IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-05-28

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th1ayvl: How's it going?16:26
yvlhi th1a16:48
yvlcould be better :)16:48
yvlI thought schooltool was big, but it seems it's bigger16:48
yvlso I'm trying to understand the code - which slows bugfixing16:49
yvlfixed several bugs last week, and it would be nice to make a release16:49
yvlthe thing is that it contains evolution script that "flattens" groups - and I'm still not that confident with it16:50
yvlI think it would be nice to release on Monday/Tuesday so that people won't have broken data over the weekend in worst case scenario16:51
yvlpeople who run pure schooltool will be fine, CanDo and SLA should be fine, but if someone modified/extended the code... I don't know.16:52
yvlwhat else...16:53
yvlread the Ignas' TODO list (don't remember which Monday :)16:53
* th1a notices yvl is talking...16:54
yvlit gave some insight into the state of schooltool :)16:54
th1aYou're worried about the old evolution script?16:55
* yvl doing a monologue thingy :)16:55
yvlthe one that fixes groups when they are no longer allowed in sections16:55
yvlit's not released neither to trunk, nor PPA16:56
th1aOh, the new evolution script.16:56
th1aI'm aware of nobody using a hacked SchoolTool in production.16:56
yvlthat takes a load of my mind16:57
th1aWe still don't have *many* users.16:57
th1aBut it will get progressively harder to do these kinds of changes.16:57
th1aAs we have more users.16:58
yvlyour "braindump" email was very useful by the way, thank you16:58
th1aThis is a bug I meant to put behind us a while ago, it just got lost in the shuffle.16:58
th1aGlad it was of some help.16:59
th1aThe one thing I'd like to get in before releasing next Tuesday or so is adding fields to courses.16:59
th1aI assigned you that bug.16:59
Lumiere_we just need to get to a point16:59
Lumiere_where there is a procedure for changes like this17:00
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Lumiere_where they get posted to the public developers list17:00
Lumiere_then go into a period where other devs and schools can review17:00
Lumiere_to make sure it doesn't blow their hackish tendencies up17:00
yvlwe'll also need a policy of what is "subject to change"17:01
th1aWell, it also shouldn't blow anything up unless it breaks.17:01
yvland how should one hack/extend schooltool17:01
th1aWhich we never anticipate.17:01
th1ayvl: Yes...17:01
th1aI tried to do that prematurely with the original commendation package.17:01
th1aSome SchoolTool/Grok documentation would be particularly nice.17:02
yvloh yes17:02
yvlthat's one of a thousand little things on my head17:03
yvlthat's why I'm doing a real-life billboard in the office next week17:03
th1aThat's a good idea.17:03
yvlso I can see "state of schooltool todos" or something like that17:03
yvlso a bit later on I'll send you an email17:04
yvlabout, emm, stuff17:04
yvllike plugins, grokification, translations, applications, etc.17:05
yvlappologies, I have to go now :|17:06
yvl* apologies17:06
yvlLumiere_, can you pm me17:06
th1aThanks yvl.17:07
yvla link to the active CanDo branch?17:07
yvlI'd like to look at how course id's are used there now17:08
yvlthanks in advance :)17:08
* yvl runs off17:08
Lumiere_yvl: there's nothing in the code17:19
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mgedminhave you seen the new sparklines at ?18:24
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th1amgedmin: Yes.  It is a good idea for SchoolTool too -- at the proper time.  ;-)19:29
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