafilli registered the directive for this manager:
replaceafilland then it works08:06
replaceafilli mean the link shows08:06
aelkneryeah, it's gone for me, too08:06
aelknerlet me run the tests08:06
replaceafillyou dont access the pdf ;)08:06
aelkneroh, right08:06
aelknerthat's the thing08:06
aelkneri create the url manually08:06
aelknerto get to the other registration that delivers the template08:07
replaceafillyou should at least check the link ;)08:07
aelkneryvl's clever trick08:07
replaceafillno biggie08:07
replaceafilli put it back08:07
aelkneryes, i should test the link exists08:07
replaceafilli just wanted to know if it was supposed to appear08:07
aelkneryou put it back?08:07
replaceafilli registered for the right manager!08:07
aelkneri'll wait for you to push your branch08:07
aelkneri'll test the link after mergin from yvl's branch tomorrow08:08
aelkneryou should send him a note with your branch08:08
replaceafilli already added the test ;)08:08
replaceafill1. start with a failing test ;)08:08
replaceafillbla bla bla08:08
aelkneryeah, you're sounding like my brother now, stop it08:09
aelknerso, since you have merged with my branch, i'll leave it to you to email yvl about merging with you08:11
aelknerthen i can merge with him (as you will) when you and i wake up08:12
replaceafilli'm just going to finish my two pending tasks and do that then08:12
replaceafillthanks aelkner08:12
aelknerno prob08:12
aelkneri hope this infrastructure stuff is coming soon to a conclusion08:12
aelknerall these moving tests are driving me crazy08:12
replaceafilli like it!08:13
replaceafillfixing tests is fun!08:13
aelkneryeah, yeah, start with what you love, failing tests!08:13
replaceafilli suck at designing things or being smart but testing is fun08:13
aelkneri'll just start calling you jelkner, how about that?08:13
aelkneri definitely think tests are not only necessary, but also enjoyable08:14
aelknerbecause tests breed confidence08:15
aelknerand that's a good feeling08:15
aelkneri love knowing that i can try something08:15
aelknerand the tests will reveal right away if i'm going down a wrong path08:15
replaceafilland have a safety net, me 208:15
aelknerso are we supposed to be meeting at 8:30 again this morning?08:16
replaceafilli guess08:16
replaceafillth1a is starting his screencast08:16
replaceafillwe should be ready to make changes if he requests08:17
aelknerhe is going live with a screencast?08:17
aelknerat what time?08:17
replaceafilldon't know08:17
replaceafilli guess around 8:3008:17
aelknerwho's watching?08:17
replaceafilli thought screencast = making a video08:17
aelknerwhat time is it there?08:17
aelknerah, he's recording08:18
replaceafillnot sure though08:18
aelknerbut why does he need to do that so early08:18
aelkneryvl will not be meeting with us08:18
replaceafillim just saying we should be prepared for adjustments08:18
aelknerwell, i expected to be on call all day for making adjustments08:19
replaceafillme 208:19
aelknerbut is tom really going to be getting p that early with yvl on vacation?08:19
replaceafilldont know, guess so08:19
aelknerwe'll, i'll check the channel at 8:40 to see if you two are discussing something08:20
replaceafillok man, see you then08:20
aelknerotherwise, i'll probably be turning over and going back to sleep...08:20
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th1aI'll be back in a half-hour.15:32
replaceafillth1a, ok15:32
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th1aHi replaceafill, aelkner.16:06
replaceafillhey th1a16:06
replaceafillth1a, i sent you an email16:07
replaceafillwith a screenshot16:07
th1are-opening it on this computer...16:08
replaceafillyour gigantic mac?16:08
th1aGee... you could make this a lot wider if schools in Cambodia have 27" iMacs.16:10
th1aOverall, this is something I've wanted for a long time...16:10
th1aMy only comment is that address line 1 under address line 2 would be better.16:10
th1aPerhaps with phone #'s beside?16:10
th1aOr just take up a little more vertical space.16:11
replaceafillhow about:16:12
replaceafill[line 1] [postal code] [city]16:12
replaceafill[line 2] [state] [coutry]16:12
th1aProbably just take a up a little more vertical space for the sake of clarity.16:13
replaceafillok one more row?16:13
replaceafillcould you define the order please?16:13
th1aJust move address line 2 under address line 1.16:15
th1aEverything else the same.16:15
replaceafillah ok16:15
th1aDo we really have country in there?16:25
replaceafillkill it?16:26
th1aPut postal code where country is and get rid of country.16:26
th1aWhat were we (I) thinking with that?16:26
yvlgood morning guys16:32
replaceafillgood morning yvl16:32
* yvl is reading irc logs...16:32
yvlseriously, I thought I warned you all multiple times about what those changes will break16:33
yvland I thought everybody got that...16:33
yvlI'll use caps next time ;)16:33
replaceafilldid you tell us?!??!16:33
yvl(to be read in Terry Pratchet's Death's voice)16:34
th1aIt is impossible to agile-ly rip apart the UI and not break functional tests.16:37
th1aYou could make the address fields shorter, otherwise, great.16:40
replaceafillfinish them under the beginning of suffix?16:41
th1aI'd say beginning of last name is enough?16:42
replaceafillah ok16:42
th1aThat's a pretty long address...16:42
replaceafill went down :(16:44
replaceafillah no16:44
replaceafillit's up16:44
* replaceafill wishes he had a clue about UI design :(16:45
yvlwow, the pages look like actual forms16:46
replaceafillso, do we use the same layout in display forms?16:47
replaceafilli mean, for students?16:47
th1aThat would be good.16:49
replaceafillok, on it16:49
yvlsome random average school statistics of Phnom Penh17:01
yvlprimary schools: 29 classes, 1043 students, 32 teachers17:01
yvlaverage, per school17:01
replaceafillis that the school were working with?17:01
yvlsecondary schools: 47 classes, 2664 students, 104 teachers17:01
yvllycee: 69 classes, 4006 students, 153 teachers17:02
yvlcollege: 16 classes, 691 students, 33 teachers17:02
yvlI guess we'll be deployed to either lycee or secondary school17:03
yvljust something to keep in mind17:03
yvlthat, for example, some reports may contain a tiny number of 4006 students17:03
yvland will probably eat the memory of the server while being generated17:04
yvlwell, probably not in initial deployment anyway :)17:04
yvland the data is from 2007-2008 report17:05
aelknerhey everyone17:11
replaceafillhey aelkner17:12
aelknershould i be merging with yvl' branch?17:12
yvlI'm reviewing replaceafill's work now17:14
replaceafillaelkner, not yet17:14
yvlnicely done!17:14
th1aWe'll have a more sophisticated report system other than "press this button for everyone's report card."17:16
th1aI just needed a button to press for the demo.17:16
yvlI thought so17:17
th1aThose are bigger than I was imagining though, so thanks for pointing that out.17:18
yvlwell, those cover the school and we'll be doing 2 levels for starters17:19
yvlaelkner: while you're waiting, you might want to try out17:19
yvlapt-get install bzr-gtk17:19
yvland do: bzr visualise17:19
yvlif you didn't do that already17:20
aelkneri did that yeaterday17:20
yvlah :)17:20
aelknerwhy do you suggest that at this moment?17:20
yvljust because I remembered it17:21
yvlreplaceafill: is it ok if you and Alan just branch/merge with each other for Thu/Fri17:22
replaceafillyvl, sure17:22
replaceafillyvl, i branched from him yesterday17:23
replaceafilli'm committing now to mine17:23
replaceafilland will give th1a the url when i finish17:23
yvlif you could also push your changes, say, on Fri/Sun to LP17:24
replaceafilloops sorry17:24
yvlI'll merge from you and start working on Mon17:24
replaceafilli meant pushing17:24
replaceafillyvl, sure17:25
aelknerreplaceafill: you meant you merged with me, right?17:25
replaceafillno, branched from you and started working there17:25
replaceafilli dont mind rebranching17:25
aelknerdoens't that make you have to run bin/buildout?17:26
aelkneralso, you lose your Data.fs17:26
aelknerwhy would you want that?17:26
replaceafilli dont care sometimes :)17:27
yvlok guys17:27
yvlI see you've got everything covered :)17:27
yvlso, back to vacation for me :)17:28
replaceafillenjoy yvl17:28
yvlhappy hacking ;)17:28
aelknerthanks yvl17:28
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th1aWhat's my URL now?17:33
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th1areplaceafill, aelkner:  What should I be pulling from where?18:02
replaceafillstudent display is not finished though18:02
replaceafillone sec18:02
replaceafillth1a, home tab is gone18:06
replaceafilland if you want to add students, teachers or administrators you have to add a schoolyear first18:06
th1aDo I get a warning if I try?18:12
replaceafillyou wont get the links18:12
replaceafillit's like the levels link18:12
replaceafillthey dont appear until you add the sy18:13
th1aOK, should I pull?18:13
replaceafilli'm having trouble with empty fields in the display view for students18:13
replaceafillbut im working on it18:13
replaceafillwe should do the same hiding trick with Download Report Card18:16
aelknerreplaceafill: why are you defining macros and slots in your student form?18:18
replaceafilli just copied schooltool's18:18
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th1areplaceafill: Can you make the default index page a login screen?18:46
replaceafillhhmm, but without raising unauthorized, right?18:47
th1aAlso, replaceafill, can you make the default school name "Cambodia" instead of "Your School"18:47
replaceafillah ok18:47
th1areplaceafill, yes, we don't want to greet people with an error message ;-)18:50
th1aActually, you can turn off the calendar in the school preferences screen...18:51
replaceafillcan i put a redirect?18:51
th1aI'm not sure what it does instead.18:51
replaceafilllet's see18:51
th1aIt might just have you log in...18:51
th1aDo you think you can have the new person view with the contact included by this afternoon?18:53
replaceafilljust one question18:54
replaceafillmy problem is optional fields18:54
replaceafillif we're using the same layout18:54
replaceafillyou want spaces there18:54
replaceafillwhat's the deadline time? :)18:55
th1aWell, I'll probably do the screencast tonight.18:55
replaceafillth1a, it works!18:55
replaceafillif we turn off the calendar18:55
replaceafillit shows you the login18:56
replaceafilli'll use an init suscriber18:56
replaceafillto change the name of the school and that preference18:56
replaceafillwhen you create a new school18:56
replaceafilli mean a new database18:56
th1aWhat rocks about this is that for the first time... ever... SchoolTool is simple enough that I can nitpick the UI.19:03
th1aWhich has pretty much been overwhelming in every previous case.19:03
replaceafillfor the school name, right?19:05
th1aOK, I want a new button style.19:10
th1aColor: #7590AE19:10
th1aThis is for things that shouldn't be red or green.19:11
replaceafillfor example?19:11
th1aInvert Selection.19:11
replaceafillputting it in the cambodia css19:12
th1aI'll want it in core -- it is just easier when you only need to switch one or two things.  ;-)19:12
th1aIt might be a little dark.19:12
replaceafillyes, it should go in core19:13
th1aAlso, make "Activate next school year" green.19:13
th1aYou can do that in core.19:13
replaceafillyou will have to branch schooltool too, ok?19:14
replaceafilli mean, if you want to use them in your screencast19:14
th1awell, perhaps you should just change it in cambodia for now.  ;-)19:17
th1aor remind me of how I'll have to do it.19:17
replaceafillwe can put it in cambodia i think19:17
replaceafilland put XXX: move!19:17
th1aThat's fine.19:18
replaceafillok, init suscriber works: Cambodia - Server Running SchoolTool  1.3 (development)19:18
replaceafilland the default is login19:18
replaceafilli wish i didn't have a broken tests right now :(19:19
replaceafillwe have button-ok, button-cancel and...19:20
replaceafillbutton-bothofthem? button-yes/no? button-...19:21
replaceafillneutral it is19:24
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th1aGood enough.19:24
replaceafillcolor for the border?19:24
replaceafillnice blue :)19:25
th1aPick one:
th1aThat's where you should get your colors, btw...19:26
replaceafillah! nice!19:26
th1aLooks good.19:26
th1aThat one should still be green though, ofc.19:27
* th1a goes to get Vivian.19:27
replaceafilli just changed it in firebug19:27
replaceafillok will keep working19:27
replaceafilllet u know when i finish19:27
replaceafillth1a, should we change the timezone too to Asia/Phnom_Penh?19:29
th1areplaceafill, Hm...20:58
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replaceafillth1a, ok21:08
th1aIt is safest to not use timezones at all...21:08
* replaceafill goes 1 hour away for lunch21:11
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th1areplaceafill, Do I need to do something to get the Khmer translation in this branch?23:18
replaceafillth1a, let me see, maybe there's a compile-translations rule for make23:23
replaceafillbut it threw an error :(23:24
replaceafillno th1a, i cannot make it work :(23:27
th1aThere must be some additional checkout or something.23:28
th1aNo biggie...23:28
th1aI already decided I'm doing the screencast on my Mac, which doesn't have the Khmer unicode set anyhow.23:29
th1aBut a quick screenshot of it translated would be nice.23:29
replaceafilllet me see core23:29
replaceafillcore has km.po23:33
replaceafillif we compile it manually maybe we could get it23:34
replaceafilllet me try23:34
replaceafillmy laptop is getting so slow....23:36
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