IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-12-01

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ignasHmm, is there any reason why you are not distributing the CAS slug with the code?17:51
ignas$ sudo gedit /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/plugins/schooltool.cas-configure.zcml17:51
ignascould get replaced with17:52
ignasln -s or cp17:52
ignaswould make it a lot easier to install the plugin17:53
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replaceafillmenesis, ping21:46
menesisreplaceafill: yes?21:48
replaceafillmenesis, the *.pot files shouldn't contain html markup right?21:48
replaceafillmsgid "The first row of the file must contain the id of the <strong>timetable schema</strong> which will ...21:48
menesisit's ok to contain some markup21:49
menesislike in this case21:50
replaceafillwhat about this one?21:50
replaceafillsent it to you in PM21:50
menesisI saw some unneccessary markup in schooltool.pot21:51
replaceafillthere's a lot of mark up there21:51
menesismsgid "<a href=\"\">Launchpad project page</a>"21:52
replaceafillyes, i changed that one21:52
replaceafilljust a matter of moving the i18n:translate=""21:53
replaceafillto the rigth element21:53
menesisit will be displayed ok but is unneeded work for translator21:53
replaceafill<li i18n:translate=""><a ...></a></li>21:53
menesissometimes you want to allow translating links21:53
replaceafill<li><a i18n:translate=""></a></li>21:53
menesiswhen they might point to translated website21:53
menesisbut not here21:54
menesisabout the text you posted me..21:54
menesisit's a very long section21:54
menesisif something in it changes, the whole translation will be lost in Launchpad21:55
menesismaybe it can be split21:55
menesisbut there's nothing wrong that it contains html markup21:56
replaceafillah ok21:56
menesisI would delete some of the info from about page, it is outdated and available by clicking any of the other links21:58
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replaceafillignas, this complexity mode is cool :)22:31
replaceafillyellow and red bars in cando report classes :(22:31
menesisignas, the slug is distributed. /usr/share/pyshared/schooltool/cas/cas-configure.zcml22:34
ignashmm, if it is distributed, why instructions are asking people to "write" it in gedit?22:35
ignasor is it just an oversight in the docs22:35
menesisslugs will not be needed after next release, yvl made plugins use z3c.autoinclude22:35
ignasi see, but still - I think cp is way less error prone, and the instructions will start "failing" when you release the autoinclude functionality22:36
ignaswhich I think is a good thing22:36
ignasas in - you would see users are doing it wrong, because they would fail to "copy" the include ('cause it's not there), instead of successfully creating the slug, and then complaining about things just not working22:40
replaceafillmenesis, i wonder why my sandbox didn't catch the sample_data.txt error :/22:46
menesisreplaceafill: buildbot runs test --at-level 222:48
menesisfor some reason that test is level 222:48
replaceafilloh yes, removing the level=2 from did the trick22:48
menesisdon't know what those levels mean22:48
replaceafillreturn collect_ftests(layer=export_functional_layer)22:48
ignassample data test is or at least was22:49
ignasthe slowest test of them all22:49
replaceafillyes, it's really slow :)22:49
ignasas in - it was taking minutes to complete22:49
menesisok so that's why it's level 222:49
ignascrashing machines with less than a gig of ram22:49
ignasif you want to run it22:49
menesisbut buildbot catched the error so no prob22:49
ignasbin/test --all22:49
ignasand not edit test_all.py22:50
replaceafilldef test_suite():22:51
replaceafill    return collect_ftests(layer=sampledata_functional_layer,22:51
replaceafill                          level=2) # 'cause it is slow and a memory hog22:51
menesisreplaceafill: btw I have released cando 2009.11 both .tar.gz and .deb already22:54
replaceafilloh yes, i just saw the ppa22:54
replaceafillare you telling dwelsh?22:55
menesisI have not emailed anyone22:55
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menesisguess I should22:55
replaceafilldo u want me to?22:55
menesisreplaceafill: yes please22:59
menesisI have commited some more changes, mostly removeing old stuff23:00
replaceafillyes and you added make translations support :)23:00
menesisthe package does not include translations.23:00
menesisbut they are old anyway23:00
menesisdon't know if cando needs them?23:00
replaceafillhhmm i guess dwelsh doesn't, since they are only using it in virginia23:01
replaceafillbut maybe i should sweep cando the same way i'm doing with schooltool23:02
replaceafillmenesis, if they have cando_2009.08 installed, it's just a matter of "apt-get update" and then "apt-get upgrade" to get cando_2009.11, right?23:04
replaceafillmenesis, weird, my jaunty sees the schooltool-2009 and schooltool-common updates but it doesn't see the new schooltool-cando23:15
replaceafillah, because it's only in hardy :P23:16
menesisreplaceafill: yes, because I only uploaded hardy package.23:16
menesiscopied to intrepid, and already uploaded a rebuild for jaunty23:16
replaceafillah ok23:16
menesisshould be done in some 15 minutes23:16
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