IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-11-04

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algaimport readline12:20
algaimport rlcompleter12:20
algareadline.parse_and_bind('tab: complete')12:20
algaoops, sorry12:20
mgedminuseful think to have in your $PYTHONSTARTUP file anyway12:37
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th1ayvl, menesis: How we doing?15:40
yvldidn't release yet15:46
th1aThanks for the release notes.15:46
yvlmenesis told me he finished cleanups he wanted in the release yesterday15:46
yvlbut was too tired to build the tarballs15:46
yvlit's not a good idea to upload debs with lack of concentration15:47
yvlother thing is that Launchpad seems to be heavily loaded at the moment15:48
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yvl"schooltool-2009   21 hours ago15:48
yvlWaiting to build "15:48
yvlwhen it usually takes less than 16 hours to do that15:48
yvlmenesis is currently preparing / uploading the last packages to my knowledge15:49
yvl(we're in separate places in the real world now)15:50
yvlso... will keep you updated when we have something15:50
yvlby the way, you might want to add some stuff to release notes15:51
yvlfor example, mention the reorganisation of projects in Launchpad15:51
yvlmaybe mention that there were translation & security work done "under the hood" to ...15:52
yvl... well, help us make those two things better15:53
yvlit's up to you, I'm just writing random ideas here :)15:53
th1aNo, good point.15:54
th1aWorth highlighting all the hard work.15:54
yvloh, I still didn't send you gmail configuration instructions, sorry15:55
yvlgot carried away with calendar task...15:55
th1aI you and menisis could get me those and the installation instructions tonight, that'd be helpful.15:57
yvlI'll send you email config. inst. soon15:58
yvlas for installation instructions, I'll chat with menesis15:58
yvlhe wanted to do those after package release, and with current load on Launchpad...15:59
th1aOK.  We'll need to test them a bit after they're uploaded before announcing the release.15:59
yvlyes, that would be nice16:00
* th1a goes to take a shower.16:03
menesisi will build and test packages locally16:32
menesisbut I am two tasks away from releasing the tarballs: merge translations and add CHANGES.txt that yvl sent me16:35
th1amenesis:  OK.16:36
menesisI made some mistakes yesterday, broke buildbot for a while, so lost time.16:36
menesisand had too little energy to complete the work, sorry :(16:36
menesiswill complete today, honest16:37
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ryanpgschooltool for karmic?22:13
th1aProbably.  ;-)22:14
th1aThis was the first time the current developers had done a release all by themselves.  It is harder than it looks.22:16
th1aThus, a week delay.22:19
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