IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-11-11

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markllamamorning.  Can anyone point me to an example of an apache/ssl configuration to proxy schooltool?  I've found several but I'm having an issue getting apache to accept ProxyHTMLEnable (directive not found) though I have mod_proxy and mod_proxy_html, and mod_proxy_http all enabled.15:55
markllamaProxyPass and ProxyReversePass both work and i get the front page, but all of the links in the page point to the unproxied URL, and I need to get page rewrites working.    Any pointers?15:56
markllamaI'm reading this now, and I'm stuck getting the reverse proxy rewrite rules working:
ignasmarkllama, still there?16:02
markllamafyi: Ubuntu 9.10 server for both schooltool and apache16:03
markllamathey're on the same box.16:03
ignasyou need to pass the host you are proxying for when proxying zope apps16:03
ignasschooltool is using zope16:03
ignaslemme dig up the instructions16:03
markllamaqueries are inbound on and are directed symmetrically to http://localhost:708016:04
markllamaoh, with the trailing '/' added as several notes indicated.16:05
ignasProxyPass /
* mgedmin feels guilty for zope's ++vh++ syntax16:05
ignashmm lemme see16:05
markllamaoh, so you actually can tell Zope to do the URL translation?16:05
ignascan't recall how to add /schooltool bit16:05
mgedminthe /schooltool prefix makes things interesting16:05
ignasnot just can, you have to16:05
mgedminignas, you put it before the trailing /++16:05
mgedminProxyPass /schooltool   <-- might work, maybe16:06
mgedminI usually did it with RewriteRule16:06
markllamaI'll try that16:06
mgedminor two16:06
mgedmincan't remember why I needed two16:07
mgedminsomething about handling slashes properly16:07
ignasyeah, I think it was slashes16:07
mgedminzope 3 is very nitpicky and unhappy if it ends up serving something like /++//suburl16:07
ignasso it would work bot with /schooltool and /schooltool/16:07
ignasor something16:07
mgedminor maybe it was one rule for http and one for https16:07
markllamaI've seen hints at that.16:07
markllamaIn this case I'm only allowing https:443 TCP into my house, and just using the proxy to convert to http16:08
ignasi did that quite a few times, but that was some time ago, and the .htaccess file is lost...16:08
markllamaI could set up a second virtualhost on https:7080 inbound proxied to http:localhost:7080 if that's easier.16:09
ignasno difference really16:09
ignasfrom what I can recall16:09
markllamaok, let's try this....16:09
ignasa line or two in apache configuration is all that is needed16:09
markllamaso the proxypass lines should be sufficient, I don't need the ProxyHTMLURLMap or ProxyHTMLEnable16:10
ignasduno about proxy, sorry16:11
ignasuse mod_rewrite all the time16:11
ignasis an old doc16:11
ignasbut the Virtual hosting16:11
ignassection is still relevant16:11
ignasfrom what I know16:11
ignasI think it's the only part of that document that is still true :D16:12
ignasLumiere, could you copy paste modify that part into schooltool book16:12
ignasLumiere, menesis, apache configuration is something of an FAQ ;)16:13
ignasand I don't know which of you has access/know how of the book16:13
markllamaso I have these two cases:16:16
yvlmarkllama: ST has some bugs when it's not under root of the server:
yvlwe'll fix that as soon as we can16:16
yvlbut I can't give you the timeline16:16
* markllama is furiously reading.16:17
yvlif you run schooltool with rewrite rule and find some bugs, please report16:17
yvlthat would be awesome16:17
yvland really, really helpful16:17
markllamathis is for a demo so I don't have to have everything working (re the non-root bug for help).  It will be on a dedicated virtual server on delivery.16:18
markllamaI'm actually mostly trying to avoid unencrypted traffic in/out of my house in prep for the demo.16:19
mgedminhttps rules16:19
markllamaonce the client agrees to pay for the installation, I can bill for the time to estabilish proxy SSL on the production server.16:19
mgedminshould be just a matter of SSLEngine on and changing the ProxyPass to point to /++vh++https:servername:443/.../16:20
mgedminapache rules too16:20
markllamaok, this gets me proxy with no URL rewrite:16:21
markllama        ProxyPass /schooltool/ http://localhost:7080/16:21
markllama        ProxyPassReverse /schooltool/ http://localhost:7080/16:21
markllamathis gets me a "page not found" error for schooltool/calendar on the frontpage redirect:16:23
markllama        ProxyPass /schooltool/ http://localhost:7081/++vh++
markllama        ProxyPassReverse /schooltool/ http://localhost:7080/++vh++
markllamano message in the apache2 error log16:24
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markllamaHrrm.  that's not in my file....16:25
markllama        ProxyPass /schooltool/ http://localhost:7080/++vh++
markllama        ProxyPassReverse /schooltool/ http://localhost:7080/++vh++
mgedminthe ProxyPassReverse is not necessary16:26
markllamanot sure how that 1 got in there.16:26
mgedminbut shouldn't hurt either16:27
mgedmindo you see schooltool receiving the request in schooltool's access log?16:27
mgedminthere are things you need to do to have apache proxy pass working16:27
mgedminlike enable mod_proxy, mod_proxy_http, and then configure it to allow proxying to localhost for everyone16:27
markllamathose are done.  I'm actually getting the "not found" from schooltool.16:28
markllamaand (cleartext, via firewall redirect)16:30
markllamaok, well I have some more reading and learning to do before I get this right.  Thanks for the pointers.16:32
ignasthat's interesting16:32
markllama        ProxyPass /schooltool http://localhost:7080/++vh++
markllamathat's the current rule16:33
ignasnot https://16:33
markllamathat's what is SHOULD be?16:33
ignaslook at the docs ;)16:34
markllamasomeone mentioned extra slashes and Tim Berners-Lee recently decried his own inclusion of the //16:34
ignasalso - I think you should add the port after .org16:34
ignasthe code that is parsing it might be expecting that16:35
ignasyvl, would you like someone contributing IM support for schooltool? :)16:35
ignasyvl, and that someone telling jelkner about all the possibilities ;)16:35
markllamayep, I got an error indicating the format was "scheme:host:port" added that it  seems golden.16:36
markllamaIM support... whoo does Zope have an interface to XMPP?16:37
yvlignas, I'm sorry to say that yes, yes I would ;)))16:37
markllamaThanks all!  I'll look at the Zope/XMPP idea ;-)16:37
* ignas is working on a twisted server that allows communication with IM protocols using xmlrpc16:38
ignasintegrating it into the main Zope/Pylons/Django process seems a bit nasty to me16:38
ignasbecause most of them do not really have guidelines for safe integration of long running processes next to the serving part16:38
ignasi mean - you don't want to connect to XMPP server from your WSGI app16:39
ignasthat might break down heavily when running it directly in apache or ngnix16:39
ignasand if it is next to the wsgi stack, paster and all the wsgi server startup stuff suddenly can't cope with what you are doing16:40
th1ayvl: What was the source of that gradebook traceback I got?16:40
yvlaverages tried to use score 0, when there were no student grades16:41
markllamaignas: there are protocols for converting XMPP messages into or piping through http16:41
yvlthe assigned average scoresystem did not have scores <= 016:41
markllamayou could create an IM component on an XMPP server and allow people to send messages to the HTTP server via XMPP and get the responses back the same way.16:42
markllamathat would solve the pure client initated messaging16:42
markllamahaving server initated messages is another thing.16:42
mgedminignas, ever looked at zc.async?16:42
mgedminI haven't, but I think it's meant for safe integration of long-running background jobs16:43
ignasmgedmin, nope, but I am 100% sure it will work fantastically undet ngnix ;)16:43
markllamawell back to real work for me.  Thanks all.16:43
ignasor some other wsgi serving method that spawns wsgi applications directly at will16:43
ignasmarkllama, no problem, if something breaks - ask ;)16:43
ignasand report :)16:44
markllamayou betcha16:44
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replaceafillth1a, ping18:29
th1aHi replaceafill.18:29
replaceafillth1a, i've been looking at the linking code in schooltool18:29
replaceafilland i've found 5 cases that raises errors:18:30
replaceafill'Cannot assign section as next to itself18:30
replaceafillCannot assign section as previous to itself'18:30
replaceafillCannot link sections in same term18:30
replaceafillCannot link sections in different school years18:30
replaceafillSections must be in consecutive terms18:30
replaceafilli guess those 5 are the only ones18:31
replaceafillor at least the ones i've found :)18:31
replaceafillim going to handle them in the xmlrpc api, is that ok?18:33
th1aI don't know why not.18:34
th1aUnless it will take 2 days.18:34
replaceafilli guess i'll finish this afternoon18:35
th1aMake sure Chris knows how to get the update.18:35
replaceafilli thought i could help him like the last time18:36
replaceafillhe gave me access to his server18:36
th1aOK.  Good.18:37
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th1amenesis:  Did you push the changes yvl made?19:28
menesisth1a: working on that19:28
menesisthat's two fixes for gradebook and one for schooltool19:29
th1aI believe so.19:29
menesisintervention has two issues one that justas was working on but couldn't finish, and two - an incorrect test19:30
menesisbut he said was exhausted and cannot complete that today19:31
menesisbut I will push the releases of modules that have changes19:31
menesisth1a: you are preparing release notes for the book? have you seen that I added CHANGES.txt to all modules?19:33
menesisthey are in rst and you can copy directly I think19:33
th1aOK, I'll check those.19:34
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replaceafillmenesis, ping22:11
replaceafilli just branched my xmlrpc branch22:11
replaceafilli use schooltool.stapp2008spring too22:12
th1amenesis:  Ping me when we've got new .debs (if we don't already).22:12
replaceafilli add my schooltool_xmlrpc to schooltool.stapp2008spring's buildout.cfg22:12
replaceafilland when i run buildout i get:22:12
replaceafillGot schooltool.lyceum.journal 0.4.1dev-r173.22:13
replaceafill  Installing schooltool.stapp2008spring.22:13
replaceafillError: There is a version conflict.22:13
replaceafillWe already have: schooltool 2009.10.0dev22:13
replaceafillbut schooltool.lyceum.journal 0.4.1dev-r173 requires 'schooltool>=1.1.1,<2'.22:13
menesisth1a: not yet, had to deal with sick family. now they gone to sleep22:13
replaceafilli guess my xmlrpc has an old find-links22:13
menesisreplaceafill: I know, have seen that error on cando buildbot as well22:13
th1aOK.  No problem.  My family has been sick too...  I'm pretty much the last remaining sicko.22:13
menesisit's ok, should have worked with any find-links22:13
menesisbut I can't fix that22:14
menesiswas going to email schooltool-dev:22:14
menesisI have finally renamed 2009.04.x releases to 1.0.x22:14
ignassetting versions in is a dangerous idea :/22:14
menesisbut I don't know how to tell that  2009 < 1 as I can with a debian epoch22:15
menesisyou have to manually delete all eggs and cache files named schooltool-200*22:16
replaceafilli did22:16
replaceafilli guess my xmlrpc branch is too old22:16
menesisthat is, ~/.buildout/eggs/schooltool-1.*22:16
menesisrm -r ~/.buildout/eggs/schooltool-200*22:17
menesisrm ~/.buildout/cache/dist/schooltool-200*22:17
menesisif you have a ~/.buildout/default.cfg like suggested in schooltool book22:18
replaceafillif i dont have the ~/.buildout directory, buildout creates the eggs directory inside schooltool.stapp2008spring, right?22:18
menesisthen, buildout -n should download a 1.x.x version22:18
replaceafilli deleted the eggs there22:18
replaceafillyou think setting it up like the book will solve it?22:18
replaceafillok, will try it that way22:19
menesisno. but that are good settings, do not have to download the same eggs for different sandboxes22:20
replaceafilli had troubles sharing eggs before, so i prefer to download eggs each time22:20
replaceafillgrok, zope and schooltool :)22:20
menesisoh well.22:20
menesiswhat are find-links in the project that fails?22:21
menesisin buildout.cfg22:21
replaceafillhow do you call the paste thing here? :)22:21
replaceafilli remember there was a bot for that22:21
replaceafillis it lisppaste5?22:22
menesisthink so22:22
replaceafilllisppaste5, url22:23
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.22:23
menesisI have removed schooltool-200* from the ftp so it should not be downloaded. if you have such a version conflict means that's somewhere locally22:24
lisppaste5replaceafill pasted "schooltool_xmlrpc buildout.cfg" at
replaceafilli think it's outdated22:25
menesisthat's old but should work22:25
menesisthe problem is in your xmlrpc branch22:26
menesisit has version number 2009.10dev22:27 ?22:27
menesisand you can't merge from trunk now, I will tell you how to redo the branch22:27
replaceafilli was thinking of that, but i don't know if that will break current functionality in SLA22:28
replaceafillbut the xmlrpc branch was created from schooltool trunk rev revno: 2521, and that's old!22:29
menesisbut your problem can be solved by changing to 1.1.2dev22:29
replaceafillah ok22:29
menesisthen, to be able to merge from trunk later,22:29
menesisyou need a bzr rebase plugin22:30
menesisbzr rebase -r 2522.. --onto 2513 lp:schooltool22:30
menesiswill make it appear as branched from revision 2513.22:30
replaceafilli changed to 1.1.2dev and it worked :)22:31
menesisthen you can merge from trunk or I can merge to trunk22:31
menesisthat's good22:31
replaceafillthanks menesis22:32
replaceafilli thought the find-links was the problem :/22:32
replaceafilli had never modified a :)22:32
replaceafilli thought it was only project metadata22:32
menesisno, I tried to keep that location compatible. but I can't easily :(22:33
menesiswell I have added a version requirement in the eggs22:33
menesiswill remove schooltool<2 part when I do release today, that would fix such problems22:34
menesisha. yeah.22:35
replaceafillmenesis, ah great! now lyceum is trying to get new code in schooltool >:(22:45
replaceafillfrom schooltool.table.interfaces import ITableFormatter, IIndexedTableFormatter22:45
replaceafilland since my branch is too old that code is not there22:45
replaceafillthis smells like a needed merge22:46
menesisyou could change find-links to
menesisand remove nightly and eggs/3.422:47
replaceafillin stapp2008 or schooltool_xmlrpc, or both?22:47
menesisin schooltool_xmlrpc22:48
replaceafillah ok22:48
menesisdon't know what branch of stapp2008 you have taken22:48
replaceafillthe latest one22:49
menesisI release from this branch bzr+ssh://
menesisit is the latest22:50
menesisit contains everything from trunk and uses schooltool 1.0 set22:50
replaceafillthe extends part should change too, right?22:51
replaceafillto 1.0/versions.cfg22:51
replaceafillnope, same versions after the change in schooltool_xmlrpc/buildout.cfg:22:53
menesisthese are newer22:56
menesisthan you need22:56
menesisdelete them22:56
menesisthen bin/buildout -n to get gradebook 0.4.9 etc22:57
menesisone more thing22:57
menesistry adding use-dependency-links = false to [buildout] section22:57
replaceafillok, trying22:59
th1areplaceafill:  Are you trying to update SLA?23:02
replaceafillth1a, no, trying to start my sandbox23:02
replaceafillwith the xmlrpc branch23:02
replaceafillshould we update their instance?23:03
th1aDid you see Chris's last email about linked sections?23:05
lisppaste5replaceafill annotated #90191 "newest schooltool_xmlrpc/buildout.cfg" at
replaceafillth1a, yes, i wanted to test something to answer him when i hit this eggs problem23:06
th1aOK.  Sure.23:06
th1aAlso, I cc:ed you on my last reply about the permissions problem they're having.23:06
replaceafillmenesis, i applied the changes to the schooltool_xmlrpc/buildout.cfg and get the same versions :(23:07
th1aIf you want to have a crack at it tomorrow, let me know.  Otherwise, we'll just wait for aelkner to get back.23:07
replaceafillth1a, i'd like to work on that :)23:07
th1aDo you have any of the earlier emails on it?23:08
th1aI guess there is a bug in the system I can assign to you.23:08
replaceafillthe first you sent me was when you asked me for the invoice, it has two items23:09
replaceafill1) Only site admins can see previous year's narratives.23:09
replaceafill2) Only site admins can edit student contact data23:10
th1a1) is the relevant one.23:10
th1ayvl spent the day looking at it and I think it made him want to kill himself.23:10
menesisreplaceafill: that buildout.cfg you pasted should work... try make clean ; make23:13
menesisyeah... yvl will likely take two days off23:14
th1amenesis:  Yes, we had a long chat this morning.  He's just going to be "on call" if any show-stoppers come up.23:15
* th1a goes to start dinner.23:15
menesisthat's unfortunate but he's exhausted and is not able to fix outstanding issues already23:15
th1aI understand.  One thing that happened was that these SLA bugs didn't crop up because of the release, they were really triggered by the end of the first term, which Alan's vacation just happened to coincide with.23:17
th1aIt was just a coincidence that they ran into them at the same time we were releasing and Alan was on vacation.23:18
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replaceafillmenesis, making the buildout.cfg changes in schooltool.stapp2008spring works :)23:46
menesisoh. good :)23:47
replaceafilldont know the disadvantages of that though23:47

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