IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-11-10

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th1aHi menesis, yvl.16:31
yvlhi th1a16:31
th1aDid you get a chance to look at that gradebook bug I found?16:33
yvlnot yet, I came late to work today :(16:34
yvlI'm fixing Jeffs bug16:34
th1aOK.  I'm getting a slow start today too.16:34
yvlit seems that gradebook doesn't allow to select a correct term if there are terms with same titles in several years16:35
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menesishi th1a.16:36
th1ahi menesis.16:36
yvlI'll have the fix soon and then move to other bugs16:36
menesissame here.. but I don't think I had any immediate tasks16:37
yvlumm, except for enabling interventions, right?16:37
menesisyvl just asked me for one, though16:37
th1amenesis: Yes.16:37
menesisand release whatever yvl manages to fix, but that depends on him16:38
th1aI'd like to have the "gradebook gives a traceback after upgrade" bug I found fix prior to next release candidate.16:39
yvlI agree16:39
menesisI'd like intervention test failure fixed, cannot release when buildbot is red16:40
yvlok, so we release tomorrow 13:00-14:00 UTC16:42
yvlI'll try to get as many bugs as I can by then16:44
yvlas for your bug th1a...16:45
yvlit would be great if you can zip your Data.fs and put it somewhere for download16:46
th1aDidn't I?16:46
th1aI thought I attached it.16:46
th1aTo the bug.16:47
yvloh, sorry, yes, you did16:47
yvlwith attached Data.fs that is a perfect bug report for tracebacks16:49
th1aYou should start to get used to the kind of bugs aelkner leaves.16:52
th1aI would imagine.16:52
yvlwell...... :)16:58
th1aWhat caused the jelkner bug?17:01
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yvlthe term is selected by term title17:07
yvlterms come from sections, that come from different years17:08
yvldifferent years have terms with same titles17:08
yvlrandom (most likely, earliest) year's term is selected17:08
yvlthat was 200817:08
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th1aIs there a better method of getting the term?17:11
yvlyes, I did that17:13
yvlnow testing17:13
yvlyou need to build unique form keys in such cases17:14
yvland never, ever, ever use titles as keys17:14
yvlwhat if people start putting commas, quotes, or unicode symbols there?17:14
th1aMake a list of "don'ts" for aelkner.17:15
yvlin this case it's term's title, so not that likely, but still.17:15
yvlyes, I already put that on my TODO list17:15
yvlbut it's growing rapidly17:15
th1aI have discussions with him about these kind of things occasionally, but I can never make a really authoritative argument.17:15
th1aHe is capable of adaptation.17:16
* th1a goes to take a shower.17:17
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yvlmenesis, I commited the fix for Jeff's bug19:13
yvlcan you build a gradebook egg?19:13
yvlI can't find where to do that in buildbot :|19:13
menesisforce build19:14
menesisyvl: anything else pending for gradebook?19:15
yvlbut it would be nice to give an egg to Jeff19:15
menesiseggs appear in
menesisif you have this in buildout.cfg find-links it will be picked up on bin/buildout -n19:20
yvlI guess they have that, at least it looks so in CanDo trunk19:21
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replaceafillth1a, ping23:29
th1aCan you write a script for Chris?23:30
replaceafillth1a, yes23:30
th1aCool.  When can you do it?23:30
replaceafillwe have to link the sections, right?23:31
replaceafillaccording with their names?23:31
th1aThe sections only exist in the first term.23:31
th1aGo go through the sections, make new ones in subsequent terms, and link them.23:31
th1aCopying the students, teachers, etc.23:32
replaceafillgot it23:32
replaceafilli can work on that today23:32
th1aActually, how do you do a script like that -- how will it be run?23:33
replaceafillwhat we did once in cando was to create a "temporary" view to do it23:34
replaceafillwe also could add the linking functionality to the xmlrpc package23:35
th1aYeah... do you want to just do that?23:35
th1aYou might be able to just do that and let Chris write an XML-RPC script.23:36
replaceafilli think it's better that the "temporary" script :)23:36
th1aJust do that.23:36
replaceafilli'll send chris an email to tell him about the API23:37
th1aThanks for the quick response.23:38
replaceafillth1a, i guess it's safer to "assume" that chris is the only one using that package, right?23:38
th1aNobody else knows about it.23:38
replaceafillah, and the other issue was the broken functionality in the UI, right?23:39
replaceafillthe one that Alan fixed for them23:39
replaceafilllet me check the email again23:39
th1aI think it is fixed.23:39
replaceafillah ok23:39
th1aThere are some unpleasant cases with linked sections that have to be dealt with.23:39
th1aWell, details.23:39
th1aUnpleasant = "how do I link two arbitrary existing sections through the web after the fact?"23:40
th1aLess unpleasant = "Can I have a button to make a subsequent linked section to an existing one?"23:40
th1aAlso: "Can I make linked sections via XLS import?" (I don't know)23:41
th1aOK.  Thanks.23:41
* th1a goes to cook dinner.23:41
replaceafillthank you th1a23:41

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