IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-11-09

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* th1a goes to take a shower.16:01
* th1a returns to the land of the living.16:30
th1ahi menesis, yvl.16:31
yvlhi th1a16:31
th1aI pretty much slept from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning, so, as you might have noticed, I didn't announce a release.16:32
ignasth1a spent 30 minutes in the land of the swimming? ;)16:32
th1aI'm happy to start fresh this week.16:32
* th1a hates weekend bug reports.16:32
menesisI did not do anything on weekend either, so16:32
th1aI think we all needed a break.16:32
LumiereI ate chicago style pizza...16:32
Lumiereand did nothing else16:32
menesisth1a: do you feel better16:32
th1ahi Lumiere.16:33
th1amenesis:  I'm feeling better.16:33
th1aA little congested, but less tired.16:33
th1aI pretty much had a headache all last week.16:33
th1aSo, where do we stand from Vilnius's point of view?16:34
menesisI think. The release is done16:37
* yvl runs for coffee, brb. Sort of got carried away with CAS example writing...16:37
th1aPriorities.  ;-)16:37
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th1aSo do we have any outstanding bugs that aren't in the tracker?16:39
menesisI planned to update the 1.0 set after that - backport some bugfixes, change versions.cfg location to get only stable releases16:39
replaceafillgood morning all16:39
th1aAh, here's the man I need to talk to.16:39
menesisso that production deployments do not use nightly eggs16:39
menesislike what happened for jelkner16:40
* yvl back16:40
th1ayvl: What are your high priority outstanding bugs?16:40
yvlnone, regarding this release16:41
menesisI have craeted a milestone for outstanding bugs
yvlI want to document how to enable CAS16:41
yvland test if it works16:41
yvland document how to install demo CAS service with tomcat16:42
yvl(if that's possible)16:42
yvlso that people (and us) can try it out16:42
th1ayvl: That's probably not the best use of your time.16:42
yvlI know :(16:43
th1aLet's see what our CAS users can do with your instructions.16:43
th1aI have two hot bugs, only one of which I've actually put in the tracker...16:43
yvlI just got tomcat + demo CAS running16:43
yvloh, ok16:43
yvlI can do those16:43
th1aSo one is jelkner's gradebook/year bug.16:44
th1aWould you care to explain it, replaceafill?16:44
th1a(it is in the tracker now)16:44
replaceafillit's weird16:44
replaceafillwe copied the Data.fs from dwelsh instance16:44
replaceafillit has data from 2008 in it16:45
replaceafillwith a term for 200816:45
th1aI assume it is coming from how the gradebook is getting the current year/term.16:45
replaceafilland now it has the 2009 year with a term also16:45
replaceafillone student tried to see her 2009 grades16:46
replaceafilland the Gradebook link at the top displays automatically the 2008 sections for her16:46
replaceafilland gives no option to go to 200916:46
replaceafillbut the weird part is this:16:46
replaceafilli suggested getting rid of the 2008 year16:47
replaceafillsince jelkner doesnt need it16:47
replaceafillwhen i delete the 2008 year, the school years view loses its action buttons16:47
replaceafilland the Manage tab disappears!16:47
Lumierewe should never get rid of an old schoolyear (it shouldn't even be possible)16:48
replaceafillif i'm logged in as manager and try to go to the manage.html view16:48
th1aLumiere has the right answer.16:48
replaceafilli get the login form16:48
replaceafillat the end i only deleted the 2008 term and it worked16:49
replaceafillthe student can login to the right year in the gradebook16:49
th1aDid you look at how the gradebook gets the current year.16:49
replaceafilland jelkner doesnt lose the Manage tab16:49
Lumierewe need to find out why she got 2008 info16:49
Lumieredeleting anything from a prior sy isn't a good solution :)16:49
replaceafillth1a, no i couldnt find answers yet16:50
th1aGenerally, aelkner will figure out a hacky way to do something before he asks about the right way.16:50
yvlvery interesting16:50
th1aSo there's that.16:51
th1aAnd I just forwarded an email to yvl and menesis with the other issue.16:51
replaceafilli can set up a testing instance for you guys to see it16:51
th1aBasically, some permissions in interventions need to be tweaked.16:53
yvlthe old Data.fs would be nice16:53
yvlbut I guess the data is confidential16:53
th1aBut it would be good to turn that around quickly.16:53
yvlok, th1a16:53
yvl2) is easy to do16:53
th1aOK -- yvl gets #2.16:53
yvldon't know about the 1); looks easy, but I don't remember the code16:53
yvlor maybe never seen it at all :)16:54
th1aAs far as I know, bug #1 only occurs in the gradebook itself, for students.16:54
th1aNot for teachers and not in any other place.16:54
yvlok, I'll get on those two tomorrow16:55
yvlreplaceafill, can you ask Jeff to give me the zipped Data.fs16:55
yvlI promise to delete it after debugging16:55
replaceafillyvl, sure16:55
yvlthat would save time...16:55
yvlreplaceafill, the original one, before evolution, and the name of the student, please :)16:57
replaceafillah that's another issue with jelkner bleeding edge instance, the eggs16:58
replaceafillit's using: schooltool-1.1.1dev_r2544-py2.5.egg16:58
replaceafilland that egg is not in the ftp anymore16:59
menesissome of them were broken16:59
replaceafillthis is the one i kept getting during the weeking: schooltool-1.0.4dev_r2513-py2.5.egg16:59
menesisI deleted many of nightly builds16:59
menesisnot thinking I would break some "production" instance17:00
menesiseither you use the 1.0 release or the 1.2 release17:00
replaceafillthe 1.1.1 evolved the Data.fs to the 33 evolution number17:00
replaceafilland the 1.0.4 expects the 32 evolution number17:00
replaceafillso you get an error17:00
replaceafillthe same happens to the gradebook17:00
menesisthat's expected17:01
replaceafilland schooltool.gradebook-0.4.10dev_r76-py2.5.egg17:01
menesischange find-links in buildout cfg from .../releases/nightly to
replaceafillmenesis, like we used to do with 2009.cfg files?17:02
menesisthese are stable releases and not development snapshots of unknown quality17:02
menesisdon't know what you used before17:03
menesislook at
menesisI have added a comment how to use it17:03
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menesisthese will not change or break unexpectedly17:03
replaceafillah, you have to modify also17:04
menesiswell this is the new archive organization that I have not communicated or documented properly :(17:04
menesisbut I have done this to not have breakages like you experienced17:05
replaceafillgreat, i'll try it out17:06
th1aDid we resolve the interventions bugs yvl and menesis found last week?17:10
menesisth1a: yes yvl fixed them17:11
th1aOK.  Good.17:11
menesisthey are released17:11
yvlmenesis, I keep forgetting - did you send th1a instructions how to update ST in Karmic?17:11
th1aOK, so I'm going to try installing on my two Karmic boxes and if it works, announce the release.17:11
th1aHe did.17:11
yvlcool :)17:13
th1aIn other news, I have to drive up to Boston on Friday to make a public comment on the proposed regulations for a $350 million dollar grant program to be spent on assessment & technology.17:14
th1aSo a little open source advocacy.17:14
th1areplaceafill:  So I do have a little money for you, but we need to talk about what you're going to do before you start doing it if I'm going to pay you.17:15
th1aAlso, I believe I need an October invoice from you.17:16
replaceafilloh yes, will work on it right now17:16
th1aWhich will allow me to figure out how much money I have left...17:17
th1aOK, that's all I've got.17:17
th1aI'll send yvl an email about first priorities going forward.17:18
th1aThanks for wrapping this up guys.17:19
yvljust keep in mind I still haven't finished with calendar overlays17:19
yvlother things keep popping :)17:19
th1aYes... did you ask Aiste about payment for that?17:19
th1aI should just send her an email.17:19
yvlyes please17:20
yvlshe handles such transactions :)17:20
th1aHave a great week gentlemen!17:20
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:20
yvlget well, th1a17:21
th1amenesis: Can you make this more explicit? - schooltool.cas needs to be in the path17:27
menesisth1a: this was copied from Alan's email...17:28
th1aWhich path?17:28
th1aAssuming you've got a package install?17:29
menesisbut on Ubuntu, if the python-schooltool.cas is installed, it is in the sys.path17:29
menesisinstalled either via ubuntu or in sandbox17:29
menesisso it can be dropped from instructions17:29
th1aActually, are there cas debs now?17:30
menesisadd a file to plugins dir, and add 4 lines to main.conf17:30
menesisyes there are17:30
th1aOK, so then step 1 is assumed.17:31
th1aOr, step 1 is apt-get install schooltool.cas17:31
menesisapt-get install python-schooltool.cas17:31
menesisbut yes17:32
th1aOK.  Thanks.17:32
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th1ajelkner:  yvl is looking at your gradebook/year bug.17:49
yvl replaceafill, can you ask Jeff to give me the zipped Data.fs17:50
yvl I promise to delete it after debugging17:50
yvljelkner: I asked for Data.fs if confidentiality allows that17:51
yvland the failing student username17:51
jelkneryvl: take it17:51
replaceafillyvl, will send it to you right now17:51
th1amenesis:  Do I create the /etc/apt/preferences file?17:52
th1aI'm not putting something in /etc/apt/preferences.d/ ?17:52
menesisth1a: create it if it does not exist17:52
mgedminpins are painful17:52
jelknerth1a: i just filed a comment on a bug dwelsh reported like a year ago17:52
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menesisdon't know about preferences.d, didn't work for me17:52
jelknerwill you see that?17:52
jelknerthe bug is marked as low priority17:53
th1ajelkner: Probably.17:53
jelknerbut i think it is more important than that17:53
jelknerand it effects ST, not just CanDo17:53
jelkneri was trying to add students to my section as a teacher17:53
jelknerthere were 2 students with same name17:53
jelknerand since all teachers can see is fname, lname17:54
jelkneri couldn't tell which one to add17:54
jelknerok, i need to go... incoming students...17:54
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menesishow do you distinguish two people with same name at all..17:59
replaceafillthey propose showing the username too, but i dont think that helps that much, right?18:00
replaceafilland grade, gender, ethnicity18:01
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th1aCan we do a popup with a summary of info about a kid?18:10
th1aExactly what info you want in this situation will vary from case to case.18:16
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replaceafilla popup with the gray box of the person view18:21
th1amenesis:  Should I see an "Interventions" tab after upgrading?18:23
th1aEr, yvl?18:26
yvlno :/18:29
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yvlmenesis did not do auto-enabling of interventions yet18:29
* th1a sighs.18:30
yvlsent you instructions in mail18:31
yvlsorry, totaly fell out of my head18:31
yvlthere were reasons not to enable interventions by default, but we'll probably change that soon18:31
th1aThis is the kind of thing that convinces me that meeting face to face is necessary.18:31
yvlI'm all for it! :)18:32
th1aRight, but it is also the major new feature for this release.18:32
th1aIt is kind of important that it be turned on.18:32
yvlthat was my reasoning also18:32
yvlbut... I missed that one18:32
th1aWhere "kind of" is ironic understatement.18:33
th1aSo is there any outstanding reason not to have it turned on?18:33
yvltechnically, interventions do not know where the schooltool instance is18:34
yvlpractically, they can guess 100% now18:34
yvlso I discussed with menesis today, and we'll turn them on18:34
yvlsorry about this18:35
yvlth1a, I really have to go now. already late ~15 mins...18:35
th1aYou mean, if someone made a wacky SchoolTool package that moved schooltool, it would confuse interventions?18:35
th1ayvl:  OK, ttyl.18:36
yvlthanks for all the patience th1a18:36
th1aThanks for your persistence.18:36
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th1amenesis:  Unfortunately, I've immediately gotten a gradebook bug.20:19
menesisth1a: the one you reported, with a traceback?20:21
th1aNot your problem though.20:22
menesiswell not my code and I probably can't fix it..20:23
menesisbut unfortunately that happens when you first release then test20:23
th1aWell, we haven't really "released" publically.20:23
th1aI haven't told anyone yet.20:23
menesisthat's why we only released to karmic20:24
menesisto have more testing20:24
th1aTo not break deployed instances.20:25
th1aExcept jelkner's.20:25
th1aBut that's his problem.20:25
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