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krushikdoes anybody have a schooltool presentation with feature overview and so on?00:50
Lumierekrushik: right now all we have is the ppa00:55
krushikpity. ok00:57
Lumiereand the docs00:58
Lumierekrushik: you should ask th1a for something like that (schooltoolers group on lp or questions on
krushikI found Tom Hoffman's  but it seems to be out of date (2005)01:01
krushikI see. thanks01:01
Lumierekrushik: I wouldn't be surprised if Tom (th1a) had newer stuff01:01
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krushikwhat kind of information could be in national alphabets in schooltool? tired of finding It by myself: getting a lot of "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 0-12: ordinal not in range(128)" exceptions in different places01:33
krushikand does somebody have a configurable sample data generator (xls to import)?01:40
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ignaskrushik: emm, if you see a traceback, report it to the bugtracker03:26
ignaskrushik: it's a bug03:26
ignasas for xls import generation - we only have 1 pre generated set of sample data, if you want something custom - you will have to edit it yourself03:27
ignasyou can download the example sample data xls from the xls import page in schooltool03:27
ignasno configuration yet really03:28
krushikoh. I see. actually there were places, where national characters really should not be used. but now this exception seems to appear at student surname record04:19
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krushiknot in surname actually, but in SEARCH_LAST_NAME function. will report it tomorrow05:12
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krushikI can't find "New activity" button and the rest of activity functionality in dev version of schooltool. what is wrong?13:06
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ignaskrushik: hmm, not sure , have never used that part of the system, but they did something concerning default worksheets13:15
ignaskrushik: and worksheets in general, so maybe you should try and select one/ create one13:15
yvlkrushik, have you enabled gradebook?13:17
yvlActivities are part of schooltool.gradebook13:18
ignasi think schooltool-2008 and schooltool-2009 have gradebook enabled by default13:19
ignasyep, they do, at least stapp2008fall doeas13:20
yvl    suggests stapp2008spring13:25
yvlwhich has lyceum.journal enabled, not gradebook, as far as I remember13:25
ignasahh, I assumed apt-get installed schooltool13:26
ignassomeone should update the docs ;)13:27
krushikso, am I trying to deploy the old branch? I've followed and therefore have stapp2008spring13:27
yvlyes, we need to update that13:29
yvlI'm now registering the stapp2008fall branch in Launchpad13:30
krushikand what branch should i get? bzr branch lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool/schooltool.stapp2008fall/ ?13:30
yvlyes, once Launchpad mirrors it...13:31
yvlthanks for noticing this, I'll ask th1a to update documentation13:32
krushiknp. thank you. how much time should I wait?13:34
ignaswait for what?13:39
krushik<yvl> yes, once Launchpad mirrors it...13:40
yvlok, Launchpad says it will mirror "as soon as possible"13:43
krushikgood =)13:43
ignasor you can just get it at the "source" :)13:43
krushik"Branched 11 revision(s)." done. thanks13:45
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th1amoquist: So when do you want to try a Cambridge meetup?18:22
moquistth1a: next Fri or the one after if possible18:33
moquistlunch now, more later18:33
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ignasth1a: wow, google translation did spectacularly well23:30
th1aYeah, it seemed pretty good.23:30
ignasseems like in a few years it will be possible to communicate with people speaking languages that you don't understand at all quite reliably23:31
th1aI don't know if we can interoperate with Plone usefully yet.23:31
th1aI have no idea what you can do with Five these days.23:31
ignaswell, I am not sure what they want us to integrate with23:31
th1aYes... need more info.23:32
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th1aKilled anything with that Apoc yet, ignas?23:34
ignashaven't logged in for like 2 weeks23:34
ignasbut my pylons sandbox is almost complete and nearly perfect ;)23:35
ignasalso we have 291 users for our beta already :)23:35
th1aWhat's the URL?23:35
ignasit's all in lithuanian23:35
th1aI haven't been playing much either.23:35
th1aWell, can I see the shiny shiny?23:35
ignasand it's not done yet :D23:36
ignasit's abything but shiny :(23:36
ignaswhich is why we are working on a reloaded version ;)23:36
ignasusing *not* plone ;)23:36
ignasdesign is not nice, plone is shining through, but is feeding us enough info about what our users actually need23:37
ignasso my colleague and I have like 2 months to have everything reimplemented23:37
ignasth1a: tests on pylons are like 100x faster than on plone (literally)23:42
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