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phufford_replaceafill: Hi01:10
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aelkneryvl: ayt?08:15
yvlaelkner: pong08:58
aelknerhey there08:58
aelkneri've been struggling with a problem08:58
aelkneryou see, my gradebook views depend on the user preferences08:58
aelknerso i need to do self.person = IPerson(self.request.principal)08:59
aelknerproblem is, when the user walks away for long enough, the principal times out08:59
aelknerso i need to abort the view and redirect the user to authenticate09:00
aelknerso my question is, in addition to doing self.request.response.redirect(LOGIN_VIEW)09:00
aelknerwhat do i need to do to get the view to stop processing the page template09:01
aelknerthe engine keeps calling into code in my view to process the page template09:01
aelknerbut the code can't run without the authenticated user09:02
aelkneris there a way to get zope to abort a page template and take the rrequested redirect?09:02
yvlyou should do that as a first thing in __call__09:04
yvlbefore the template is called09:04
yvlafter that, there's little you can do09:05
aelknerso if i put that logic in __call__, the engine won't process the page template?09:05
yvlyes, but you'll have to call the template manually09:05
aelkneri see, makes sense09:05
yvlsomething like: return self.template()09:06
aelknerof hand, do you know of any schooltool views that call the template manually?09:06
aelknernever mind, i an find them09:07
aelknerthanks for the tip, that will do the trick09:07
yvlyou're welcome09:09
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Lumiereignas: check ohloh for cando :)14:51
Lumieremgedmin: thank you for the help yesterday14:52
* mgedmin wasn't aware he gave out any help :)14:52
ignasLumiere: nice :)14:52
mgedminmaybe I should go into a new line of work: "moral support, cheap"14:52
Lumieremgedmin: lol14:53
Lumieremgedmin: you did more then that14:53
Lumiereyou helped us work out exactly what needed to be done14:53
mgedminI could also fix grammar mistakes, like s/then/than/ :)14:53
Lumierebut that would imply that I were awake enough to properly use my crappy language14:53
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