IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-05-11

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th1aGood morning replaceafill, jelkner, aelkner, yvl, menesis, moquist, dwelsh.16:32
dwelshGood morning, all16:32
th1aOr afternoon.16:32
dwelshReplaceafill:  This Friday, 8pm???16:32
yvlmorning guys16:32
replaceafillgood morning16:32
replaceafilldwelsh, great16:32
dwelshBe there or be |=|16:33
th1aI gather we pushed an update over the weekend?16:33
th1ahi menesis.  How was Turkey?16:35
jelknergood morning everyone16:35
yvlth1a, what update do you have in mind? :)16:37
Lumierehi all16:37
th1aOr perhaps we didn't?16:37
th1aDid we release the return of final grades?16:38
yvltoday, to trunk16:38
yvllaunchpad is mirroring "as soon as possible"16:38
th1aNot to the PPA, though?16:39
th1aNote here that I didn't expect you to.16:39
yvlnope, not yet16:39
yvlalso, import fixes by Douglas are in trunk16:39
yvland section linking/unlinking (in edit section views)16:39
th1aOh,  I was looking at the wrong bug/question.16:40
aelkneryvl:  i just did a pull on shooltool trunk and got nothing new16:40
yvlare you pulling from Launchpad?16:40
th1aI was looking at the paste bug, which is fixed.16:40
th1aNow that that's straightened out, and everyone in Lithuania is confused.16:41
th1aHow are we looking for a release tomorrow, menesis & yvl?16:41
menesiswhat paste bug?16:41
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th1aHi ignas.16:42
ignashi, sorry, a bit late, was having lunch with mgedmin16:42
ignaswell, more like breakfast ;)16:43
th1aIf you're late again, you're fired, ignas.16:43
ignasyou'll take away my licence to kill? please don't ;)16:43
menesisth1a: not sure what the release involves yet, but we will do the release tomorrow, yes16:44
th1aPerhaps we should discuss what it might entail then.  ;-)16:44
th1amenesis: Have you looked at the bugs I assigned to you?16:46
menesisth1a: only some of them yet16:47
th1aDo you have any questions about them or which ones to do first beyond how they're marked as priorities?16:48
th1ayvl: One thing we need to pay attention to is release notes for these bugfixes.16:51
yvlthanks for reminding me th1a16:52
yvlI forgot, then remembered, then forgot again16:52
aelkneryvl: when did you do the merges?16:52
aelkneri ask because I had to sneek in a change on Friday AFTER i had already made the merge request16:53
menesisI was looking at #371630 the paste.script bug because that was reported a few days ago and I though that was fixed. But should really be OK with python-paste from the PPA16:53
yvlaelkner - today, few hours ago16:53
aelkneryvl: cool16:54
th1amenesis: Right -- it appears to be fixed.16:55
yvlmenesis, as far as I get it, the problem is on Ubuntu releases earlier than Jaunty16:55
yvland it maliciously keeps going away after a while :)16:56
th1aBut I just got confused, when Laurie said that bug was fixed I thought she was referring to the final grades bug, so that made me think we must have pushed a release.16:56
th1aThat's what happens when you're reading emails first thing Monday morning.16:56
th1amenesis: We'll need to discuss updating the website later in the week or perhaps the beginnning of next week, depending on your schedule.16:58
menesisth1a: ok. my schedule is today-tomorrow the bugs and the release, later don't know yet17:00
th1amenesis: Basically we'll be shutting down the plone site and just putting up a static landing page in its place.17:01
th1aAll the other info is moving to the SchoolTool book.17:01
Lumiereth1a: I would suggest leaving news on the static pages too :)17:01
th1aWell, I could use some javascript, I suppose.17:02
th1aOtherwise I'm moving news to LP.17:02
LumiereI wonder if there is a way to load the LP news as a iframe or something :)17:02
th1aThere are javascript widgets.17:03
th1ayvl: It seems like you've got plenty on your plate to keep you busy the rest of the week.17:03
yvlyes :)17:04
yvlI'll spend some time investigating the missing adapters bug17:04
yvlit scares me17:05
th1aYes, work on that one.17:05
ignasyeah, it17:05
ignasis a scary one17:05
th1aWhich perhaps we shouldn't publicly discuss.17:06
th1aIn terms of upcoming updates,17:06
th1aI'm thinking we'll probably put out another bugfix in a week or two, and then settle into doing a monthly update the rest of the summer.17:07
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th1aMake sense?17:07
th1aaelkner: Make sure and give SLA some love asap.17:08
aelkneryeah, they got a new bug17:08
th1aI'll also send Chris an email outlining the longer range plans for them.17:09
aelkneri'll look into that first thing17:09
th1aThis summer you should probably refactor that system to not be so dependent on id's.17:09
th1aOr, different ids.17:09
th1aOr something.17:09
aelkneror something17:10
th1aOtherwise, how's the gradebook stuff coming?17:10
* jelkner perks up his ears!17:10
aelkneri'm about 90% the way through with jelkner's features17:11
aelkneri got the score systems utilities to work17:11
aelkneri need to apply the new functionality to the column preferences logic17:12
aelkneri expect to have something for jelkner to start testing mid-week17:12
aelknerchris alfano imformed me that SLA was moving schooltool server17:13
aelkneri took it upon myself to volunteer to do the install to the new location17:13
aelknersince it is not a standard schooltool installation17:13
aelknerthe box was new, so i had to apt-get install gcc amongst other things17:14
aelkneri'm getting the following error now that i could use help with:17:14
aelknerGetting distribution for 'PILwoTk'.17:14
aelkner_imaging.c:76:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory17:14
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aelkneranyone know what i need to do there?17:15
th1aYou need python-dev-all right?17:15
th1aWell, you need the right python-dev.17:15
th1aThat corresponds to the version you Python you're using.17:15
aelkneri had to apt-get install pythin2.4 as well17:15
th1aDid you do 'make ubuntu-environment' ?17:16
aelkneroops, forgot that step17:16
aelknerjust did it now, and it did some apt-gets17:17
th1aIndeed it does.17:18
th1aIn other news...17:19
th1amoquist has two pieces of good news.17:19
th1aa) He's now a daddy.17:19
th1ab) Apparently our new friends in Escondido are going to have some money to spend on putting together a SchoolTool/Moodle data system.17:20
th1aWhich I should have mentioned while replaceafill was here, since he may end up getting some work from that.17:21
th1adwelsh & jelkner:  Anything to add?17:21
ignasaelkner: hmm, is the new system using jaunty?17:25
aelknerignas: what's the command to determine which version of ubuntu is running?17:25
ignascan't recall now, just look at /etc/apt/sources.list17:26
aelknerah, they installed lenny17:27
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aelkneris that going to be a problem?17:27
ignasdon't think so17:27
ignasprobably less problems than with jaunty17:28
ignasbecause jaunty is defaulting to python2.5, while your sandbox is probably using python2.4 at the moment17:28
ignasth1a: debian17:28
replaceafillback, sorry had to come to work :)17:28
th1aYes, but is that a problem?17:28
th1aSomeone was asking about that last week.17:28
aelkneri'm still getting the Python.h problem17:28
th1aI said our packages probably work on Debian.17:28
th1aIs this server just running SchoolTool?17:29
ignasaelkner: apt-cache search python-dev-all17:29
ignasaelkner: ahh17:29
ignasaelkner: wait17:29
ignasaelkner: make clean, and then make again17:29
ignasaelkner: bootstraping code did not see the headers when you ran it, so it set up sandbox without the missing files, and now you want to update it17:30
aelkneri see, running make now...17:30
aelknerit got passed PilWork17:31
aelknerignas: can i change schooltool.ini to use port 80?17:32
aelknerthey want it to use that port17:32
ignasaelkner: nope, you can't only root can use that port, and I don't know how to make it su to some sane user after you start it17:33
ignasaelkner: the standard procedure is using apache17:33
th1aI guess the source version should run just as well on any Linux.17:33
ignasas the frontend17:33
ignasusing rewrite rules17:33
aelknerignas: ok, thanks17:33
ignasaelkner: though you should talk to menesis and you probably can figure something out17:33
th1aignas: We do have a user who seems to have SchoolTool running on WSGI.17:33
ignasth1a: well - it is doable and not too difficult17:34
ignasth1a: and you get the same bugs you would get using rewrite rules doing that ...17:34
th1aOh... it is coming back to me now.17:34
th1aStill the permissions thing?17:34
ignasth1a: which are - some urls in devmode specifically, and in fck editor (maybe) are not using absolute_url but are hardocing "/foo/bar"17:34
ignaswhich works if schooltool is toplevel application17:35
ignaslike localhost:7080/17:35
ignasbut does not if schooltool is localhost/schooltool/17:35
th1aI'm thinking more about just getting it to run on port 80.17:35
th1aI mean, which, with proper documentation is simpler and cleaner.17:35
ignasahh, for port - yeah it's a permission issue, looking at paste and user selection in paste17:36
ignasshould give you some ideas17:36
ignasif you will add schooltool-2008.wsgi17:36
ignasto /etc/17:36
ignasor to /usr/lib or wherever17:36
ignasyou can probably make it pretty easy to run17:36
ignasusing mod_wsgi17:36
th1aI guess that's something to consider for October.17:37
th1aIn the meantime... have a great week, folks!17:38
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:38
ignasthanks, you too17:38
replaceafillyvl, i can change the csv bugs status to fix committed, right?17:39
yvlplease do17:39
menesisaelkner: please try changing BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON=python2.5 in schooltool/Makefile, then make ubuntu-environment . should work, please let me know17:40
aelknermenesis: is that to get it to work on port 80?17:44
ignasaelkner: no17:44
aelknerthen why?17:44
menesisaelkner: no this is to bootstrap schooltool on jaunty where python2.4 is not supported17:45
Lumiereaelkner: use ubuntu-environment?17:45
aelkneri did17:45
Lumiere(stops talking... keeps reading)17:46
aelknerbut i didn't do the BOOTSTRAP= change yet17:46
ignasmenesis: aelkner is using lenny not jaunty, though switching to python2.5 everywhere is still a good idea17:46
Lumiereaelkner: do apt-get install python2.4-dev17:48
Lumiereaelkner: as I recall, all-dev may not do 2.4 anymore17:49
Lumiere(so bootstrap or 2.4-dev needs to be installed)17:49
aelknerLumiere: no, but make ubuntu-environment is supposed to take care of that, no?17:49
aelkneranyway, i just changes to python2.5 as per menesis' sggestion17:49
aelknermenesis, ignas, yvl: does anyone know why i would get this error:18:00
aelkner  File "/srv/schooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/app/", line 41, in <module>18:00
aelkner    RequiredMissing.__doc__ = _("""Required input is missing.""")18:00
Lumiereaelkner: it is a bug that needs to befixed still18:01
LumiereI fixed it in CanDo last week18:01
ignasaelkner: old schooltool18:01
Lumierechanged it from 2.4 to 2.518:01
Lumierebuildout -n18:01
aelkneryes, i'm using the aelkner branch of schooltool18:01
ignaslook at how that place looks trunk18:02
aelknerbecause sla is not ready for trunk18:02
aelknerignas: how's that again?18:02
ignasaelkner: remove that line18:03
aelknerRequiredMissing.__doc__ = _("""Required input is missing.""")18:03
aelknerthat one?18:03
aelknerignas: i'm getting this problem:18:07
aelknerbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir( Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()18:07
aelknerwhen trying to commit to my branch18:07
aelknerit's a checkout branch18:07
ignasI am guessing that you are trying to commit into an http branch18:07
aelkneroh, could be18:08
ignashttp as you know is kind of read only most of the time18:08
Lumiereit is what it is18:08
Lumiereaelkner: it may be time to move SLA to 2009.0418:08
aelknerignas: how do i switch to bzr+ssh, or do i need to rebranch18:08
aelknerLumiere: yeah, yeah, we know18:09
ignasaelkner: bzr switch?18:09
Lumiereyea bzr switch18:09
ignasbzr bind rather18:09
ignasthough switch might work18:09
Lumiereit would... I think it is a bind+update18:10
aelknerignas, Lumiere: bzr switch worked18:26
aelkneri got the server to start, but i can't reach it from my browser18:26
aelkneris there something i have to do with /etc/hosts?18:26
Lumiereaelkner: check your paste config18:28
Lumiereaelkner: and if there is an apache setup with dns and the dns doesn't exist/points elsewhere18:29
Lumiereyou need /etc/hosts to make the host exist18:29
aelkneri checked etc.hosts, and the host is set there18:29
aelknerthere is no apache running18:29
aelknermust there be?18:30
aelknerLumiere: ?18:32
aelknerignas: can schooltool run if there is no apache installed?18:33
ignasaelkner: yes18:34
ignasaelkner: not sure how to make it run on port 80 though18:34
aelknerthat's ok, i just need to get 7080 accessible from the browser18:34
ignasaelkner: talk to Lumiere and menesis about that18:34
aelknerLumiere: i have schooltool runniing on port 708018:37
aelknerifconfig reveals
aelknerbut says server not responding18:37
aelkneror, i should sy, Failed to connect18:38
aelknerthe firefox message18:38
ignasaelkner: err18:39
ignasaelkner: put in paste.ini18:39
ignasor is it schooltool.ini18:39
ignasin instance/18:39
aelknerthat sounds familiar18:39
ignasinstead of
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ignaswhen you said you want to get it on port 7080 I have assumed that you meant localhost:708018:39
ignaswhich should be working on that server18:40
aelknerignas: the current live instance of schooltool at sla has no anywhere in the instance directory18:42
aelknerand it works18:42
ignasaelkner: maybe it is using apache for a frontend?18:42
aelkneryes, that could be18:43
aelknerignas: changing schooltool.ini to use did work, so thanks18:45
LumiereI would note that I said that18:48
Lumiere"check your paste config"18:48
Lumiereaelkner: if the live instance shows on port 8018:49
Lumiereit is behind apache18:49
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aelknerLumiere: actually, it doesn't even though it is behind apache18:52
aelknerbecuase we haven't confugred the rewrite rule18:52
aelknerho is that done again?18:52
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aelknerLumiere: ayt?19:42
Lumiereaelkner: log into and look at the apache config19:47
aelknerLumiere: is it the VirtualHost *:80 section in sites-enables/cando that i would need to add to sla's config?19:52
aelkneractually, i noticed there isn't any proxypass in that section19:53
aelknerare you guys using port 80 for cando?19:53
Lumierewe are19:53
Lumierelook down in the *:44319:53
Lumierewe run behind https19:53
Lumiereso the :80 redirects to the :44319:54
Lumierethen the 443 has the ProxyPass19:54
aelkneri don't see where 80 redirects to 44319:54
LumiereRedirect /
Lumierethen the 443 ssl vh is right below19:56
aelkneri saw that19:56
Lumierebecause I want those 2 vh to be up or down together19:56
aelknerso you redirect t0 443 (ssl) for seuvrity19:56
aelknercool ,thanks19:57
Lumiereand that proxypass shows how you can do an https pass19:57
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