IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-08-25

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jelknerreplaceafill: hey man00:58
jelknerth1a was looking for you00:58
replaceafilljelkner, hey mr elkner00:58
replaceafillyes we already talk thanks :)00:58
jelknerbtw.  i'm getting together with the departmental governor of san miguel this evening00:59
jelknerto talk about a free software project for san miguel00:59
replaceafillselling time? ;)00:59
replaceafillgood luck00:59
jelkneri think he'll be interested00:59
jelknerarlington and san miguel are sister cities now01:00
jelknerso we could generate some support from the city of arlington for this01:00
jelkneri'll mention schooltool of course01:00
jelkneri put a picture of the meeting from yesterday in my blog01:02
replaceafillthey were sad because you were not there for the group picture :)01:05
jelknerme too01:05
jelknerbut i had to leave01:05
jelknerto make it to san miguel in time01:05
replaceafillahh!!! did you talk on the radio?!?!01:06
jelknerradio cadena mi gente01:06
jelknermy friend in san miguel is *very* involved with the radio01:06
jelknerwe are meeting with julio again on sept 601:08
replaceafillah i checked the two dell laptops01:08
replaceafillone had windows vista business :D01:08
replaceafillthe problem is its AC adapter01:09
replaceafillyour condition was not met >:D01:09
replaceafillbut they use the same battery model01:09
jelknerthat was the one my sister in law had01:09
replaceafillbut different AC adapters01:10
jelknerso can we get one working one out of the two of them?01:10
replaceafilli can charge one battery in the one you used01:10
jelkneri don't understand01:10
jelkneryou would have to charge it in one and use it in another?01:11
replaceafillim going to take the AC adapter to an electrician01:11
replaceafillyes :)01:11
replaceafilli mean01:11
jelknerthat sucks01:11
replaceafillthe battery is ok01:11
replaceafillthe laptop works01:11
replaceafillit has vista, but it works01:11
jelknerwe can install ubuntu01:11
replaceafillit's only a matter of fixing the AC adapter01:11
jelknerthat won't be hard01:11
jelknerwhat about the other one?01:11
replaceafillno man, vista business is great!01:11
jelkneryeah, right01:11
replaceafillthe other one is completly dead01:11
replaceafilli even gave it mouth to mouth and nothing01:12
jelknercan you take the hard drive out and use it somewhere else?01:12
jelknerafter you put debian on it, of course ;-)01:12
replaceafillyes, i'm going to take the harddrive out and take it to a technician01:12
jelknerok, so let me know if you need anything01:13
replaceafilli already installed debian on the system76 ;)01:13
replaceafillok, i will01:13
replaceafilli also tested the mac mini01:13
replaceafillit works like for 2 mins and no video01:14
jelknerwhat do you mean?01:14
replaceafillyou have video, but it's all messed up01:14
jelknerthe video adapter is going, me thinks01:14
jelknerbut can you access it through the network interface?01:15
replaceafillthe problem with that one is that mac support is expensive here01:15
jelknerwhat i mean is, will it boot without a monitor?01:15
replaceafillwe can use it as a server like u proposed01:15
jelknerthat's a good use for it01:15
jelknerso i would disconnect the monitor01:15
jelknerturn in on01:15
jelknerand see if it boots01:15
jelknerdisconnect the keyboard too01:16
jelknerif it works01:16
jelknerit could be used as a server01:16
jelknerif it doesn't boot without the keyboard and monitor attached01:16
jelkneri'd say forget it01:16
jelkneruse it for parts01:16
jelknerthe hard drive is a laptop harddrive01:17
jelkner80 gigs i think01:17
replaceafilli'll try to find someone who can repair it too01:17
jelknerok, i need to go01:18
replaceafillok man take care01:18
jelknerit was great having the opportunity to see you01:18
replaceafillu 2 my friend :)01:18
jelknerdoña chowa is great!01:18
replaceafillshe really enjoyed her time with your wife01:18
jelknerroxana really enjoyed hanging out with her01:18
jelknerhasta pronto01:19
replaceafillbye man01:19
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