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ignas_schooltool-2009.04.11 :D nice number for an "official" release00:17
ignas_emm, ok, sorry but schooltool release will be a bit later00:23
ignas_Queued:  2 minutes ago00:23
ignas_Estimated build start: in 9 hours00:23
ignas_good night00:39
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th1aHi ignas.16:46
ignasth1a: hi16:47
ignasth1a: anythings broken?16:47
ignasexcept my English ;)16:47
th1aI've been writing documentation.16:47
th1aSo is this the recommended way of upgrading:16:48
th1aIf I am not upgrading, I just install schooltool-2009.16:48
th1aIf I am upgrading, I install schooltool-2009, which stops my schooltool-2008?16:49
th1aOr do I switch them manually?16:49
ignasswitch them manually16:50
ignasschooltool-2009 does not conflict with schooltool-200816:50
ignasso if you want to upgrade16:50
ignas(no need really, configuration is identical at the moment)16:50
ignaswhat you do is - remove schooltool-2008, install schooltool-200916:50
ignasstop schooltool-2009 if it was started16:50
ignascopy /.../schooltool-2008-Data.fs to schooltool-2009-Data.fs16:51
ignasstart the server16:51
th1aAt this point they are the same, but going forward we won't be backporting non-security changes to 2008.16:51
th1aDo you need to remove 2008?16:51
th1a(I didn't)16:52
ignaswe will16:52
ignasconfiguration - different (ok, the same at the moment)16:52
ignaspython code - the same16:52
ignaspython-schooltool is the package that has the code16:53
ignasand it is not "yeared" ;)16:53
ignasin the future menesis might just go with "schooltool-server"16:53
ignasor something like that16:53
ignaswell - you can remove it because it's on the same port16:54
ignasso if you have it "auto starting"16:54
ignasthey might conflict16:54
ignassilently in their logs16:54
ignasi am just giving foolproof instructions, the ones that will always work16:54
ignasjust stopping and removing schooltool-2008 from /etc/rc.d/ or wherever it is (ask Lumiere) is enough though16:55
ignasor you can edit the ports and have schooltool-2007 schooltool-2008 and schooltool-2009 running at the same time16:55
th1aDo we have release notes?16:56
ignasnot yet, sorry16:56
ignaswill have to look at bzr revision log16:56
ignasmostly - XLS import/export and Customizable Demographics are the features that were intentionally added16:57
th1ayvl: We're going to have to pay more attention to release notes as we have more users running production instances.16:57
ignasand improvements to schooltool.gradebook, but Alan knows a lot more about those16:57
Lumiereignas: part of removing 2008 should be removing the rc info16:58
th1aWe just need to start managing the notes like a real software project.  ;-)16:58
Lumiereth1a: which means getting a foundation behind it?16:58
ignasLumiere: yes, but I am talking about "remove schooltool-2008 from startup without removing schooltool-2008"16:58
Lumierethen just remove it from rc2.d16:59
Lumiereor rename it from S??schooltool-2008-server to K??16:59
Lumiererc?.d is the runlevel startup directories16:59
Lumierewhich are symlinks to init.d17:00
ignasLumiere: that should be in the book ;)17:01
* Lumiere points at th1a 17:02
th1aThat's why I asked.17:03
LumiereI still need to get working on the book17:03
Lumierethis next few weeks is bad for me17:03
LumiereI have to run online testing17:03
ignaswell - hopefully our growing comunity will start picking up some things17:04
ignasthe new Romanian guy knows what rewrite rules are, so he might help us some...17:04
th1aI got rolling with selenium test cases for the tutorial in the book.17:04
th1aMakes it easy to re-do the screenshots when the UI changes.17:05
th1aOr perhaps in a different language.17:05
th1aGot that trick from Douglas.17:08
ignasyeah, Douglas is a find of the year :)17:09
th1aAlmost makes up for you leaving.  ;-)17:10
th1aSo... your parting gift has been delayed, for reasons you'll eventually find amusing.17:10
Lumiereuh oh17:15
ignasth1a: you need all the bugfixes enumerated?17:22
th1aWell... that's the way these things are supposed to be done, isn't it?17:25
ignas(I closed 70 bugs as fix released in launchpad)17:25
ignasso it will take me a bit ;)17:26
ignasi love Alan, th1a do you want pears like "Made delete button RED to make tom happy" in the Changelog? :)17:31
th1aYou could edit that down a bit.17:31
Lumiereignas: lets make that "Made delete buttons look alike"17:34
ignasok, it's not alan17:36
ignasit's Filip Sufitchi17:36
th1aAh.  That's good.17:45
Lumierelol that's Filip for you17:45
Lumierealan's would have been "made delete buttons red because tom asked me to"17:45
Lumiereor something17:45
mgedminroses are red17:46
mgedminand so are delete buttons17:46
* mgedmin too tired to make it rhyme17:46
Lumieremgedmin: roses are red, trees are green, delete buttons bleed and add buttons are freed? *runs from bad poetry*17:47
* Lumiere is not up to making it totally rhyme...17:47
th1aaelkner is not interested in making me happy.17:50
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ignasth1a: sent18:47
ignasth1a: should contain everything18:47
th1aignas: Thanks!19:12
th1aSo you're back in Kraftwerk.19:12
ignasyeah, at last I have a home that is not in the middle of crossroads19:13
ignasseen my failmail?19:13
ignasit's like a killmail but has FAIL! written all over it19:16
th1aWhere would I have seen it?19:16
th1aAlso, where is aelkner's report card work?19:16
th1aIn the changelog?19:17
ignasdid not do schooltool.gradebook19:17
ignasas I have no understanding about what and why has changed there19:18
ignasAlan knows the state of the code way better than I do19:18
th1aWell, where would I look to decipher the changes?19:18
th1athe gradebook commit log or do I have to look at aelkner's branches?19:19
ignasgive me a second19:19
ignasand i'll generate it for you19:19
th1aOK.  Thanks.19:19
ignasKW killboard is open for public19:20
th1aGood thing we're not in Curse anymore.19:23
th1aAlso there should be a bunch of other changes to the gradebook -- taking the score systems out of the gradebook, etc.19:23
* th1a goes to get a loaf of bread.19:24
ignasth1a: sent19:24
th1aThat's the gradebook changes?19:49
th1aNothing in the mids in your Zealot?19:50
ignasthe fit and the place do not make any sense whatsoever19:51
ignasunless you know the whole story19:51
ignasthe short edition is - used WH to get from 0.0 to empire directly, bought a zealot, stuffed it as if it was a freighter, made a wrong turn19:53
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