IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-11-02

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th1aGood morning, Lumiere.16:24
th1aGood morning yvl, menesis, aelkner.16:30
yvlmorning th1a16:31
* yvl runs off for 2-3 mins16:31
th1aPhillies missed their chance in the 5th last night.16:32
aelknertheir weekness against solid left-handed pitching has been exposed this series16:33
th1aI'd say their pitching is looking more exposed than their hitting.16:34
aelknerif they didn't keep swinging and missing at that outside slider, they could have won16:34
* yvl back16:35
th1ayvl:  OK, where are we?16:35
menesishello #schooltool16:35
th1aor perhaps menesis is the better person to ask.16:36
yvlmenesis, do you want to begin with status?16:36
menesisI am halfway uploading zope packages to PPA karmic16:36
menesisth1a: yes16:36
th1aHey, my audible notification actually works now for x-chat.16:36
menesislast week I have merged all Alan's branches16:36
th1aYay karmic.16:36
menesisto trunk16:37
menesisone more fix to merge16:37
menesismoved bugs to correct products, set milestones16:37
menesisrenamed "karmic" milestone to "lucid"16:37
menesisand left only "fixed" and "in progress" to 1.2.016:38
menesislater some of them will have to be assigned to 1.2.116:38
menesisI have uploaded trunk and stable branches of all schooltool.* projects16:39
menesisso most of schooltool is now hosted on launchpad16:39
menesisthis all including schooltool.cas16:39
menesisthen, I tried to pinpoint conflicting zope packages that are in karmic16:40
menesisidentified 7 packages that conflict16:40
menesismake python-schooltool require lower versions of those packages16:41
menesisuploaded that version to both jaunty and karmic16:41
menesisstarted copying good packages to karmic ppa16:42
menesisfixed some packaging bugs and upgraded some zope packages to better stable versions in process16:42
menesissome of those fixes made available for hardy, too16:42
menesisor at least for jaunty and karmic16:42
menesisroughly 1/3rd of packages still missing in karmic16:43
menesisbut most of them can be copied from jaunty, I have very few known outstanding issues with current packages16:43
menesisI expect to be done with them later today16:44
menesisthen, today or tomorrow:16:44
menesisjustas is uploading some fixes to schooltool/trunk16:44
menesisI will merge one gradebook fix from aelkner16:45
menesismerge updated translations from Launchpad16:45
menesisand release schooltool 1.2 set of packages16:45
menesisbefore that I want to update of all packages16:46
menesisI thought about moving packages to other location on ftp, but that can wait16:46
menesisstill, there is an old schooltool-dev email address16:46
menesispackages don't have long_description, README.txt, or both16:47
menesisI would like to add CHANGES.txt, too, that lists all user-visible changes since the last release16:47
th1aThat's all stuff that will definitely have to be done to get them in Ubuntu, right?16:47
th1a(description, README, license, etc)16:49
menesisto get into Ubuntu we need correct maintainer, summary and description, and copyright file16:49
menesisbut there is old maintainer_email in setup.py16:50
menesisat least16:50
menesisschooltool packages I think are correct16:50
menesisbut most of zope packages don't have a copyright file16:50
menesisso I get warning on upload.16:50
menesisI am adding them sometimes16:50
menesisbut I am not thinking much about what will be needed to get into Ubuntu just yet16:51
menesisI hope we can reduce the number of dependencies and total number of packages significantly before adding them to Lucid16:52
menesisthat's maybe next week but not now16:52
menesisth1a: are you preparing release notes?16:53
th1aI got yvl to do the changelog last time.16:54
yvlI can do that again16:54
th1aYou can give me something rough and developery and I'll clean it up.16:54
menesisI would like them in CHANGES.txt in each project like other zope packages. And I can then upload them to Launchpad when creating a release16:54
yvlchangelog will be somewhat harder this time though16:55
aelkneri'm bacj16:55
menesiswhatever format, but I would like someone more familiar with schooltool to write down the changes16:55
yvlbecause of moved branches, etc.16:55
menesisthe branch still contains the log of everything16:56
menesisdon't see a problem with that16:56
th1aSo we should be able to announce the release to the PPA tomorrow?16:58
Lumiereth1a: you can write a timed news item16:59
Lumiereand let menesis put it live when eevrything is up16:59
th1aWe're not in that big of a hurry.16:59
menesisth1a: PPA is quite slow nowadays so I cannot promise that all packages will be ready16:59
th1amenesis: Just make sure I know what to tell people about possibly conflicting packages.17:00
menesisbut I expect to release the source tomorrow17:00
th1amenesis:  Understood.17:00
menesisand will upload deb packages of schooltool 1.2 set to the PPA17:00
menesisth1a: I am playing with apt_preferences to find a simple way to pin packages to correct source/version17:01
menesisI will post them to the bug17:01
menesisand add that to release notes / known issues17:02
th1aWill everyone have to do that or only people also installing Ubuntu Zope packages?17:02
menesisI will have to try a clean install on karmic later17:03
menesisto see what happens exactly, and what to do to install schooltool17:03
th1aWe may not want to announce this *immediately* upon uploading the packages...17:04
th1aA little testing is probably in order.17:04
menesisone can install the correct set now (using jaunty ppa), but update-manager still want to upgrade zope packages, but can't17:04
menesisif you pin packages to come from schooltool ppa then they will not be considered to upgrade to karmic versions17:05
th1aThanks menesis.  Anything else?17:07
menesisth1a: that's all17:07
yvlwell, I cleaned up security descriptions a bit and pushed them to trunk17:09
yvlfixed a small crashing bug along the way17:09
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yvlsecurity descriptions actually show some unpolished corners17:10
th1aIn the security policy?17:10
th1aThat's the intention.17:10
yvlfor example, there's some bug with person instructors not being able to look at persons info17:11
yvlsome problem with BasicPerson override17:11
yvlI think I'll have to do a big run17:11
yvland write functional tests to tests all access rights17:12
yvland documentation how to write new features, not forgetting the security :)17:12
yvlbut that's later on the road17:12
th1aThat would be a good idea.17:12
yvlit starts to look as a necessity17:13
yvlcurrently I'm looking at a broken test in lyceum.journal17:13
th1aI was wondering about that.17:13
yvlseems that no-javascript version of the journal is broken a bit17:14
yvlyou can't select student rows17:14
aelknerexactly what i've been grappling with17:14
aelknerglad to find it wasn't anything i did17:14
yvldidn't pin out when it got broken17:14
yvlwell, at least javascript version works fine17:15
yvlI'll see if I can fix that quickly17:15
yvlbut I'd like to spend more time on calendar overlays for groups/persons17:16
yvlwell, that's basically it17:16
th1aThanks guys.17:16
th1aI know we've tried to crash too much in at the end this time.17:17
th1aNext time, we'll be taking the opposite approach.17:17
menesisI have postponed some of the tasks for too long, so can only blame myself if I have too much to handle now17:18
aelknerth1a: did you get y email about the journal changes?17:18
aelkneri wanted you to sign off on them17:19
th1aOh, right.17:20
aelkneror recommend a change17:20
th1aLet me look again to make sure.17:20
aelknerregardless of your decision, i'm not able to push the branch because of the testing issue yvl pointed out17:20
th1aJust make it "Ave. | T | A"17:20
aelknerwill do17:21
aelkneri'm currently unable to branch trunk17:21
aelkneri sent an email to menesis anout this, but his plate is full as it is17:21
th1aWell, whatever we can do.17:22
aelknerso, i planned on staring my vacation this week17:22
th1aBeyond that, can you look at the permissions issues Chris has at SLA?17:22
th1aWhat day are you starting?  Now?17:23
menesisadd this ppa to your sources.list and upgrade your bzr... then it will work for sure17:23
aelkneri was hoping to as i leave for Italy this Thursday17:23
aelknermenesis: i'll try that right now, thanks17:23
th1aWell, if you want to do something, look into patching SLA's permissions.17:24
menesisnewer versions (>= 1.9) work much more efficiently when pushing or branching. no more uploading 20MB for every branch.17:25
aelknerth1a: if i want to take my vacation, is that ok starting now?17:26
aelkneri'll look for your email about half of my flight to visit you17:27
aelknerand i'll book the other half after that17:27
th1aOK.  I'll do that right now.17:28
aelknerno rush17:28
th1aAnything else?17:29
th1aHopefully these last steps will go smoothly.17:30
th1aaelkner: Have a great vacation.17:31
aelknerth1a: thanks17:31
th1ayvl & menesis:  See you here tomorrow.17:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:31
th1aGo Phillies!17:31
aelknerthey need to be one of five teams ever to come back from down 3-1, but you never know17:32
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