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replaceafillyvl, ping09:29
replaceafillhey yvl09:30
yvlhi :)09:30
replaceafilli have a evolution question09:30
replaceafilldwelsh wants cando to move the demographics implementation you did to standard schooltool demographics09:31
replaceafilli guess that would need an evolution script, right?09:31
replaceafillshould i use the cando.generation package for that?09:31
yvlyes :)09:32
replaceafilland do you know which evolution scripts come first? cando or schooltool's?09:32
yvlthat is a good question09:33
replaceafilli ask because schooltool has an evolve script that adds the demograpchis container09:33
yvlI understand :)09:33
replaceafilland i'd need that evolution script to be ran before09:33
yvlI think it's either random, or depends on inclusion order09:34
yvlor maybe not random09:34
yvlI'll check it out :)09:34
replaceafilladvices on how to find out?09:34
yvlmeanwhile, please write the evolution script ;)09:34
yvlas if everything was ok ;)09:34
replaceafillyvl, oops, demographics setup is not done through evolution :)09:37
replaceafilli mean in schooltool09:38
replaceafilli could use the same approach in a cando subscriber09:41
yvlouch, I totally forgot09:44
yvlyes, you can do that09:44
replaceafillgreat thanks!09:44
yvlby the way, evolution order depends on...09:44
yvl...the name :)09:44
yvlso cando evolution should go first09:45
replaceafillbut the subscriber should be simpler, right?09:45
replaceafillsince schooltool subscriber checks for -> if 'schooltool.basicperson.demographics_fields' not in self.object:09:46
replaceafillif i set it in cando, this won't matter to schooltool09:47
replaceafillok, that's the way to go, thanks again yvl09:47
yvland if schooltool's subscriber fires first, just clean it09:47
yvlit's safer to write subscriber that handles both scenarios :)09:48
replaceafilllike "in case this is here, do this or in case is not do that"?09:48
yvlif the container is not there09:49
yvlcall schooltool.basicperson......setUpDefaultDemographics09:49
yvlif it's there, don't call it09:50
yvland then - clean it, fill with your own data09:50
yvlbut please write a unit test09:50
yvlthat checks that setUpDefaultDemographics really creates the container09:50
yvlthat you think it creates09:50
yvlthat will save you headache if something is changed in schooltool09:51
replaceafillah ok09:51
yvlreplaceafill, I thought about it - it is wrong that people who extend schooltool cannot control the order of initialization of plugins10:04
yvlI'll add that control soon10:05
yvlso - a new plan :)10:05
yvljust add plugin initialization (inherit
yvland I'll add attributes:10:06
yvlbefore = []10:06
yvlafter = []10:06
yvlso you can write: before [schooltool.basicperson.demographics.DemographicsInit]10:07
yvlor: before = ['schooltool.basicperson.demographics_startup']10:07
yvloh, sorry10:07
yvlafter = ...10:07
yvl(hadn't had my coffe yet ;)10:07
yvland you'll be sure that it is executed when you want10:08
replaceafilldo u plan to add this support soon?10:08
yvlwill be released to 2009.04  in ~24 hours, if it's ok ;)10:08
replaceafillso i can use it10:08
yvlI'll email you when it's done10:09
replaceafillso i'd need to subclass InitBase, set up after = [schooltool.basicperson.demographics.DemographicsInit], put my new demographics fields and we're good10:09
yvljust don't forget to clean the default fields, where needed10:10
replaceafillyes, i guess we're keeping ethnicity10:10
yvland - tests, tests, tests :)10:10
yvlthat fields where set up correctly10:10
yvlthey sometimes change in SchoolTool...10:11
yvlcool :)10:11
replaceafillthanks yvl10:11
yvlyour'e welcome10:12
yvlit's my job, you know ;)))10:12
replaceafillyvl, should i change the milestone to the bugs i've fixed for karmic?10:16
yvlwhich ones?10:17
yvlno, 2009.4.1410:19
yvlthey'll be released today10:19
replaceafillthey say karmic right now10:19
replaceafilland i guess they were included yesterday10:19
replaceafillin alan's latest changes10:20
yvlyes, they were10:20
yvlthank you!10:20
replaceafillglad i can help :P10:21
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Lumierehi menesis, mgedmin16:00
LumiereI am about to do the svn cleanup, and I am going to need you to swap the svn repositories in a few minutes16:01
Lumierebasically we'll need to back up the cando svn16:02
Lumierethen create a new svn repository in the same location and load the svnadmin dump back into it16:03
Lumieremgedmin walked me through how this works, so if he's around he may be able to better explain it16:03
menesishe is in the office16:04
* Lumiere saw his host name :)16:04
mgedminah, you're doing the backend conversion16:06
th1aGood morning.16:07
LumiereI've test run it a few times16:07
Lumierebut it's always been at a time where noone from pov (who had root on was on16:07
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* Lumiere creates a repo in his homedir16:10
mgedminmenesis: check out fridge:/home/mg/bin/convert-svn-to-fsfs16:18
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LumiereRepository Root:
LumiereRepository UUID: 8d698921-9600-0410-a3d1-96c705acec4f16:23
LumiereRepository Root: file:///home/jstraw/cando-r159016:23
LumiereRepository UUID: 8d698921-9600-0410-a3d1-96c705acec4f16:23
Lumieremgedmin: that looks good to me16:23
* mgedmin makes some distracted reassuring noises16:23
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Lumieremenesis: if there is anything I need to do to help16:32
Lumierelet me know16:32
menesisLumiere: yes I need you to tell me what needs to be done next16:34
Lumieremenesis: my understanding is that we need to back up the cando repository (/svn/cando)16:35
Lumieremove it out of the way16:35
Lumieresvnadmin create /svn/cando again16:35
menesisthe repo in your home dir is already converted?16:35
menesisor a backup?16:35
Lumierethe r1590 is converted16:35
LumiereI just don't know if the way that it creates a repo is absolute16:36
* Lumiere looks at mgedmin 16:36
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Lumiereor if that could just be moved16:36
* Lumiere hates java...16:39
mgedminI'm pretty sure there are no absolute paths hardcoded inside, unless you put them in your hooks16:41
LumiereI am not readding any hooks16:41
LumiereI have no interest in triggering anything until I get us moved to bzr16:42
menesisLumiere: no one is reading cando-checkins?16:49
menesisthere was one commit hook to post a message to mailing list16:49
Lumieremenesis: yea, but I intend to move us to bzr in the next week (this is a prereq to that)16:50
Lumiereand host it at lp16:50
Lumierewhere they'll handle the checkin mailing16:50
th1aYes, this is just an intermediate step.16:54
menesisLumiere: ok so I moved the old repo to /svn/cando.old16:54
menesisdumped ~jstraw/cando-r1590 and loaded to /svn/cando16:55
menesisand left out the post-commit hook which sent a mail to checkins and called buildbot. is that ok?16:56
menesisdid I have to do anything else?16:56
th1ayvl & menesis:  Where are we in the ST release?16:59
Lumieremenesis: nothing for now17:01
LumiereI'll let you know when we're to a point of readding buildbot17:01
Lumiere(about the same time as I try to figure out the release framework :)17:01
yvlth1a, in progress...17:04
yvlI'm playing with Launchpad now17:04
yvlmenesis should start making the release any time now17:05
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th1ayvl:  Any final updates to the release notes in the pipe?17:06
yvladd " See" to the "report sheet activities can now have comments as grades"17:09
yvlAnd an entry for
yvlsomewhere in "tweaks & fixes" section17:10
yvland that's it17:11
yvloh, nearly forgot17:14
yvlI'll play around with zope.html 1.2.0 that has the security update for the FCK editor17:14
yvlif everything works, SchoolTool's release will have that too17:15
th1aJust send me the final version when you're ready.17:15
yvlnope, we will not include zope.html 1.2.0 in this release17:24
Lumierebreaks tests?17:24
yvlmaybe a minor update a bit later17:24
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yvlat least a minor change in editor path17:24
yvlmaybe something else17:24
yvlI don't like adding things like that at the last moment17:25
th1aThat's fine.17:26
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yvlth1a, I sent you the final release notes18:11
yvlI also cleaned up the tracker a bit:
yvlstable releases contain respective fixed / released bugs only18:12
yvl will be converted (by somebody ;) to a release18:13
yvland all "fix commited" bugs should be changed to "released"18:13
th1aYes, thanks for the cleanup.18:13
th1aWe went through a long period where we really didn't need to use the bug tracker fully because ignas and aelkner were working relatively independently and with local schools.18:14
th1aWe're just getting into the point where we really have to completely manage things through LP.18:14
Lumierewell, my understanding is that you can connect a ppa file to a milestone18:16
Lumiereand that marks a release18:16
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th1ayvl & aelkner: Comments in reportsheets made the release?18:30
yvl"Report sheet activities can have comments as their scores now.  See18:31
th1aOh, there it is.  :-)18:32
* yvl leaves the release process in trustworthy hands of th1a and menesis18:46
th1aThanks yvl!18:46
* Lumiere is going to need a walkthrough of all of this later on :)18:46
Lumierebut not today18:46
yvlif anything - I'm reachable by cell, so ask menesis to call me :)18:47
yvlA productive day to you all!18:48
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Lumierereplaceafill: do you have anything you need to upgrade?19:31
LumiereI need a test commit :)19:32
replaceafilldwelsh hasn't reviewed my work yet :(19:32
replaceafilldo you want me to do an empty upgrade?19:32
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th1amenesis: Should I be calling this release 2009.4.17?20:53
menesisth1a: probably, this is the actual schooltool version number20:54
menesisthere were more by accident20:55
menesiswhat you call 4.12 and 4.13 in release notes in fact were 4.14 and 4.1620:59
th1aOK... I'll jump to 1721:00
menesisand it's sad that we did not set all version numbers to 1.0.x when "the 1.0 was released"21:00
th1aAs long as the software works, everyone will be happy.21:01
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