IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2009-11-01

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jelknerreplaceafill: good afternoon, mr. cerna21:40
replaceafilljelkner, hey mr elkner21:41
jelknerhave you seen mattva01?21:41
replaceafilli've been talking to him21:42
jelkneri got to talk to my brother yesterday21:42
jelknerhe tells me there are a bunch of new features in the st gradebook21:42
jelkneri'm ready to start trying them out21:42
replaceafillbleeding edge ;)21:42
jelkneryou both have admin rights on the machine21:43
jelknerdo you need anything else from me?21:43
replaceafillhhmm i dont think so21:43
jelknerjust ping me when you want me to try it out21:43
replaceafillit's ready21:43
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replaceafillyou can try it now21:44
jelkneri'll be around21:44
jelkneri'll be setting up ubuntu machines for our chalate project21:44
replaceafill:O nice!21:44
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jelknerok, trying now21:45
jelknerdrats, i don't remember my password21:48
replaceafillwant me to reset it?21:48
replaceafillyour user is jeff_elkner, right?21:50
replaceafillthere's also a jeffrey_elkner21:50
jelknerthat might be the problem21:50
jelknerlet me try jeff_elkner21:50
jelkneris it easy to see which one is the teacher of classes this year?21:51
jelkneri believe i'm now jeffrey_elkner21:51
jelknersince that is how it came over from eschools+21:51
replaceafilli look at your home page and check if your courses are in 2009--201021:51
jelknerlet me know what you find out21:58
jelkneror you could just reset my password for jeffrey_elkner21:58
jelknerand i could tell you when i log in if that is the right one (i'm pretty sure it is)21:59
jelknerok, i logged in and changed the password22:05
jelknerjeffrey_elkner was right22:05
jelknercan we remove the other one?22:05
replaceafillu sure?22:06
jelknerand now i see the gradebook, too!22:06
replaceafillcheck the CanDo gradebook :(22:06
jelknerso now the work is on me22:06
replaceafilldoes it look weird?22:07
jelknera little22:07
replaceafilljeff_elkner is gone22:07
jelknerwhat is the 2009-2010 link for22:08
jelknerif gives me Groups, Courses, SchoolTimetables22:08
replaceafillat the top?22:08
jelknerbut the font for those is too large22:08
replaceafillyes, they use the same font of the management links22:09
jelknerif i click on "Gradebook" now from within CanDo, it takes me to the ST gradebook22:09
replaceafillthat's one bug22:09
jelkneris there a workaround for now?22:10
jelkneranyway, my next mission according to my brother is to read the SchoolTool Book22:10
jelknerhe gave me one of those RTFM ;-)22:11
replaceafillmodify the url22:11
jelknerhe says th1a has been documenting all the new featured in the ST gradebook22:11
jelknerso it should really be my job as test user to try out the book22:11
jelknerand see if it works for setting up sheets, configuring quarters, etc...22:12
jelknerso i am going to get on that tomorrow22:12
replaceafillthe work around for the gradebook button is to go to the CanDo tab22:13
replaceafillchoose the section you want22:14
replaceafilland choose "Evaluate Student Skills"22:14
replaceafillthat will take you to the CanDo gradebook22:14
replaceafillfor that section22:14
jelknergot it22:14
jelknerwe are going to rename it from gradebook, yes?22:15
jelkneri thought that a decision was made to call one gradebook (the st one) and the other something else22:15
replaceafilloh yes22:15
replaceafillwe need another button in the Home view22:16
jelkneri think the cando ui is much too busy22:17
jelknertoo many buttons22:17
replaceafilltwo rows!22:17
jelknerthat's way too much22:17
jelknerbut let's not worry about that now22:17
jelknerfirst things first22:18
jelknerwhich for me is:22:18
jelkner1. read the ST book and setup my gradebook22:18
jelkner2. begin using external activities22:18
replaceafilland report bugs :P22:19
jelkner*lots of bugs*22:19
jelkneri know that will happen22:19
jelknerbug in the book22:19
jelknerand bugs in the app22:19
jelknerok, mr. cerna, thanks to you and mattva0122:20
jelkneri noticed the new instance is running on port 8022:20
jelknerand i have the gradebook22:20
jelkneri've got to get a few machines ready for paco this evening22:20
jelknerso i gotta go22:21
replaceafillok see you later22:21
jelknerwill you be around tomorrow?22:21
replaceafillin the morning yes22:21
jelknerok, i'll look for you then22:21
replaceafillin the afternoon im getting back to san salvador22:21
replaceafillok, see u tomorrow22:22
jelknerok, so tuesday you'll be home22:22
jelkneri may just wait to talk to you until then22:22
jelknertomorrow it will be about talking to th1a and looking at the book22:22
jelknerok, over and out...22:22
jelknersay hi to marcela for me22:22
replaceafillthanks :)22:22
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