IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-05-12

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jelknerGood morning!16:31
jelknerIs there anybody out there?16:32
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jelknermorning ignas16:34
jelknermorning th1a16:34
jelkner(th1a, i just tried skyping you)16:34
jelkneri wanted to talk about start of summer sprint planning16:35
jelknerwe sat down with the calendar this morning, and june 27 to 30 looks like the ideal time16:36
* th1a did not get much sleep last night.16:38
jelknerth1a: is it ok to skype you?16:45
jelkneror should i try again tomorrow?16:45
jelknerwe have time16:45
jelknerbut i want to start as soon as you are ready16:45
jelknerwe need to talk about whose coming16:45
jelknercan justas make it, for example?16:45
jelknershould we invite someone from the california project?16:46
th1aI don't think I can afford any more international travel.16:46
th1aThis year.16:46
jelknerwe can bring replaceafill16:46
jelknerand we have filip and ccarey16:46
Lumierejelkner: June 27 to July 30 is horrible16:46
Lumiereerr June/June16:46
Lumierethat's NECC weekend16:46
jelknerbut since we are doing the math/cte thing16:47
jelknerit is really the best time for us16:47
jelkneraccording to dwelsh16:47
jelknerthat's why i wanted to start this discussion now16:47
jelknerthe feedback from around the state on the cando pilot is coming in16:47
jelkner*very* positive16:47
jelknerthat puts us in a nice place for the meeting on may 2616:48
jelknerand we need to have these plans at least in a solid plan form by then16:48
jelknerso we can walk away from the meeting with an approved budget that includes them16:48
jelknerif international travel is out16:49
jelkner(aside from replaceafill)16:49
jelknerit would be:16:49
jelkneranyone else?16:50
th1aI can probably make a short appearance.16:51
jelknerLumiere: if you think you have alternative dates that would be better, bring them to dwelsh this afternoon16:59
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th1ayvl: Do we have release notes?19:23
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phuffordhi replaceafill22:38
replaceafillphufford, hi22:38
replaceafillphufford, join the gobby session and load your docs, ok?22:39
phuffordwhat's the name of the session?22:40
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