IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-06-10

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th1amenesis: Did you get a chance to help the Russians?17:52
menesisth1a: not yet, sorry. i have to collect my notes about how I do the releases and where to get that from17:53
menesisand will send something later17:53
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tan_Hi, I'm currently translating schooltool into Norwegian Bokmaal, and have a question regarding the word 'advisee' and 'advisees'19:30
tan_Anyone here who can elaborate/explain them to me? :)19:30
th1ahi tan_.19:31
tan_Hi th1a :)19:31
th1aDo you know what an "advisor" is?19:31
th1a(in general)19:32
tan_yes, one who give people "smart" information - right?19:32
th1athe advisee is the one who receives it.19:32
th1aHowever, advisee is probably not proper usage.19:32
th1aOr, it is awkward.19:32
tan_thanks th1a!19:33
th1aYou could translate it as mentor/protege.19:33
tan_mentor=advisor, protege=advisee ?19:34
tan_ok, thanks alot for your help th1a! :-)19:34
th1aOr, whatever seems to fit what they call it in Norwegian schools, if similar relationships exist.19:34
th1aThank you tan_!19:34
tan_I will try to find a combination that works :-)19:35
tan_in Norwegian, I mean :p19:35
th1aBasically, the function of the advisor in a US school is to give students a consistent relationship with an adult in the school through their time there.19:35
th1aSo you keep the same advisor as the rest of your teachers change year to year.19:36
th1aIt might not be relevant in Norway.19:36
tan_yes, that's the problem - we don't have that kind of "service" for the student until maybe university, so I'm not sure what to call them yet... :)19:36
tan_Allthough, there is something similar - an adult the students can go to if they have some questions/issues in school, etc. But it's the same one for all the students...19:37
tan_I'll think about it... :P19:38
tan_cya :)19:38
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