IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-05-13

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Lumiereignas: who do I need to work with to update my svn repository13:56
ignasif you want to do admin stuff on i think menesis is the person13:56
ignasor you can tell it to yvl and let him point you to menesis ;)13:57
Lumiereignas: I need to do that .svn -> .subversion switch14:01
Lumiereso we can do the svnbzr transition14:01
ignasyeah talk to menesis14:02
LumiereI am hoping to get it tomorrow so when replaceafill branches I can still do my bzr transition14:04
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th1ayvl: What's the source of the journal bug?16:18
th1aOr... perhaps you mean something different by "triaged" ...16:18
yvlemm, I meant "In progress"16:19
yvlsorry for mis-clicking16:19
th1aI figured that's what you meant.16:24
th1aIs it an easy bug?16:24
yvllooks like16:25
yvlI thought it's a good time to fix several high priority bus now16:26
yvlAs this one is "crashing", it got "higher" priority :)16:27
th1aI was starting to get a little worried that in fixing one big important bug the little ones were piling up.16:27
* yvl too16:28
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Lumiereth1a: most users will understand that it happens17:42
Lumiereespecially users stepping into what is basicly a beta app :)17:43
th1aLumiere: I'm just saying that we need to show quick turnaround in that case.17:54
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th1areplaceafill: Did I ask you about xml-rpc yet?18:14
replaceafillth1a, sorry i was away18:22
replaceafillth1a, no u didnt18:22
th1aSo it looks like there's going to be money for some Moodle/SchoolTool work,18:23
th1anot definite yet by any means though.18:23
th1aThis isn't through me -- a school in California.18:23
replaceafillit's going to be through xml-rpc18:24
th1aThat's the standard Moodle way of doing integration.18:24
th1aWhich we haven't tried because, well, we don't have any Moodle people and it is poorly documented.18:24
th1aBut if this happens moquist will probably do the Moodle side and perhaps we'll do the SchoolTool side.18:25
th1aWhere "we" = you.18:25
th1aAnyhow, have you ever looked at XML-RPC?18:25
replaceafilli used some for my graduation work18:26
replaceafillit wasnt much, but i worked18:26
replaceafillwith it18:26
th1aThere's not much to it.18:26
th1aIt seems to me that XML-RPC functions would be pretty easy to add to SchoolTool.18:27
replaceafillyes, zope has support for it18:28
th1aAnd we have good separation of model and presentation.18:28
th1aAnd there is a lot less theory than REST.18:29
th1aREST isn't hard, but understanding what is CORRECT REST is hard.18:29
th1aWhereas XML-RPC is pure duct tape by design.18:30
th1aOr non-design.18:30
replaceafillwe used xmlrpc views from the publisher package if i remember correctly18:31
th1aIn SchoolTool?18:32
replaceafillno in our graduation work18:33
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Lumieremgedmin: how's your zope2-zodb fu?21:24
mgedminrusty, why do you ask?21:24
LumiereI got a requirement from my boss at one of my jobs21:25
Lumierehe needs an inventory of all the crap in our zope2 cms21:26
LumiereI was hoping to coax a tree of all the container names out of the zodb and be done with it21:26
Lumiereand I'd ask #zope21:26
Lumierebut they seem dead to the world :)21:26
mgedmindo you have zope 2 running, or just a data.fs file?21:27
LumiereI have a running 2.7.721:32
Lumiere(and getting run around like I'm standing on hot coals today)21:32
mgedminthe find tab in the zmi can be useful21:36
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Lumieremgedmin: that's a good idea21:46
Lumiereonly gonna take a few hours to do for the 2G Data.fs21:47
Lumieremgedmin: that will work, is there a way to list all of them instead of 20 at a time21:51
LumiereI'd rather not do 20 at a time for 1500 items21:51
mgedminyou could write a python script21:51
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LumiereI guess21:57
Lumieremgedmin: can a standard web interface python script do that?21:59
Lumiereok... I guess I need to figure out how to do this :)22:00
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Lumieremgedmin: OFS.FindSupport.ZopeFind is what zmi uses to search?22:15
mgedminI think you can use container.objectValues('Folder') to get a list of subfolders22:16
mgedminthen just recurse22:16
Lumierewell, I need another type of object... but that could work too22:18
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Lumieremgedmin: damn... I got 401'd on trying to access OFS.FindSupport.FindSupport22:24
Lumiereoh *tries something*22:24
* Lumiere reads source22:29
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Lumieremgedmin: found it... there's an undocumented option in the source22:37
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