IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-11-30

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th1ahi yvl, menesis, aelkner, replaceafill, Lumiere.16:31
replaceafillgood morning16:32
th1aQuick question off the top:16:33
th1aWe got a question on LP about documentation for running multiple schooltools on one server.16:34
th1aHave we actually written down how to do that?16:34
th1aWho would like to?16:35
Lumierenormally I would say 'yes' but not this month16:35
* th1a looks for volunteering volunteers.16:35
th1amenesis:  Could you?16:36
th1a(assuming an Ubuntu package install)16:36
menesisas I understand cando people are running multiple servers..16:37
menesismultiple instances that is16:37
th1aThat's why I was looking hopefully in Lumiere's direction.16:37
menesisI can play with that, should be no more than copy the dir and change a port and name16:37
th1aYes... Lumiere, can you point menesis is the right direction?16:38
th1aDoes Matt Galagher know how it works?16:38
th1aI'll send an email in search of assistance for you, menesis.16:41
th1aMy report/proposal for next year has been delayed a bit because once I got my analysis of this year sketched out, I got a much better idea for this year, which required a little more time to sort out.16:42
menesisth1a: that should be easy, I install and test both schooltool and cando (so, two instances) on my machine16:42
th1amenesis:  OK.  Yes, it should not be hard.16:42
th1aaelkner:  Would you like to report?16:43
aelknerbetween the holidays and being under the whether one day, i only had time to take care of the SLA issues on Monday and just yesterday16:44
aelknerso nothing else to report16:44
th1aWell, thanks for taking care of those bugs yesterday.16:46
th1aWhat's next on your list for this week?16:46
aelknerno prob16:46
aelknerschooltool.intervention issues16:46
aelkneri know yvl will be glad to have those resolved16:46
aelkneri'll start with the evolution script to get rid of DublinCore dependency16:46
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th1aThanks aelkner.16:46
dwelshGood morning, all.16:47
yvlI made some changes to buildout.cfg in plugins and related stuff16:47
yvlupdated ST book16:47
th1ahi dwelsh.16:47
yvlth1a: please review16:47
yvlhi dwelsh16:48
th1aYes... I have to merge some changes now.16:48
th1aI believe we've got some conflicting changes.16:48
yvlbasically, it will change a bit how people develop schooltool16:48
yvl(I resolved conflicts with st-book trunk)16:48
dwelshreplaceafill+menesis:  We're ready for new CanDo package, as soon as Douglas merges all his code.16:48
replaceafilldwelsh, it's merged16:49
th1aAh... I may still have some because I forgot to push my changes one night.16:49
yvlhmm, I changed only dev_sandbox16:49
yvlso please keep my version :)16:49
th1aI don't mean changes with you... with menesis.16:49
yvlok then16:50
th1aIt isn't a problem except I have to completely reload the concept of resolving merges into my brain.16:50
th1aAnyhow, I'll figure it out.16:51
dwelshmenesis:  we're ready for package, then.16:51
menesisbzr conflicts, edit the files to not have the <<< markers; bzr resolved16:51
yvlif you need any help, just call16:51
dwelsh(douglas:  great work)16:51
replaceafilldwelsh, :)16:51
menesisdwelsh: ok, will update the cando package16:52
yvlwhat else... I asked Alan to check bzr+ssh://
menesisfor hardy-jaunty if that's enough for you?16:53
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yvltechnically, after checking out that branch, you just need "make run" to run the SLA deployment16:53
aelkneryvl: i wanted to ask you why you're changing sla buildout when sla doesn't use it?16:53
yvlbecause it should16:53
yvlafter some time, I'll stop supporting non-uniform deployments16:54
yvlbuildout is the correct way to use desired versions of eggs16:54
aelknerare you saying, as a cevleoper, i won't be able to use schooltool as buildout with sla package?16:55
yvlif you want, you can have dev branches or anything16:55
yvlno, not at all16:55
aelknerthe thing that is uniform is that my development sandbx matches sla's deployment16:55
aelknerand it has to be that way for my sanity16:55
yvlthat can be arranged16:56
yvlwith buildout16:56
aelknerit already is arranged that way16:56
th1aThat's what buildout is for.16:56
aelkneri just see you having done work that won't be used16:56
th1aTo automate that process.16:56
yvlthis is proof-of-concept work mainly16:57
th1aSLA won't be the only case.16:57
yvlyes :)16:57
th1aCambodia FTW!16:57
aelknerth1a: there's nothing automatic about building a development sandbox16:57
yvlaelkner: and that is a very very bad thing16:57
yvlyes, you should have some commands to do manually16:57
aelkneragain, why?16:57
Lumiereth1a: my only multiple-instance setup we have was svn based16:58
th1aLumiere:  OK.16:58
yvlbecause developers always mess stuff up while creating their sandboxes16:58
th1aAnd we want more developers.16:58
yvland I don't see why the time should be spent with trying to resolve those issues16:58
th1aSo it needs to be more automatic.16:58
Lumiereth1a: as far as I know, all we need is a way to generate instances16:58
Lumierein the package16:58
aelknerlook, there's nothing automatic about SLA needing my personal branches of any of the packages16:59
th1aLumiere:  At this point it would be fine if it was fairly manual -- it doesn't need to be built into the package completely.16:59
aelknerschooltool, schooltool.intervention, sla16:59
aelknerthey need my versions because they aren't going to wait for merges and packaging16:59
* Lumiere notes that they should...17:00
th1aSure, Lumiere... there are lots of things we *should* do.17:00
yvlaelkner: I understand17:01
Lumierewell, running off branches of everything is a poor design17:01
th1aLumiere: Immediately, I'd just like some relevant docs.17:01
Lumiereone prone to breaking spectacularly17:01
aelknerLumiere: SLA is not about design, it's bleeding edge17:01
aelknerlike jelkner17:01
aelknerhe always uses personal branches, too17:01
th1aAnyhow, aelkner, what yvl is working on is necessary in general, and SLA is a test case.17:02
th1aThat's what SLA is for...17:02
yvlaelkner: still17:03
aelknerwell, as long as yvl doesn't wat me to deploy SLA using sla buildout, i'm ok with that17:03
yvlno, I don't17:03
yvlbut I wanted you to TEST the solution from my branch17:03
yvljust TEST17:03
yvlif it work17:03
yvlcheck out the branch17:03
aelkneryvl: i'll do that today and email you the results17:03
yvlmake run17:03
yvland then change the develop = .17:03
yvlto your branches17:03
yvl(in buildout.cfg)17:04
yvlthat should give you identical deployment to SLA17:04
yvlmy questions was - did I forget something17:04
aelkneryvl: if that works out, i could switch my development sandbox to use that17:04
aelknerand then change SLA deployment to match that17:04
aelkneri'll let you know17:04
yvlalso, you won't need stapp2008fall anymore17:05
yvlthe sla package along with schooltool package compensate for that17:05
aelkneri already didn't need that17:05
aelknersince you made schooltool buildout work17:05
yvlhmm, I didn't know that17:05
aelkneri've been using that wothout needing stapp(...)17:06
yvlthat would be one of the small benefits of uniformity17:06
yvlI would know how exactly you deployed things by asking 2 questions :)17:06
yvlso, try that out and tell me how it went :)17:07
th1aAnything else to share yvl?17:08
yvlhmm, plans for this week maybe?17:08
yvltwo things on the table:17:08
yvlhot and burning calendar overlay fixes17:08
yvlseriously, I got carried away from that too much :)17:08
yvland porting ST to newer Zope17:09
yvlthe one that's in Karmic17:09
th1aSounds good.17:09
yvl(well, at least checking what breaks and what we need; contacting somebody (Brian I guess) about KGS policy)17:09
yvland that's it17:10
th1aThanks yvl.17:10
replaceafillI fixed the CanDo bug dwelsh reported last week17:10
replaceafillabout the section gradebook17:10
replaceafillCanDo is now ready to be packaged17:11
replaceafilli just check the buildbot status and the tests pass17:11
yvl(btw, replaceafill, ignas made an awesome blogpost about testing translations: ; one day we'll add something similar to ST)17:11
replaceafilli also started the i18n work17:11
replaceafillyvl, :O i'll check that out thanks17:11
replaceafillas yvl asked last week i looked for DYNAMIC_CONTENT msgids in schooltool trunk and schooltool.gradebook17:12
replaceafilland noticed that lots of them were related to the zonki image :)17:13
replaceafillfixed some templates17:13
replaceafilland then moved to schooltool.intervention17:13
replaceafillbut there's a failure in the tests17:13
th1aHm... yes, the Zonki stuff was a fun project with an intern at a sprint.17:14
th1aWhich is irrelevant since Zonki has a less prominent place now in the UI.17:14
replaceafilland i guess schooltool.intervention's zcml needs a new domain "schooltool.intervention"17:14
th1aSo you can rip that stuff out.17:14
replaceafillth1a, ah ok17:14
th1aFor reference, I noticed we have lots of drawings of Zonki doing different things, so we were going to change which one you saw depending on what you were doing.17:15
th1a(error zonki, entering data zonki, etc.)17:15
th1a(Zonki is the zebra, btw)17:15
th1aBut then we decided we wanted the top bar more compact and moved him to the bottom.17:15
replaceafilli also think schooltool.intervention needs a "make extract-translations" rule17:16
th1aIf we had followed through with it, it might not have been as silly as it sounds... some teachers love that kind of crap.17:16
yvland a translation template in Launchpad17:16
menesisreplaceafill: intervention is not translatable. yes it needs it's own i18n_domain. I have this task assigned to me but haven't gotten to implement it yet17:16
replaceafilland schooltool.intervention will need a little more work to make it 100% translatable17:17
replaceafillmenesis, i could help if you want17:17
replaceafillah, and i started translating schooltool.gradebook to spanish17:17
replaceafillah, and finally started to look lovely.remotetask documentation17:18
replaceafillto be ready when yvl asked me to do something with it17:18
replaceafillth1a, i guess that's all17:19
menesisreplaceafill: if you have other tasks I'd rather you look at them, I can do the i18n stuff myself17:19
replaceafillmenesis, oh ok17:19
th1aAre there some i18n tasks replaceafill could work on?17:20
menesisare your i18n branches of schooltool and gradebook finished, can I merge them?17:20
replaceafillmenesis, yes please17:20
replaceafillschooltool_i18n and schooltool.gradebook_i18n17:20
yvlaelkner: one more small thing17:23
yvlif recent buildout/Makefile changes work out for you17:23
yvlcan I try to write instructions for Jeff on setting up schooltool 1.2 dev + cando instance?17:24
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yvlI want to see if we can come up with very simple instructions anybody can use17:24
aelknerreplaceafill handles jelkner's deployment these days, so i'd ask him17:24
yvlok, thanks17:25
yvlI'm assuming replaceafill will be ok with it ;)17:25
replaceafillyvl, instructions would be great17:25
yvlallright then17:25
yvlth1a: please review the dev sandbox changes in the branch I mentioned17:26
yvlsection renamed to "Developing SchoolTool"17:26
th1aAny last words before I go to the dentist?17:28
aelknerask for novicane17:28
aelkneri hear it helps reduce the pain17:28
mgedminbetter than novocaine?17:29
th1aI usually take laudanum.17:29
aelknerok, so i can't spell17:29
th1aWhether I'm going to the dentist or not...17:29
th1aOK, have a great week gentlemen!17:29
aelknerthanks, you, too17:29
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:30
replaceafillmenesis, in the meantime i'm running "bin/i18nextract --egg schooltool.intervention --domain schooltool --output-file schooltool.intervention.pot" on intervention17:31
replaceafilli guess that's ok, right?17:31
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jelknerpcardune: top of the mornin to you, mr. carduner!23:30
jelknerlet me know when you have a few minutes to talk about gasp.23:30
pcardunejelkner: I have a few minutes now23:31
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jelknerpcardune: let's meet on the wave...23:32
pcardunepcardune: ok, I'm there23:33
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