IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-06-09

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Lumiere'morning all16:30
th1aGood morning Lumiere.16:30
Lumiereignas: when you svn2bzr... do you get to decide how to break it out?16:30
ignasbreak it out?16:31
ignasand I don't svn2bzr ;)16:31
ignasnever did16:31
Lumierewho did the bzr transition for st?16:31
Lumierethe lp guys?16:31
ignasyeah, ddaa did the code according to our spec16:31
ignasstill have the code16:31
ignasdon't have the time to document it16:31
Lumieredid they break packages out then?16:32
ignaswe had a complex logic that detects branches16:32
ignasso I had all the branches16:32
ignaswith all the history16:32
ignasand merges16:32
ignassorted into directories16:33
ignasso if you had a schooltool-foo16:33
ignasthat was in trunk/schooltool-foo16:33
ignasyou had it as a branch16:33
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Lumierenm that :)16:55
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th1ayvl: ayt?19:14
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Lumierereplaceafill: hi!23:00
replaceafillhey Lumiere23:00
Lumieretime to test and releease!23:00
replaceafillgo Lumiere go :)23:00
Lumierebut I wanted you to look it over with me23:01
Lumierebefore I did something drastic23:01
replaceafillyou're merging to trunk, right?23:01
Lumierealready merged23:03
Lumierejust have to build a test instance23:04
Lumiereand test it23:04
replaceafillchecking out...23:04
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Lumierereplaceafill: anything?23:12
Lumierereplaceafill: I am building on cando-prod a test instance23:12
replaceafillrunning tests23:14
replaceafillLumiere, we're changing to 2009.04, right?23:14
replaceafilli mean, not for this release23:15
replaceafillfor next releases23:15
replaceafilland i saw you're freezing svn23:16
LumiereI want to svn to bzr23:16
Lumierebut I can't if people commit23:16
LumiereI need to hand edit svn23:19
Lumierethen get someone to swap the repositories23:19
Lumierethen run a conversion23:19
replaceafillseems like a lot of work!23:20
Lumierea bit23:20
replaceafill0 failures23:20
replaceafillrunning and testing23:20
Lumierestarting test instance on prod23:24
replaceafillLumiere, it works and my latest changes are there23:24
Lumiereand you looked it over and are happy?23:30
th1aThat's with the latest SchoolTool, Lumiere?23:30
Lumiereth1a: no23:30
Lumiereth1a:  2009.04 -> cando 2009.08 release23:31
Lumiereth1a: I am not doing any evolve scripts in the last 2 weeks of school23:31
th1aOK.  Good work.  ;-)23:31
Lumiereth1a: are you nuts ;)23:31
* th1a th1a just isn't paying very close attention to what you're doing.23:32
replaceafillLumiere, you're good to go23:33
replaceafillall the changes are there and working right23:33
Lumiereth1a: getting reports out23:33
Lumierethen svn2bzr23:33
Lumierethen replaceafill gets to move to 2009.04 in a bzr branch23:34
replaceafillLumiere, are we hosting in launchpad?23:34
LumiereI am planning to23:34
replaceafillnice! :)23:34
Lumiereand we'll merge changes to 2008 as needed23:34
Lumierereplaceafill: only reasons not to are that lp's bzr was slow as hell earlier23:34
Lumieremaking backup23:35
Lumiereacc server down ;)23:35
Lumiererunning make update23:37
Lumierereplaceafill: ready for pain?23:39
Lumiereupdate completed starting server23:39
replaceafillcrossing fingers....23:39
replaceafilland toes...23:39
Lumierewood is ->23:40
Lumierewhat's wrong23:40
replaceafilli should stop the testing instance, right?23:41
replaceafillsince it's the same23:41
LumiereI got em23:43
Lumiereboth testing instances down23:43
LumiereI also killed the second screen session23:43
replaceafillah ok23:43

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