IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-08-27

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th1ahi menesis17:10
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th1areplaceafill: How we doing?20:40
replaceafilli planning to push my branch today20:40
th1aOnto LP?20:40
replaceafilland send an email to chris explaining how it works20:40
replaceafillis that ok?20:40
th1aWill he need to merge with their branch?20:41
th1aaelkner is on vacation.20:41
th1aI'm not worried about Chris being able to do it... more aelkner's reaction.20:41
th1aHe may need to be sedated.20:41
replaceafillso, i publish it and say nothing then20:42
th1aI don't think that will work.20:42
th1aI mean, I guess we could just push it to trunk.20:42
th1aOK, not.20:42
replaceafillif chris is using trunk i could send him a patch20:43
th1aThat's why I'm not allowed to make those kind of decisions.20:43
replaceafilli see :)20:43
th1aWell, it would be better to do a merge using bzr, right?20:43
th1aMore undoable?20:43
replaceafillchris could test the functionality only changing from trunk to my branch20:45
th1aYes, he can even just do a separate checkout.20:45
th1acc: matt and brett on the email.20:45
replaceafilldocumentation would be good, right? :)20:46
th1aNecessary, I'd say.  ;-)20:46
replaceafillnot just functional tests20:46
th1aWell, if they are clear.20:48
th1aIt is XML-RPC after all.20:48
th1aThere's not a ton of mystery.20:48
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th1aIs it clear how you call it?20:51
th1aIn particular, all these have to be called on the correct view, right?20:52
th1aThere's not just one generic XML-RPC url?20:52
replaceafillyes, that's the part of tests i'm still uncomfortable with20:52
replaceafillthe views have contexts20:53
replaceafilllike regular views20:53
th1aSo what do the url's look like?20:53
replaceafilllike regular views20:53
replaceafillbut not html but xml20:53
th1aIn the request header?20:54
th1aAlso, what's the situation with the paste bug?20:54
replaceafilli had to change zope.publisher version to 3.4.8 in buildout20:56
replaceafilland it works20:56
th1aMake sure that happens for Chris.20:56
replaceafillok, will explain that20:57
th1aaelkner and I spent an hour messing with XML-RPC when we were there and I think we ran into that bug.20:58
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replaceafillit seems like the server doesnt respond20:58
replaceafillbecause of the bug20:58
replaceafillth1a, and that method looks like this
replaceafillusername, first_name and last_name are always going to be there for each person21:01
replaceafillbut the "optional" attributes are filled according to their value21:02
replaceafilli dont know if that's a good strategy though21:02
th1aHow does Zope know it is an XML-RPC request?21:02
th1aIt looks like a reasonable approach to the optional attributes to me.21:02
replaceafillzope uses different registrations for this methods21:03
replaceafillthat makes the class and its methods to be registered differently than regular pages or views21:04
th1aYeah, but how does it know the request is an XML-RPC request and not a regular HTML one?21:05
replaceafillit's a different interface, class and content type for the request object21:07
th1aSo it looks at the content-type.21:07
th1aOK.  I see.21:09
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replaceafillth1a, btw how much do we have to finish this? should it be ready for tomorrow, weekend, monday?21:16
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th1areplaceafill: Get Chris in the loop as soon as possible.21:37
th1ae.g., he's a smart geek, so he'll want to see it even if everything isn't done.21:37
replaceafillok, i'll just finish the tests this afternoon21:38
th1aHe'll just need to know the relevant URL's.21:47
replaceafillyes and what to send and what to expect from each method, right?21:48
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th1adlobo: Are XML-RPC services relevant to you?22:06
dloboth1a: currently no22:06
dlobowe mainly use REST22:07
dlobobut 99% of our integration is with other PHP CMS's, so most of the stuff uses PHP integration directly22:09
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