IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-08-26

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th1amenesis: When can we do some updating - slash - killing Plone?17:41
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ignasth1a: are you going to put in schooltool home page?18:07
th1aignas: Yes.18:08
th1aThe new page is 95% ready, including the badge.18:08
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th1areplaceafill: So... do we need to discuss anything about this XML-RPC project?19:42
replaceafillthe exact signatures for the calls19:43
replaceafillNeeded operations:19:45
replaceafillenumerate people19:45
replaceafillget person19:45
replaceafillcreate person19:45
replaceafillmodify person19:45
replaceafilldelete person19:45
replaceafilli guess enumerate people is everybody in the persons container19:45
replaceafilljust: server.getPersons()19:46
replaceafillget person: server.getPerson(person_id)19:46
th1aI think so.19:46
replaceafillbut for create person i dont know how much data will chris will send19:46
replaceafillthree attributes are required to build a basicperson object19:46
replaceafillperson_id, first_name and last_name19:47
replaceafillbut you can store a lot of other info for a person, like demographics for example19:47
th1aI would code it the way that is cleanest on our side.19:48
replaceafillMeaning? :)19:48
replaceafilljust basic stuff?19:49
replaceafilli was thinking that if somebody needs to store demographics for example we could write another method for it19:49
th1aHow does SchoolTool's internal API do it?19:50
replaceafilldemographics stuff?19:50
th1aWell, if I want to create a person and set their demographics.19:50
replaceafillit uses an adapter IBasicPerson -> IDemographics19:50
replaceafilland basicperson also has some other attributes like prefix, middle_name, suffix19:51
replaceafillprefered_name, gender19:51
replaceafilli was thinking of using a signature like this: methodName(required_attr1, required_attr2, optional_attrs_as_dict)19:52
th1afor demo?19:52
replaceafillsince XMLRPC doesnt allow optional attributes19:53
th1aI see.19:53
replaceafillthe other side will have to send: createPerson("tom", "Tom", "Hoffman", {"gender": "male"})19:53
replaceafillor createPerson("tom", "Tom", "Hoffman", {})19:53
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th1aThe things to remember here are:19:55
th1a1) Chris is writing a little utility for himself and you're extending something pretty complicated,19:55
th1aso it is easier for him to adapt to us than vice versa;19:55
th1a2) I'm paying you.19:55
replaceafillah cool19:56
th1aSo just make it work cleanly and sensibly from ST's point of view.19:56
th1aHe can adapt his XML-RPC calls easily enough.19:56
replaceafilli'll stick to the required, required, optional form then19:57
th1aLater we may adapt this to fit better with mnet, but that's not a concern now.19:59
replaceafillyes i was thinking the same, moodle will send different data probably19:59
replaceafilluserdata: associative array such as:19:59
replaceafill    * username=>moquist19:59
replaceafill    * firstname=>Matt19:59
replaceafill    * lastname=>Oquist19:59
replaceafill    * idnumber=>1234457 # unique ID shared by Moodle & SchoolTool19:59
replaceafill    * email=>moquist@majen.net19:59
replaceafill    * password_hash=>234lih23rlh2asldfjas19:59
replaceafill    * password_hash_algorithm=>md519:59
replaceafill    * ircnick=>moquist19:59
replaceafill    * arbitrary_field=>arbitrary_data_string...19:59
replaceafillsorry for the flooding :(20:00
th1aDoing this first will give us a nice clear understanding of how to do the next mnet steps though.20:00
replaceafillth1a, Matt just asked: "Are we expecting to try and leverage this api for the direct Moodle integration as well?"20:04
replaceafillsorry, Brett20:04
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th1aanyhow, you should just start working on this as soon as you can.20:35
th1areplaceafill ^20:35
replaceafilli almost finish :)20:36
replaceafilllooking for a better way to write tests for it20:36
replaceafillthere's a TestRequest class in the zope.publisher package that looks promising20:37
replaceafillth1a, can i create a subpackage xmlrpc in every package we're creating views for?20:37
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th1apcardune: Have you been talking more to Dan Meyer?20:55
pcarduneth1a: not lately20:56
th1aDo you know if he's getting anywhere with that?20:56
pcardunepcardune: I suspect he is swamped with being a teacher21:05
pcarduneas I have not heard anything/seen any tweets21:05
th1aActually he's starting grad school, but perhaps swamped by that.  ;-)21:05
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