IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-11-06

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menesisall the packages are in karmic already12:41
yvlYes, that made my day :)12:42
yvlI'll have 'fixed' interventions in ~3 hours12:45
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*** menesis changes topic to "SchoolTool development | SchoolTool 1.2 has been released! | IRC logs at | SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 14:30 UTC (16:30 EET, 9:30 EST) | Use for pasting | Write more unit and functional tests! Yes, you! | Build Status:"13:02
yvlmenesis, if you want to test, interventions are operational now13:20
yvlempty email part is not fixed yet13:21
yvlbtw, have you tried updating ST in Karmic?13:21
yvlI'm curious if the package conflicts get resolved by magic...13:22
menesisby magic - no13:38
menesishaven't tried anyway.13:39
menesiszope packages from universe are preferred, so a simple apt-get install schooltool-2009 does not work13:58
menesisfor solution14:28
menesisneed to add this to the Release notes as well14:29
yvlnice instructions, thanks14:32
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th1aWell, after feeling steadily worse all week, I'm finally fully sick.15:41
th1ayvl, menesis: How we doing?15:48
menesisth1a: all packages are available for karmic15:50
yvlth1a, hope you'll get well soon15:50
th1aDo you need to make those changes in apt/preferences in all cases or only if you're also using the other Zope packages?15:51
menesisTo solve the dependency issues I have added a solution to Release Notes at
menesisYou have to if you want to install SchoolTool15:52
menesisthere is only one package I know of that uses those zope packages -- gaphor15:54
th1aI think I'll announce this as a "release candidate"15:54
th1aBecause rushed Friday releases lead to Saturday morning bug reports.15:55
th1aWe'll make this official Tuesday.15:56
menesisthe release was on Wednesday ;)15:56
th1aWell, this is all semantics.15:56
menesisbut since it is the first released packages, they are not well tested...15:56
th1aI just want to make it clear that upgrading you deployed instance this evening would not be wise.15:57
menesisI stumbled upon some exception while playing yesterday15:57
yvlwhich one?15:57
th1aIn the interventions?15:57
yvlSMPTDataError maybe?15:57
th1aAlso, I feel like crap today and want to go back to bed.15:57
menesis...and could not find a way to add courses to the calendar..15:58
yvlok, th1a, we won't hold you for long15:58
yvlmenesis, that's because you can't15:58
yvlbut sections are added automatically, once you're a member15:58
yvlmenesis, can you find the exception again?15:59
yvlI'm kind of trying to pull interventions to some working state15:59
menesisyvl: yes,
menesisit's about contacts and security, and you touched both recently16:00
yvldman, ok16:00
yvlwill fix that in a moment16:01
yvlthere seems to be a lot of bugs still, trailing from schoolyear introduction16:02
menesisbut we fixed and released some of them!16:03
th1aI didn't realize you hadn't tried integrating interventions before yesterday.16:03
yvlthat's my fault16:04
th1aYeah... that's a problem.16:04
th1aYou need to be on top of how the parts fit together.16:04
th1aI had fiddled with it, but forgot some configuration step or something and put it out of my mind.16:05
* menesis verified that gaphor works with our zope packages16:06
menesisgaphor is the only package that uses zope.component in karmic archives16:07
yvlbtw, menesis, you found a nice corner case16:17
yvlok, not a corner case16:25
yvlactually, a very common case16:25
yvljust most of the testing is done with users that satisfy  "administration" constaints16:26
th1aYes -- student views is pretty big on the to-do list.16:51
yvlok, fix ready, last functional test running16:54
yvlfell into another bug, worked around it16:54
yvl(you are not allowed to write IBasicPerson adapters, or else random objects will appear on person list and break everything)16:55
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yvl(I fixed that for contacts, but did not replace person catalogs yet...)16:55
yvl(so, it works ok, but one more 'hack', until I replace those catalogs and write evolution)16:55
yvlas for intervention, I'll do one more hotfix16:56
yvlsilently don't send emails if they are not specified16:57
yvlintervention package is not written to handle contacts and users without emails16:57
yvland there's too much work to fix UI everywhere now16:57
yvlso, at least they wont break with tracebacks and clutter failed email queue16:58
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yvl(btw, Outgoing Email Queue does not allow to view the failed email if sender and recipient lists are empty)16:58
yvl(it allows to delete them, but they are not listed in the deletion view, so - kind of unobvious for the users)16:59
yvlthose two things should be high on priority list after this release16:59
yvlconsiderable amount of work though16:59
yvlin the future, if we get to stable/development release scheme17:00
yvlwe should restrain ourselves to push fresh packages or big features directly to stable17:01
yvland let people test them for a while in dev release17:01
th1ayvl: Yes.17:04
th1aBasically, to have everything ready for inclusion in Lucid, there will have to be a looong lead time.17:05
th1aWe'll have to approach the next release entirely differently.17:06
yvlyes, this one is a hard learned lesson for me17:06
th1aRelatively speaking, this was a good release to do learning on.17:07
yvlfirst one entirely without ignas :)17:07
th1aThe last one and the next one are much more crucial.17:07
th1aYes, no ignas and no jinty.17:08
yvl* true17:08
ignasthe previous ones were just as insane ;) but it was me going insane ;)17:08
th1aignas knew how to keep me in check.17:09
th1aI think we're due for a face to face meeting early next year.17:09
yvlmenesis, fixed the bug you found, please re-release python-schooltool at some point17:13
yvl(umm, merged to trunk)17:14
menesisyvl: good :)17:14
menesisassign to 1.2.1 milestone17:14
menesisoh you did already17:14
th1aHow plausible do you guys think it would be to shoot for using the Ubuntu Zope packages by Christmas?17:16
th1a(knowing that there would still be extras not covered by them)17:16
yvlI'd give 30:70, but I might be too cautious17:18
yvl30% we will be able to17:18
* th1a goes to lie down for a while.17:19
yvlbut then again... If we port schooltool just right, and talk to ZTK people to be careful about getting new packages into Ubuntu17:20
yvlit might just work17:20
yvlso, I am too cautious17:20
yvlmenesis, I just finished with interventions17:20
yvland my last drops of sanity also ;)17:20
yvlplease re-release interventions and schooltool if you find that reasonable17:21
yvland call me if anything blows up :)17:22
menesisok will do17:22
yvlI'll check the mail over the weekend for few times17:22
menesisthanks for your quick fixes17:22
yvlthanks for releasing!17:22
* yvl goes to lunch, then home17:23
yvlbye guys17:23
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th1ayvl:  Thanks!17:43
th1amenesis:  Thanks to you too!17:43
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menesisyvl: intervention tests fail after your last commit. looks like creator is not correctly set when adding goals, so no mails sent19:30
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jelknerth1a: rumor has it you're sick20:31
jelkneri tried to call your home phone.20:31
jelknerno answer20:31
jelknerdwelsh told me you are sick20:31
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menesisjelkner: he is. in bed.20:41
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