IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-12-02

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th1aAiste: ayt?17:20
Aisteth1a, yes17:21
Aistehi Tom17:21
th1aHi! Do you remember who "the dutch guys" are who you're doing the calendar work for?17:22
th1aThe institution?17:22
AisteI do not think I even know what the institution is17:22
th1aTheir names?17:22
th1aAnything that would let me find it in my gmail?17:22
ignasth1a, they should have a "question" in launchpad17:25
ignaswe don't have *that* many launchpad questions in there IIRC17:25
th1aI'll look.17:25
ignasth1a, Ronald van Engelen17:26
th1aThat's a different person than I thought...17:29
AisteYes it is Ronald17:33
Aistebut I'm not sure about what institution he represents17:33
th1aYeah, for once I wish someone had an administration-required email footer.17:35
th1aHaving a name is enough -- I just didn't want to have to say in my report that "some dutch guy" gave us some money.  ;-)17:35
Aistehe didn't give it yet, but that's agreed according to what I know17:44
th1aThanks Aiste & ignas.17:50
th1aignas:  Happy with Dominion?17:50
ignasignas, too busy to even log on :(17:53
ignaswe need consulting gigs17:54
ignasso I had to take up blogging17:54
th1aI noticed!17:54
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dlobohey th1a21:20
dloboi added some screenshots to the blog post :)21:20
th1aWe need to take a look at that jquery widget.21:20
th1aI understand what you're doing much better now.21:22
dloboi'll cook up a demo site during xmas break when i'm done with the school stuff21:23
dloboyeah, we are very happy with jQ21:25
dlobowe switched from dojo a few releases back21:25
th1aYou know, the marginal utility of a demo site over screenshots for this kind of thing can be very low.21:25
th1aIn fact, sometimes screenshots are better.21:25
th1aBecause you have to present the demo user with a huge amount of confusing fake data anyhow.21:25
th1aSince I need to keep in mind translatability, I focus on screenshots -- otherwise screencasts are probably best.21:26
th1aBut demo sites are less useful than you think.21:26
dlobofor main stream civicrm we use the demo site a lot21:28
dloboand it works great21:28
dlobosince we also get folks to use that to test new versions21:28
dloboand and reproduce bugs in a known "working" environment21:28
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dloboand we get a ton of feedback as we preview new features and suggestions21:28
dloboso from that perspective i think demo sites have a lot of use :)21:29
dloboi was just planning on taking the SFS data and renaming all the student / parent name / phones / emails21:29
dloboso not really fake, and the family stuff is still there etc21:29
th1aYeah, I can see that once you have a lot of users who would have a reference point for the previous version.21:31
dloboat this point, i think civicrm does, so it helps quite  a bit21:32
dlobohow are things coming along in schooltool land21:32
th1aWell, it looks like we have a serious national pilot brewing in the developing world, so if we nail that down, fantastic.21:34
dlobocool, that would be great for the project21:37
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