IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-04-29

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jelknerhey bro!00:02
jelkneri'm waiting with anticipation your message that it's time to move on gradebook testing00:02
jelkners/your/for your00:02
aelkneri just spent yesterday overhauling the student's grade view00:02
aelknernow it looks nice like the teacher's gradebook00:02
jelknerthat is great00:02
jelknerit's all about the student's, after all ;-)00:02
aelknerlots of typos today :)00:03
jelknerit is hot00:03
jelknermy brain is fried00:03
aelknerthis is yor brain on drugs (sizzle, sizzle) :)00:03
jelknerwe don't have ac at acc00:03
aelknerno ac at acc, that's funny00:04
jelknerglad you liked it00:04
aelknerthere's a great commercial for shreaded wheat00:04
aelknerhe says, 'we put the no in innovation'00:04
aelknernow you need to put ac in acc00:05
Lumiereaelkner: s/drugs/heat00:05
LumiereI am downstairs and baking too00:06
aelknerthat's got to be brutal00:06
aelknerLumiere: and I know how much you like heat00:06
LumiereI wish I were still a student...00:06
Lumiereat least then I could wear a pair of shorts00:06
Lumiereand a nice light T-Shirt00:07
aelknerwhy wouldn't they let teachers and admin people be comfortable?00:07
Lumierebecause we're "professionals"00:07
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moquistI installed schooltool-2008 on Ubuntu Hardy. How can I reconfigure it to listen on more than
moquist/etc/schooltool/schooltool-2008/paste.ini might be the place, but I can't tell yet.04:45
moquistaelkner: hiya04:46
Lumiere|CapsWinchange the paste.ini from to
moquistso if I just change ... ok05:00
* moquist had just started trying it05:01
Lumiere|CapsWinwhat you might want to do later on05:01
Lumiere|CapsWinis setup apache+proxy05:01
moquistI changed paste.ini and restarted schooltool-2008, but I still can't telnet to 7080 from another system.05:01
moquistI wonder if I just tried too immediately after restarting it.05:02
Lumiere|CapsWinit can take a few seconds05:02
moquistnow it's also working over port forwarded ssh. :)05:02
moquistWow, I need to learn how to use this. All I see so far is a calendar.05:04
moquistWow, I need to look in the top-left corner. Up there are several links to other things.05:05
moquistshould I just start at the top of if I want to generate sample data?05:06
moquisti.e., is all of that necessary? I don't intend to use this instance for development; it's just to get the feel of the user experience and provide a demo for somebody else.05:07
moquist...and is lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool/schooltool.stapp2008spring/ still the one I want?05:09
moquistlooks kinda like it's still active05:10
* moquist starts the branching05:11
Lumiere|CapsWinlook at the book05:15
moquisteww...a real Excel spreadsheet.05:17
moquistnice process, though05:19
Lumiere|CapsWinit is read by open source tools05:19
Lumiere|CapsWinbut yea05:19
Lumiere|CapsWinthe goal was an easy to work with format that was cross platform and easy to read05:19
Lumiere|CapsWinwhich eliminates both OOo and gnumeric really05:20
moquistvery nice; the file is available for download from the interface05:20
Lumiere|CapsWinthat should be the empty one05:20
moquisteh? OOo is more cross-platform than XLS, yeah?05:20
moquistsample_data.xls is also available from the interface05:20
Lumiere|CapsWinyes, but it has very little installed base on windows05:21
moquistdon't worry, I'm not upset and am not really criticizing you05:21
Lumiere|CapsWinold format xls files are readable in almost any spreadsheet now05:21
Lumiere|CapsWin(I know)05:21
* moquist thinks that if more people required it then it would have a larger install-base05:21
* moquist started SFD because he was annoyed by schools buying MSO and teaching the most basic chunks when OOo is free and does the same stuff05:22
* Lumiere|CapsWin tries to decide whether the chicken or the egg was first05:22
moquistdepends. which one am I?05:22
Lumiere|CapsWinwho knows05:22
* moquist goes to work on his basement while the data imports05:25
moquistciao for now05:25
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th1aignas_: Are you going to make one more set of packages?16:25
ignas_th1a: well - I have released updated schooltool, but noticed that alan commited some more fixes16:26
ignas_I am assuming he forgot to ask me to merge them16:26
ignas_an also i have noticed that the empty xls import example still is not documenting sections properly16:27
ignas_as for dates - excel treats dates as dates16:27
th1aI'm not sure he's ever understood the procedure.16:27
ignas_so we don't care about the notation16:27
th1aOh!  I forgot that's how the dates worked.16:27
ignas_the users will probably enter them in their locale by default, but that will just work16:27
th1aYes, of course.16:27
th1aSo what's wrong with the sections?16:28
ignas_well - the year and the term are defined only once per sheet16:28
ignas_if you would look at the current sample data16:28
ignas_you would see how section sheet is different16:28
ignas_section sheets16:28
ignas_i should say16:28
th1aCan I fix that?16:29
ignas_yes, would be very nice16:29
ignas_you are way better at explaining things than I am16:30
ignas_just look at the sample data and ask me if you doubt anything16:30
th1aEspecially if I remember how they work while I'm doing the writing. ;-)16:30
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moquistHmm. The guy who wants to use my schooltool demo is having trouble connecting to my server on port 7080. I want to run several virtual hosts on this system on port 80, so is there a good way to get schooltool to work as a virtual host on port 80? I'm googling right now, but any specific pointers would be helpful.17:22
th1aone moment...17:23
ignas_moquist: you want to read up on apache rewrite rules17:24
ignas_RewriteRule ^stdemo(/(.*))?$ http://muskatas:9991/$2 [P,L]17:24
moquistignas_: ah, OK. I'm familiar with mod_rewrite rules. I'll go that route, then. Thanks!17:25
ignas_is something that I used to make schooltool running on muskatas:9991 available in
th1aI think you might just need that.17:35
th1aTo get through on 7080.17:35
moquistnah, that's done17:36
moquistI can get through on 7080 just fine; it's just Joe who can't. :)17:36
moquistI figured I might as well figure out how to make it work on port 80 (which is working fine for him - he can see my "nobody here but us chickens" index.html in /var/www)17:36
moquistI mean, he can connect on port 80. SchoolTool isn't there yet, obviously.17:37
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th1aignas_: Oh... I've got the wrong spreadsheet for the sections?18:05
ignas_th1a: not sure what kind of answer that question is evokes....18:06
th1aThe "empty_data" one I was editing doesn't have the term and year at the top.18:07
ignas_yes, because I did not modify it18:07
ignas_you should look at sample data xls18:07
ignas_for an example18:07
th1aSo I need to change the worksheet to match the sample data.18:08
ignas_I was not sure how to document it, which is why i did not modify the empty sheet18:08
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aelknerignas_: I sent you an email with my merge request20:47
ignas_merged to 2009.04 and packaged already20:48
aelknerignas_: how did you know what branch is was using?20:58
aelkneri was using20:58
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ignas_aelkner: 4 branches, 1 - merged already, 2 old, 1 new20:59
ignas_kind of obvious21:00
aelknerwhat rwas the revision number on my branch (so I know you got the latest)?21:01
ignas_aelkner: i have merged like 15 minutes ago21:02
aelknerok, thanks21:02
ignas_ok, got to go21:03
ignas_see you21:03
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moquistignas_: I'm back to this now after several long distractions.21:23
moquistignas_: I don't understand the '' part of your rewrite rule21:23
moquistis that telling schooltool something about what's going on?21:24
moquisti.e., it looks to me like that's getting passed to schooltool as part of the URL.21:24
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Lumiereit is21:27
Lumierebut the ++ stuff is a command to zope21:27
moquistyep, I was guessing that part, too21:27 -> make all the links look as if they come from
* moquist nods21:28
moquistperfect. thx for the explanation.21:28
Lumierewhich allows you to run 2 or 3 instances at like stmain stdemo and sttesting21:28
Lumiereand each one could be different21:28
moquistdo I need to specify :80 there?21:29
moquistOK, but that doesn't appear in the links?21:30
Lumiereit won't be in links21:30
* moquist nods21:30
Lumiereit is protocol:server:port21:30
moquistthis is built into zope?21:30
moquistI assume it would leave ports other than 80 when it presents links, then21:36
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manuelciosiciwhen is the translation freeze for tomorrow's release?22:03
Lumieremanuelciosici: if you have a translation to add, go ahead and translate stuff22:03
Lumiereand send a note to schooltool-developers22:04
manuelciosiciI am currently translating in launchpad22:04
Lumierethank you22:05
manuelciosicitranslating in Romanian (forgot to say)22:05
th1amanuelciosici: We'll be releasing updates pretty regularly the next few months so we'll get new translations in on a pretty regular basis.22:27
manuelciosicihow about the schooltool book? I'd like to translate it this summer...22:30
Lumieremanuelciosici: that is just restructured text22:30
Lumieremanuelciosici: however, we're still working out how to translate it22:31
manuelciosiciLumiere: a wiki maybe and the generate automatic PDFs? I was thinking of translating everything into .txt files and then putting it toghether (including some screenshots) with Scribus.22:34
ignas_manuelciosici: the book already is txt files22:35
Lumieremanuelciosici: it is in a bzr repository on lp22:35
LumiereI think th1a's latest is schooltool-book22:35
manuelciosiciLumiere: thanks, I'll check it out these days22:36
Lumieremanuelciosici: we can generate pdfs easily22:36
Lumierethe question is more how do we put it on the web in many languages22:36
th1aYes, just make a branch and translate it.22:36
th1aExport the html and put it on the web.22:37
th1aI don't know the Apache magic for directing people automagically to the right version though.22:37
th1aI assume there is some way to do it.22:37
manuelciosicisome php script could do that based on the browser's reported content language22:39
th1aBasically, the book is set up like a wiki, except you keep it in bzr and run a script to produce the html, instead of keeping the text in a database and dynamically generating the html.22:40
LumiereI think we can do it all in apache22:41
LumiereI'll look into it22:42
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th1aignas_: ayt?22:44
th1aCan you update the copyright date in the footer?22:47
th1aTo 2009?22:47
ignas_hmm, yeah, i guess I can release one more version ;)22:47
th1aAutomation ftw!22:48
th1aignas_: Is there any advantage to leaving the timezone as UTC?22:49
th1aAre you less likely to hit a timezone bug?22:49
th1aAssuming your school does not span timezones ;-)22:49
th1aOK.  Thanks.22:49
manuelciosiciwell, I'm out (math test tomorrow). Romanian localization is up at 35% from 12%. Have a productive day / evening / night depending on your timezones:)22:55
th1aThanks manuelciosici.22:56
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Lumiereth1a: I think all we need to do is rename all the english files to html.en23:00
th1aThat sounds good.23:00
Lumiereand continue linking to .html files23:01
Lumierebut... the docs for content negotiation suck23:01
th1aYeah... I know the feeling.23:01
th1aIt is amazing the web works as well as it does considering what a small fraction of the standards are even supported by the major open source tools.23:02
Lumierealthough my preference is to redirect based on language to b.s.o/en/23:10
Lumiere that is closer23:12
Lumiereth1a: so what we could do is put each language in a dir23:13
Lumierethen have an index.en.html or in the root dir23:13
Lumierethat redirects23:13
th1aSounds good.23:13
Lumiere(or a rewriterule that checks the preferred language (Accept-Language) and pushes you23:14
th1aAs long as there is a clear manual override for when it doesn't work automatically.23:15
th1aI think all the links in the book should be relative automatically.23:15
Lumierelisppaste5: url23:26
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.23:26
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Lumiereignas_: here?23:36
Lumiereor anyone with better regex-fu then I23:36
ignas_Lumiere: yeah23:36
LumiereI am trying to match en or en-gb in a semi-colon separated list23:37
Lumiereerr comma separated23:38
Lumiere(basicly, I want the first lang from accept language23:38
ignas_accept language? as in - browser selection?23:39
LumiereI would rather not do a php index page that tries to decide where to redirect23:41
Lumierealthough I could23:41
* Lumiere stops working on it... I can't think straight atm23:42
ignas_Lumiere: sorry, schooltool either does "auto" or cookie based language selection23:44
ignas_if you are talking about schooltool.conf options23:44
ignas_sorry - 3 hours of sleep23:44
ignas_i am not too capable either23:45
Lumiereignas_: it's for the book... but I'll look later23:59
ignas_Lumiere: yeah, kind of deduced that23:59

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