IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-03-09

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aelkneryvl: i created the branch of my changes15:32
yvlhi aelkner15:41
yvlthanks, I'll look at it15:41
replaceafillyvl, now we have to branch your branch again, right?15:42
yvlreplaceafill: I merged your changes and updated i18n15:42
yvlif you have no uncommited changes15:43
yvlbzr merge lp:~justas-pov/.....mybranch15:43
replaceafillah ok15:43
yvlone more noticable change - when adding a schoolyear, one term is created by default15:44
aelkneryvl: how is that?15:47
aelknerwas that for replaceafill?15:47
aelkneroh, and good morning guys, btw15:47
replaceafillaelkner, i think it was for everybody :)15:47
replaceafillgood morning aelkner15:47
yvltrue, true.... good morning :)15:47
replaceafillgood afternoon yvl15:47
yvlthe schoolyear change was more for me15:48
yvlalso for Cambodia ;)15:48
aelkneroh, now i get your comment15:48
yvlit may be easier for them if they are left with two views eventually15:48
yvladd a school year15:48
yvlselect school days15:48
yvl(edit term)15:48
replaceafillmenesis, ping15:49
aelkneryvl: how soon do you think you'll have my branch merged so that i can rebranch?15:49
yvlI'm ~5 subscribers away from doing that15:50
yvlif everything goes well, I'll do that today15:50
yvlin few hours15:50
yvlreplaceafill: if you have some spare time15:51
menesisreplaceafill: yes?15:51
yvlcan you add testing helpers to15:51
yvladd teachers / students / admins ?15:51
yvlin few hours?15:51
yvlI could merge that and it would be a bit easier for Alan to do gradebook tests15:52
replaceafillyvl, ah ok i'll start with that now15:52
yvl(as when UI of person adding changes, Alan will not need to care about that :) )15:52
yvlthanks :)15:52
yvlbut please chat with menesis first ;)15:52
replaceafillmenesis, i asked dwelsh about the ubuntu version they're using15:53
replaceafilland it's 8.04 lts15:53
menesiscan you tell my why you need schooltool/1.2 ?15:55
menesiswhat change was it?15:55
replaceafillbecause the pdf generation functionality15:55
replaceafill1.0 doesnt have it15:55
menesismaybe it was backported to 1.0 or I can easily do that15:56
replaceafillyvl suggested to move to 1.2, right yvl?15:56
menesiscan you be more specific what is needed?15:56
replaceafillor maybe we can get away with backporting...15:56
yvlI had a (false?) assumption that cando deployments will move to higher Ubuntu versions15:57
menesisbecause the tests pass with 1.0, but yvl said do not trust that cando is tested enough15:57
replaceafillyvl, menesis well that's one question from dwelsh too15:57
replaceafillhe wants to know if it's possible to move away from 8.0415:58
replaceafillyvl, so it's not so 'false'15:58
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replaceafilli guess dwelsh is having the "cannot send to ..." error16:01
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menesisschooltool 1.0 is the same on hardy, intrepid and jaunty16:01
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menesisschooltool 1.0 is the same on hardy, intrepid and jaunty16:03
menesisif you want 1.2 functionality then you have to use karmic16:03
replaceafillmenesis, just sent you an email16:03
replaceafillim helping dwelsh to register his nick16:03
menesisor I can upload 1.2 packages to a different ppa, i.e.
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replaceafillmenesis, i guess they also think 8.04 is old16:05
menesisor, maybe we can backport the missing feature if everything else is ok16:05
replaceafilland they want to know the consequences of moving to a newer ubuntu16:06
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yvlwelcome back, th1a16:09
th1aFor now I'd say backporting to 1.0 is probably easiest for CanDo, considering this is a mid-year change.16:10
menesisthat's  true16:10
menesisbut I don't know what feature it is16:10
replaceafillmenesis, the feature is the IEP functionality16:11
replaceafillwhich work well in 1.016:11
replaceafilland the other feature is the VCR16:11
replaceafillvalidate competency resume16:11
replaceafillwhich uses the new pdf generation stuff16:12
replaceafillnot available in 1.016:12
menesisrequest report?16:13
menesisthe tests happily pass on 1.016:13
replaceafillbecause the vcr is not ftestes16:13
replaceafillis utested only16:13
replaceafillthe only ftest for the vcr is checking that the links and menus are there16:14
menesisthere has to be a test or ftest that fails with 1.0 on the branch16:14
aelknerhey th1a16:14
menesisso I need a ftest16:14
replaceafillmenesis, you want a ftest failing in 1.0, correct?16:15
menesisthat generates a pdf16:15
th1aaelkner:  Yes?16:15
aelknerjust saying hi :)16:15
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aelknerdid you get my pdf example?16:15
menesisI need a ftest that checks that the pdf is successfully generated16:15
replaceafillsince dwelsh cannot speak he sent an email16:15
menesisbetter, test that it is correctly generated16:16
replaceafillmenesis, putting that line in the test16:16
replaceafillyvl, btw how do you test that? :)16:16
replaceafill    >>> browser.getLink('Gradebook').click()16:16
replaceafill    >>> browser.getLink('Carey, Chris').click()16:16
replaceafill    >>> browser.getLink('Validated Resumé').click()16:16
replaceafillthat's the last part of the test :)16:16
yvlcheck browser.contents16:19
yvlthey should start with %PDF or something16:19
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replaceafillmenesis, reverting my env to 1.016:19
yvlreplaceafill: there are basically two types of tests for the PDF generation16:20
* replaceafill listens16:20
yvlone is to explicitly register a view that outputs RML instead of directly putting PDF16:20
yvlbut register that view in ftesting.zcml16:20
aelknerah, that's how it's done16:20
yvland then everywhere else you just check that pdf exists16:21
aelknerso i need to add ftesting.zcml to schooltool.cambodia.gradebook?16:21
yvlthere is already ftesting.zcml in cambodia.app16:22
yvlthat is used for the whole customization16:22
yvlyou can either cramp new directives there16:23
yvlor add ftesting.zcml to cambodia.gradebook16:23
yvland add <include package="schooltool.cambodia.gradebook" file="ftesting.zcml"> to schooltool/cambodia/app/ftesting.zcml16:23
yvland to register the rml views for ftests16:25
yvlbasically look for directives like16:25
yvl  <page16:25
yvl      name="gradebook.pdf"16:25
yvl      for="..interfaces.IGradebook"16:25
yvl      class=".pdf_views.GradebookPDFView"16:25
yvl      permission="schooltool.edit"16:25
yvl      />16:25
yvland add to ftesting.zcml:16:26
yvl  <page16:26
yvl      name="gradebook.pdf"16:26
yvl      for="..interfaces.IGradebook"16:26
yvl      class=".pdf_views.GradebookPDFView"16:26
yvl      permission="schooltool.edit"16:26
yvl      attribute="template"16:26
yvl      />16:26
yvlouch, sorry16:26
yvlname="gradebook.rml" also16:26
replaceafillyvl, 'PDF support is disabled.  It can be enabled by your administrator.'16:27
replaceafillis it possible to enable in the testing setup?16:27
yvlsrc/schooltool/app/browser/ftests/cal.txt does some HACKS to enable it16:29
yvllook for tryToSetUpReportLab16:30
yvlyou are going to really "enjoy" the code16:30
replaceafill    >>> if pdf_enabled:16:32
replaceafill    ...'http://localhost/'16:32
replaceafill    ...               'persons/frog/calendar/2005-07-01.pdf')16:32
replaceafill    ...     '%PDF-1.3' in frog.contents16:32
replaceafill    ... else:16:32
replaceafill    ...     True16:32
replaceafill    True16:32
yvlwell, the thing is that you can't really test if PDFs are generated if your machine cannot generate them16:32
menesisapt-get install msttcorefonts16:32
yvlbut yes, some wrapping from my part is in order16:32
menesiswill enable pdf support16:33
replaceafillmenesis, i have it enabled in the instance16:33
yvlmenesis, true, but if you don't want to install msttcorefonts you should be still able to have valid tests16:33
yvland some of them should be simply skipped16:33
yvlwith a biiiiiig red warning16:33
replaceafillsome tests in spit something like "pdf is not enabled skipping...", right?16:34
menesisreplaceafill: uncomment the line in instance/schooltool.conf16:34
replaceafillmenesis, yes16:35
menesis#reportlab_fontdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts16:35
replaceafillmenesis, i have it unchecked16:35
yvlreplaceafill: yes16:35
menesisthen test should work on your machine16:35
menesisand mine16:35
menesisI think16:35
replaceafillmenesis, they dont :(16:35
replaceafilli guess thats for the instance16:35
replaceafillnot for the testing env16:35
menesisbut yes test should work in any case16:35
yvlanyway, to avoid unnecessary hassle for now16:37
menesisthen somewhere else...16:37
yvljust register RML views16:37
yvland render the template16:37
yvlthat will give at least one half of the functional testing16:38
yvl(and I'm good with that in Cambodia case, at least as long as it is in prototype stage)16:38
menesisyes, such test is needed anyway16:40
th1aOK, so where does this leave us?16:45
replaceafillth1a, i'm setting my branch with 1.016:45
menesisWhen there is a ftest I will backport the missing bits to 1.0 and release schooltool 1.0.516:45
replaceafilland writing a failing ftest16:45
menesiswell the test should work on 1.2 :)16:46
menesisleave 1.2 in your branch but change (and not commit) your buildout.cfg to see if the test fails on 1.016:47
replaceafilli should trust shared eggs...16:48
replaceafilli'm downloading...16:48
yvlth1a, when you want Cambodian prototype status report, please ping ;)16:48
th1aGo ahead.16:48
menesisshared eggs don't work well when switching between 1.0 and 1.216:48
replaceafillmenesis, yes, i created a new sandbox16:48
menesisunless you change to develop = . ../1.0/schooltool ../1.0/schooltool.gradebook16:49
menesisor something16:49
menesisand journal too16:50
yvlth1a, I don't want to break menesis and replaceafill conversation....16:50
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menesisI have to rush home now16:50
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replaceafillyvl, i dont mind :)16:50
menesiswaiting on replaceafill anyway if he has no more questions16:50
replaceafillmenesis, i'll send you an email when i have it failing16:51
replaceafillmenesis, thanks16:51
replaceafilland passing in 1.2 :P16:51
yvlok... status16:51
yvldid auto-creation of groups today16:51
menesisreplaceafill: good luck16:51
yvland auto-creation of a single term when school year is added16:52
yvlI think we should place the two views I mentioned some time ago today16:52
yvladd schoolyear;  then edit term16:53
yvland hide from users that the term exists16:53
yvlanyway, I kind of needed it for easier testing ;)16:53
yvlnext on the list are several subscribers16:53
th1aCalling "edit term" something different?16:53
yvlbut it's basically entering schooldays for the year anyway16:53
yvlcall... "edit schooldays" :)16:54
yvland keep cancel school in emergency ;)16:54
yvlor something16:54
th1aWe don't think they care about that anyhow at this point.16:54
yvl(I mentioned it just because it's a 5 minute change.... :) )16:54
yvlso, the next subscribers I'm writing at the moment16:55
yvlare to handle section creation16:55
yvlI will have them "really soon now"16:55
yvlI've already merged Douglas' changes to my branch16:55
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yvland once he gets some testing helpers in16:56
yvland I complete the section creation subscribers16:56
yvlI'll merge Alan's branch to mine16:56
replaceafilladdTeacher, addStudent and addAdministrator, correct?16:57
yvlyes :)16:57
yvland change sheets to be deployed on special event instead of section object added16:57
yvlthis will break Alan's test quite a bit16:57
yvlbecause some of the data will get set up automatically16:58
yvlbut after that he will be able to do... well whatever next16:58
yvl(after fixing tests of course ;)16:58
replaceafilleh!! first error: from import ReportPageTemplate16:59
yvl'ere you go, replaceafill ;)16:59
yvlthis leaves us16:59
yvl- with somewhat unpolished people management17:00
yvl- auto-generated non-importable levels / courses / sections17:00
yvl- demo gradebook pages17:00
yvl- a mess in navigation17:00
yvlthe rest of todo list:17:01
yvl- fix UI of adding schoolyears / setting shcooldays17:01
th1aA mess in navigation?17:02
yvlwell, yes17:02
th1aWell, presumably I'll be able to look at this myself soon...17:02
yvlI think so17:02
yvlso the main thing I'd like to manage to do today17:03
yvlis, after merging and finishing with section creation17:03
yvlkilling all action buttons and the list in Manage screen17:03
yvldevelopers (and Tom!) then should look on what is missing from navigation17:03
th1aSounds good.17:04
yvland register the action buttons manually again17:04
yvlso, thats it for now...17:04
th1aMy goal at this point is to do a screencast on Thursday of what we've got.17:06
th1aSo aelkner is waiting for yvl at this point?17:08
th1aIs it bedtime now?17:08
yvlth1a: a reasonable goal17:12
yvlyes, I think aelkner is waiting for me now17:12
yvlone of the things that maybe could be done17:12
th1aI'm just wondering if he is going to bed now.17:12
aelknerth1a: no bedtime17:13
aelkneri'm adding ftesting.zcml for my rml view17:13
yvlis to add i18n to hard-coded sheet and month names, etc17:13
aelkneryvl: i already did that, didn't i?17:13
yvldidn't check that yet, aelkner, sorry17:14
aelknerno prob17:14
yvlyes you did17:14
yvlLP was lagging with branch updates17:15
replaceafilllisppaste5, url17:15
yvlthat's what you get when you browse TTW...17:15
replaceafillno url?17:15
yvland th1a... +1 for "zyt"! :)17:15
aelkneri can test rml now!17:17
replaceafillyvl, first time i see one of those...17:18
yvlthey hard-coded link to image somewhere in RML17:23
replaceafillyvl, amazing :)17:24
replaceafilland a lot of other crap :D17:25
replaceafillthere it is!17:25
replaceafillyvl, added:17:27
replaceafill    >>> '%PDF-1.3' in browser.contents17:27
replaceafill    True17:27
replaceafilland the tests pass now17:27
replaceafilltestbrowser has a headers attribute!17:29
yvlgreat news, replaceafill :)17:29
replaceafilli wonder how did you know about the <img...> though17:30
replaceafillfileObj = super(Image, self).fromUnicode(value)?17:31
replaceafillwow, you have to learn to read the tracebacks17:31
yvlthen fileObj =
yvland that caused to go to urllib17:32
yvl...and IOError: [Errno socket error] (111, 'Connection refused')17:32
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aelkneryvl: i pushed my changes to test the report card rml17:32
yvlaelkner, nice :)17:36
aelkneri'm thrilled to be able to test rml now17:37
aelkneri'll be applying that process to the gradebook reports when we come up for air17:38
aelkneri mean in the core package, of course17:38
yvlyes please :)17:38
yvlI've no idea how I spaced out on telling you about this earlier17:39
aelkneryou have a million things on your plate, so...17:39
* replaceafill checking aelkner's work17:39
yvlmy desire of proper documentation in ST grows stronger ;)17:39
aelknerthis way we don't have to worry about pdf support in tests!17:41
replaceafillyou just spit the template attribute17:41
aelkneryvl rocks17:41
yvlthanks... :)17:42
* replaceafill applied yvl's trick to cando17:50
*** menesis has joined #schooltool18:13
replaceafillmenesis, i commited my tests18:21
replaceafillthey don't pass in 1.018:22
replaceafillbecause an importing error18:22
menesisok, will look18:22
replaceafilllet me check18:24
menesisi guess so, that will help find the relevant changes18:26
menesisyvl has already backported that in his branch18:28
replaceafillmenesis, downloading the eggs :(18:28
replaceafillthat's what i used at the beginning18:28
menesisI only have to merge & release18:29
menesisgood :)18:29
replaceafillnice :)18:29
aelknermenesis: it's greate to have you back18:29
aelknercan you give me the status of any unmerged branches i may have18:29
replaceafillFile "/home/elbixio/cando_test_pdf/src/cando/gradebook/browser/", line 47, in <module>18:32
replaceafill    from import ReportPageTemplate18:32
replaceafillZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/elbixio/cando_test_pdf/src/cando/newskin/ftesting.zcml", line 5.2-5.3918:32
replaceafill    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/elbixio/cando_test_pdf/src/cando/cando2007/configure.zcml", line 28.2-28.3918:32
replaceafill    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/elbixio/cando_test_pdf/src/cando/gradebook/configure.zcml", line 135.2-135.3218:32
replaceafill    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/elbixio/cando_test_pdf/src/cando/gradebook/browser/configure.zcml", line 200.2-206.818:32
replaceafill    ImportError: cannot import name ReportPageTemplate18:32
replaceafillsorry for the flooding18:32
*** menesis has quit IRC18:35
*** menesis has joined #schooltool18:35
menesisreplaceafill: yes that's the same commit missing18:35
*** th1a_ has joined #schooltool18:46
aelkneryvl: status?18:56
aelkneror should i leave you alone?18:56
yvlran into small intid-related bug18:57
yvlin ST itself18:57
yvlworked around18:57
replaceafilli'm adding the helpers18:57
yvlif all ok, should be merging your branch in next 30 mins18:57
* th1a_ is stuck trying to decide how to organize the data from my grant proposals.19:00
menesisaelkner: about your unmerged branches19:00
menesisyou can see them at
menesismerged branches are automatically changed status to Merged19:01
menesisactually of them I know there is
menesisand it needs
menesisothers are probably merged19:03
menesisdon't know about sla19:03
menesis has only one incorrect change, delete it19:05
replaceafillyvl, i'm having broken tests in your new branch19:05
replaceafillis that expected?19:05
replaceafillrebranching then19:05
replaceafilllet me retry rebranching19:06
menesisignore commendation19:06
menesisor any errors from zope.schema19:06
yvlreplaceafill: new branch meaning?19:07
replaceafillbzr branch ...19:07
yvlCambodia or backport?19:07
replaceafillmake testall19:07
replaceafillno cambodia19:07
replaceafilli finished cando19:07
replaceafillim adding the helpers now19:07
yvlok, then paste the failures please19:08
replaceafillwill do19:08
menesisplease merge
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool19:10
menesisthat will fix the new failures that have appeared in BasicComponent.txt19:10
replaceafillcommendation!?!? i had never seen that package :O19:10
aelknermenesis: so y january_fixes branch is the only one not yet merged?19:13
aelkneryou can ignore the november one as it already is included in trunk19:14
menesisreplaceafill: this is an example plugin in schooltool package19:14
menesisaelkner: yes. well two january_fixes branches19:14
aelkneryou mean ri_sprint, right?19:15
menesisno, I do not know about the sprint19:15
*** pcardune has quit IRC19:15
menesisyvl will handle merging sprint branches19:16
aelknermenesis: ok, i'll leave that to him, thanks19:16
yvlyes, menesis, I will19:16
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool19:16
menesisaelkner: btw, you can delete old branches if you know they are merged. all the history is included in trunk on merge19:18
menesisor that are not needed19:18
aelkneri never did that nefore, but i can start to do that19:18
*** pcardune has quit IRC19:19
* replaceafill cleans his branches while he waits for buildout...19:19
aelknermenesis: i'm always wondering how i can see my changes after they've been merged to trunk19:21
aelknerthe revision history only include comments you and yvl amake19:21
aelknerhow do i get back my commit messages?19:22
aelknermaybe it would help if you at least said 'merged branch x'19:22
aelknerso that i can find it in the revision history19:23
menesisbzr log -r -5.. -n 019:23
menesisfor example19:23
menesisor using bzr-gtk plugin, bzr vis19:23
menesisbut good point, I should include branch name in merge commit messages19:24
aelknercool, thanks19:24
replaceafillyvl, confirmed, ftest failur in your cambodia branch19:25
yvlpretty please? :)))19:26
replaceafilli got it19:27
replaceafillit's the groups19:27
replaceafillthey were deleted, right?19:27
replaceafilli mean the manage link19:27
replaceafill    >>> manager.getLink('Manage').click()19:27
replaceafill    >>> manager.getLink('School Years').click()19:27
replaceafill    >>> manager.getLink('2010').click()19:27
replaceafill    >>> manager.getLink('Groups').click()19:27
replaceafill    >>> manager.getLink('Teachers').click()19:27
replaceafilli can fix it :)19:27
replaceafilli mean the test ;)19:28
yvlI don't remember doing anything that would break that19:28
replaceafillputting .serve() to check19:28
replaceafillyvl, there are a lot of new groups19:29
replaceafillso Teachers are moved to the second page19:29
replaceafilland the test doesnt find the link19:29
aelknermenesis: did my paste appear here?  i don't see it myself although says it was sent here19:29
replaceafillaelkner, i guess the paste functionality is not working19:30
aelknercan i private chat you the contents?19:30
aelknerignas: thanks19:31
replaceafillignas == lisppaste5!!!19:31
ignasI just know that paste is 2 tools, it's a website and an IRC bot19:32
ignasif irc bot fails, that does not mean your paste is not there19:32
ignasyou just have to post the link yourself19:32
*** mgedmin has quit IRC19:33
ignasaelkner, i think you should just run "bzr vis" again19:35
ignasaelkner, sometimes this error disappears after you run it more than once19:36
ignassomething with dbus service not starting up fast enough19:36
aelknerignas: indeed!19:36
ignasyvl, there?19:37
ignasgot any schooltool views that would be DB heavy?19:37
ignasi need a testcase for a tool that I could not persuade mgedmin to make ;)19:37
yvlah, that one19:38
ignasyvl, import springs to mind, but i'd rather have a read heavy one, those can be executed a lot of times in a row19:38
yvlcan't get a view from the top of my head19:39
yvlyou could try overloading the calendar19:39
ignashmm, yearly calendar will have a lot of timetable events after import won't it?19:39
yvldon't remember now19:40
yvlbut it probably runs through *them all*19:40
ignas"can't get a view from the top of my head" is a nice sentence that can mean a lot of things :)19:40
ignasthe view is way better from the top of my head19:41
yvlyou can't even begin to imagine what state I imagine myself being in19:41
replaceafillyvl, tests pass now19:44
yvlsorry, for the mess...19:45
* replaceafill wonders about the "self.__dict__['context'] = context" in form adapters...20:16
yvldear aelkner :)20:18
yvlI merged the gradebook stuff20:18
yvland replaced the section event with another one20:19
yvlif you checked out my branch20:19
replaceafillyvl, i finished the 3 helpers20:19
yvl(you'll need *empty* database!)20:19
replaceafilland made the student contact optional20:19
yvlok, please wait till I merge replaceafill helpers20:20
yvlyou'll need an empty database20:20
yvladd one schoolyear20:20
yvlwait a while20:20
yvlschool data is populated20:20
yvlgo to Manage->Levels20:20
yvlclick on, say, 1A Math20:20
yvland click gradebook20:20
yvlhere you go - the gradebook is populated20:21
replaceafillyvl, since i rebranched your branch, i have to push to a new place, right?20:23
replaceafillor send you the diff?20:23
yvldid you bzr branch, bzr co, or bzr merge?20:24
yvlaelkner: in the tests, please just add a schoolyear20:24
replaceafillbzr branch20:24
yvlclick on Manage -> Levels20:24
replaceafilli didnt merge because i have some unfinished edits20:25
yvlclick some link on some section20:25
yvland use replaceafill's addStudent to create persons20:25
yvland in the section add members20:25
yvland instructors20:25
yvlthen go to section's gradebook and work from there20:26
yvlreplaceafill: push somewhere20:26
yvlin LP20:26
replaceafillpushed to lp:~replaceafill/schooltool/schooltool.cambodia_person_helpers20:26
replaceafillth1a, should i change the student index view to show the contact in the same screen?20:34
replaceafillyvl, i guess we're removing acces to the Contacts, right?20:34
yvlapologies, replaceafill, I'm not in the state were I can answer this question anymore :(20:35
replaceafilldont worry man, apologies for asking too much :(20:36
yvlokay... removing action buttons not for today20:36
yvlat least our code is synched now20:37
yvlaelkner: feel free to branch from me  now20:37
yvland remember you won't need setupbasicschool anymore20:38
yvlbecause of "just add shcoolyear" (tm) technology20:38
yvlgood luck guys20:38
yvlsee you tomorrow ;)20:38
replaceafillbye yvl, thanks20:39
aelkneryvl: still there?20:43
yvlcaught me leaving20:43
aelknersorry, just got out of the shower20:43
aelknerso, i can rebranch, and then, do i need to do anything to ix tests?20:44
yvlumm, read IRC log20:44
aelknerok, i'll let you go20:44
yvlsee you tomorrow20:44
yvlif anything comes up, you can always drop a short note on IRC20:45
yvleven if I'm not here20:45
yvlI usually read the logs...20:45
yvlbye guys :)20:45
yvlhappy coding ;)20:45
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