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ignasyvl, add omelette to schooltool buildout, aelkner will thank you14:02
yvlon my todo list...14:02
ignasalga, did you upgrade your ubuntu?14:03
ignasare you using tag lookup magic?14:03
ignasthen you want to open vtags.el and replace the line next to HACK HACK HACK14:03
ignaswith                (format "look \"%s\" \"%s\" | grep -v \"from .* import\"" tag file)))14:03
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ignasthe last one had to go into #pov, but anyway14:09
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algaignas: thanks, but I think I use py-imports without vtags15:32
mgedminctags 5.8 is crackful15:33
ignasis cool :)15:35
ignasfrom pylons import url - suddenly works15:35
ignasgood I have full control over my tags library15:36
ignasfind-tag would be terrible otherwise15:36
ignaswas terrible15:36
ignaswas listing all the places a tag was being imported15:36
mgedminit's a feature15:40
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mgedmin"r714: Synchronized the python parser with the geany tagmanager, <...> Parse Python import statements to get symbol completion for the imported module names."15:41
ignasyeah, but they should be listed "after" the definition, not in front of it ;)15:47
ignasor not listed at all in my case15:47
ignaswhen was the list time you wanted to go to the "import" place15:47
mgedminlist time?15:48
mgedminand never15:48
mgedmina few years back the ctags maintainer asked for help, specifically, for people to step up and maintain various language backends, including python15:49
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th1aOK, I'm here.16:49
th1aMy schedule has been thrown off somewhat by my parents visiting this weekend -- which was supposed to be *after* the release.  ;-)16:50
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yvlhi th1a16:59
th1ahi yvl.16:59
yvlwill be with you in a moment16:59
yvlso... all zope packages are now in17:07
yvlthe four schooltool packages will be pushed to queue some time today17:07
yvlso we'll have the release in some 16 hours17:08
yvlwell, tomorrow morning our time :)17:08
yvlI fixed the non-JS version of attendance, that's the last fix that falls directly into this release17:09
th1aCan you get me a rough changelog today?17:09
yvlI'm now halfway on documenting features/bugfixes for this release17:09
th1aAnd make sure I have installation instructions tomorrow morning.17:09
yvlthat's the plan17:10
yvlwe'll have to test precedence of packages in our karmic ppa17:10
yvlinstallation instructions will depend on that17:10
yvlhence - tomorrow morning17:11
yvlwhat else...17:11
yvlah, the new package documentation17:11
yvlintervention, email17:11
yvlth1a, what's the status on that?17:12
yvlshould I check SchoolTool book, or... ?17:12
th1aWell, I've had trouble17:12
th1agetting intervention running in a sandbox, so I'll just do it this week.17:12
th1aI'll be pushing some basic updates to the book tomorrow.17:13
yvlI'll send you notes on how to configure email for Google smtp17:13
yvlhmm, what else...17:14
yvlmenesis is likely to do an update for schooltool 1.0 on Jaunty17:15
yvlsome time after karmic release17:15
yvlwe'll send you what falls in17:15
yvlmost likely - minor bugfixes17:15
yvlthen, for the nearest future:17:16
yvlI'd like to push the long due calendar overlay thingy17:16
th1aYes, go ahead with that.17:16
th1aYou've got some outside funding for that still, right?17:17
yvlthen, security descriptions for Gradebook, Interventions, Email, Attendance/Journal17:17
yvlyes, to my knowledge17:17
th1aIt would be good for me to report that to Mark, so definitely go ahead with the calendar work.17:18
yvlah, one more high priority task on my list17:18
yvlI'll need to update email utility to be threaded17:19
yvland fix several small hickups there17:19
yvl(for example - allow to clear server password)17:19
th1aYes, I was wondering about threads.17:20
th1aAlso, I'm going to reassign a number of the smaller bugs I gave you over the last few months to aelkner.17:21
th1aAfter he gets back from vacation.17:21
yvl[browsing my buglist]17:22
yvlok, thanks17:24
yvlcan you send me a list before reassigning?17:24
yvlthe reason I'm asking is I have some rough plans on some refactorings in SchoolTool17:25
yvland few of my bugs may be related to them17:25
yvljust to make sure that a job doesn't need to be done twice17:26
th1aOf course.17:27
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yvlok, going back to building the changelist17:30
th1aThanks for the update.17:30
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* yvl runs off to get a late lunch18:26
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menesisignas: add this to ~/.ctags: --python-kinds=-iv18:28
mgedminwhy -v?18:53
menesisnot to index variable names19:03
mgedminyes, but why?19:06
mgedmindoes it index locals?19:06
menesisdon't know, maybe that was old behaviour.19:09
menesisit's an example I got from the author19:09
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