IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-11-05

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menesisreleased source tarballs to
menesisand in Launchpad00:23
menesispackages for karmic still to do...00:23
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menesisPPA build queue is 42 hours!15:43
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th1ayvl & menesis:  How we doing?16:06
menesisI have released the source tarballs yesterday16:07
menesisand also on Launchpad16:07
menesishowever, PPA build queue is very long and still increasing16:07
menesiscurrently 42 hours16:08
menesisso not even tomorrow :(16:08
th1aAch.  OK.16:10
th1aHm.  Is there a way for me to get a package build quicker for testing?16:11
menesisyes I can upload the debs to ftp.schooltool.org16:13
th1aOK, that will help me out.16:13
th1aSo basically we're pretty certain that the packages will be built over the weekend.16:14
th1aAt least.16:14
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menesisyes, but they had to be there two days ago :(16:16
th1aSo I can manually download them and install them with... dpkg?16:26
menesisyes, dpkg -i16:26
menesisother packages are available from the PPA16:26
th1aSo I should add the 1.2 ppa to my karmic install?16:28
menesisthe PPA is the same, just change jaunty to karmic16:32
menesisI did not use the 1.2 PPA16:32
th1aOK.  But there are only 1.2 packages for Karmic?16:36
menesisintervention has multiple problems, though.17:34
menesisI haven't tested before release, but in what is released, some files are missing, and does not work even when I fixed that17:35
menesismissing from .tar.gz so that's my fault17:36
th1aWhat doesn't work?17:36
menesisbut when I fixed that, added intervention-configure.zcml to plugins directory (I can't install there because I don't the name of the server installed)17:37
menesisit fails with KeyError: u'schooltool.interventions'17:37
menesisbecause it is not initialized "the 1.2 way"17:37
th1aCan yvl fix that?17:38
th1aaelkner went to Italy today.17:38
menesisI can do that myself probably17:38
th1aPlease do.17:38
menesisexcept enable the plugin on install.17:39
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th1aSo will that require new tarballs?17:46
yvlmenesis, should I fix the intervention startup problem?17:50
th1aOne of you should.17:51
yvlooookay, I got the fix17:56
menesisyvl: I need to add AppStartup that does the same as Init?17:56
yvljust didn't want to get in menesis way, if he's fixing17:56
menesisI just started looking17:57
yvlumm, I finished17:57
yvlso I'll just commit then17:57
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yvloh, interventions don't work unless school years and terms are set up17:59
yvldon't work -> tracebacks17:59
menesislooking at the "new-style plugin init" changeset I do not understand why now we need two actions that do the same...18:04
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menesisyvl: is that easy to fix?18:06
menesisI think there were fixes like that elsewhere18:06
yvlI'll check that18:07
yvlshould be realtively quick fix18:07
th1aI thought aelkner had accounted for that...18:07
th1aShouldn't his tests fail if that's the case?18:08
th1aOr do they assume years and terms?18:08
yvlthey assume those two are set up18:10
th1a*grumble grumble*18:11
yvlwell, he uses setUpBasicSchool18:13
yvlfrom schooltool ftesting utilities18:13
yvlthat too conveniently sets up schoolyears, etc.18:13
th1aI see.18:13
yvlmenesis, you're right, we don't need double initialization18:13
yvlstartup is enough18:14
menesisI have schoolyear and terms set up, but when I click Interventions and then on student's name, I get "not found" error...18:19
yvlnot found what?18:19
yvltraceback please :)18:20
yvloh, wait, I think I see that too18:23
menesisno traceback18:24
yvlumm, seems that intervention is still too closely coupled with gradebook18:25
th1aIn what sense?18:27
th1aToo closely coupled for what?18:27
aelkneri felt my ears burning18:28
yvlgentle "no term found, please set up one" page is registered in gradebook18:28
th1aWhen are you leaving aelkner?18:29
aelknercan i say this about dependencies18:29
yvlso interventions will give "page not found" if gradebook is not enabled18:29
aelknerin a couple of hours18:29
th1aThat's fine.18:29
aelkner1) schooltool.intervention is dependent on schooltool.gradebook18:29
yvl[not a big problem now, as we ship gradebook + interventions]18:29
aelkner2) schooltool.gradebook is dependent on lyceum journal18:30
aelkneri  don't think there's a point on thinking about these packages separately anymore18:30
th1aLook, we don't want to just completely intermingle them.18:30
aelknerwe should always package and deliver them together18:30
aelknerbut they are intermingled18:31
th1aIf at this point, they've got a few relatively shallow dependencies, I'd rather not worry about that.18:31
th1aBecause RIGHT NOW, it doesn't really matter.18:31
th1aHowever, we DO NOT want to make a spaghetti mess of dependencies.18:32
th1aI think the situation at the moment is acceptable.18:33
aelknerwell, i think it's silly to think of schooltool without a gradebook and attendance18:33
th1aWhat if you have a different gradebook or different attendance?18:33
yvlwhat about with attendance but without gradebook?18:33
yvlwith gradebook but without attendance?18:33
yvlwith lyceum journal and interventions?18:33
th1aIt isn't up for debate, really.18:34
aelknerinterventions can be added on as an after thought18:34
aelknerwell, i don't have time to debate anyway18:34
th1aDo you have time to send me an invoice?18:34
aelknerok, will do18:34
th1aI wasn't looking forward to waiting until aelkner got back from Italy to get paid...18:41
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yvldef convertIdToEmail(id):19:09
yvl        return id + ''19:09
yvlsomething's not right here19:09
mgedminfree emails for everybody!19:11
yvlok, to be fair there's a guard there19:12
yvl    if id[-2] == ':':19:12
yvlbut it did not work for me :)19:12
yvland I just sent an email to scienceleadership from my gmail account :|19:12
th1aaelkner, yvl: yvl is working from the right branch?19:13
* th1a goes out for lunch.19:17
yvlok, browsing through branches...19:19
yvlI have this on intervention trunk19:19
yvland three of alan's schooltool.intervention branches19:20
yvlso I guess it's up to date19:20
aelkneryvl: looks like you found a loose end in the intervention package19:29
menesisyvl: so, you fixing the NotFound bugs?19:31
yvlthose done19:31
yvlproblems with Skin19:31
menesisI was not able to see intervention page yet19:31
yvlnow with emails19:31
aelkneryvl: what should the logic be for that routine?19:31
aelknerthe first half of the if is for a student's id + ':1' or ':2' for parents19:32
aelknerthe else is for the default which is to add the email server address to the user id19:32
aelknerthe question is: where in schooltool would that value be so that it can be changed to not be hard-coded for scienceleadership19:33
aelknerwhich is clearly wrong19:33
yvla moment...19:33
yvlin extra_info within relationship between person and the contact19:34
aelkneri have to go to Italy now, can you fix it?19:35
yvlat least hot-fix it19:36
yvlhave a nice trip :)19:36
yvland don't worry :)19:36
yvlmenesis, bzr up19:37
aelknerthanks, bye19:37
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yvlinterventions should work now19:37
yvljust don't send mail :)19:37
menesisok, testing19:38
menesiswhy it doesnt send mail?19:38
yvlyou need to set up outgoing mail in manage19:40
yvlbut now it sends mail to scienceleadership.org19:41
yvlso please be patient... :)19:41
yvlI'll forward instructions on setting up mail19:41
yvlon gmail account19:41
yvlor you can use your own SMPT if you have one at hand19:41
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menesisI have set up the email and it works19:47
menesisfrom 'Send test email' page19:48
menesisyvl: but will you do anything with bit?19:48
yvlbzr up19:49
yvljust did19:49
yvlbroke the tests, btw :/19:51
yvlumm, too much to fix now19:56
yvlsending email works, if it is specified in contact information19:56
yvlof whomever this email is sent to19:57
yvloh, it's too much work to fix everything now20:01
yvlwill do some time tomorrow20:01
yvlanyway, I guess you can release the code now20:01
yvlwith another bzr up20:01
yvlwon't crash20:02
yvljust piles up messages in unsent [Queue] (in Outgoing Email) if some contacts don't have email set20:02
yvlobviously this must be disabled from intervention message sending interface, at least20:02
yvlmust run now20:03
yvlif anything, menesis, give me a call, please20:03
menesisso its fixed20:06
menesisyvl: it fails with NotFound in other place, e.g. http://localhost:7080/persons/grantas/intervention20:25
menesisif you click on Intervention Center from student's view20:26
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th1amenesis, yvl:  At this point, I'd rather you spent some time tomorrow checking over things, because either way, the packages are going to build over the weekend.20:55
th1aThere is no point in rushing now to get packages in the PPA at 5:00 AM Sunday morning.20:56
menesisth1a: they made some improvements to Launchpad today, so that daily builds of big apps like firefox do not clog the servers20:59
menesisthe situation has improved already, wait times down to 2 hours for some packages20:59
th1aWell, that's good.21:00
menesisi've pushed a new intervention 0.1.1 already21:00
th1aLet's assume I'm going to announce it Monday morning after the meeting.21:06
th1aAnd we'll test tomorrow.21:07
menesisI have now uploaded everything to the PPA, lets wait21:10
menesisor test the debs built by me from
menesiswill go to sleep now :-D21:11
menesisthey increased the number of PPA builders from 3 to 17 today o_O21:14
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